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Comments by stanly jeba singh (Top 8 by date)

stanly jeba singh 19-Feb-14 4:43am View
Great one. faster
stanly jeba singh 19-Feb-14 4:42am View
Greate code
stanly jeba singh 30-Mar-12 8:59am View
I am using c# code behind Response.Write("<tr>");(HTML format)
stanly jeba singh 29-Mar-12 3:01am View
it was rough
stanly jeba singh 23-Mar-12 2:50am View
I agree with u. My requirement is if the current date is 22-03-2012, it show in the text box 31-03-2011
stanly jeba singh 22-Feb-12 4:45am View
i do not get any result for that query, but get the header's Like Employeeid,Processmonth,LoanAdvance,MandatoryPf
stanly jeba singh 24-Jan-12 3:05am View
i agree with u, The dropdownlist height will be very big size when the page is loading. i need after clicking the dropdownlist, if suppose i have 150 item it will be shown 10item and remaining are in scroll down
stanly jeba singh 26-Aug-11 8:42am View
I do not understood the following lines in my code i am a beginner in dotnet

cmdselect.Parameters.Add("@OutRes", SqlDbType.Int, 4);
cmdselect.Parameters["@OutRes"].Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
cmdselect.Connection = con;
int Results = 0;
Results = (int)cmdselect.Parameters["@OutRes"].Value;
catch (SqlException ex)
lblresult.Text = ex.Message;
if (con != null)
return Results;