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columbos14927 26-Jun-18 4:42am View    
I want to explain my motivation.
When I'm merging i get hundreds of files need to be merged using git mergetool, obviously its very tedious.
So what i would like is for each file to get conflicting lines and their authors so i can mail them and have them explain how to solve the conflict manually using mergetool.
columbos14927 26-Jun-18 2:38am View    
After git merge i have a group of unmerged files.
If i run this command: git diff --name-only --diff-filter=U
I get a list of files that need to be merged manually.
What i want to do for every file in the above list is to get the line number of every conflict without to run the git mergetool since i want to do it with a script automatically.

columbos14927 12-Dec-15 9:35am View    
Thanks for the comment.
I thought that there is some tool or utility for that purpose something in virtual machine style.
columbos14927 9-Dec-12 6:15am View    
So if i have a given binary file: memory_dump.bin
How should i modify my code to read raw data?

columbos14927 9-Dec-12 6:11am View    
The binary file generated by other application and im trying to read it.