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Bajirao_ 3-Jun-15 9:17am View    
Well you can download list as excel by outofbox and iTextSharp.dll for PDF creation. as we know we can create datatable of list. hope this helps.
Bajirao_ 3-Jun-15 9:13am View    
Well i think you are looking for lookup column and not for jquery. This task can be done by just using look up column. Go to second list add lookup type column and link that with 1st list (bind to Title) so it will work. :)
Bajirao_ 18-Dec-14 4:07am View    
After installing WSP using Powershell 'Add-SPSolution/Install-SPSolution' command

1] Check Feature is Activated.
2] Check your webpart is visible in proper group during adding webpart. {Default Group is 'Custom'}
3] Check you have added webpart on page in webpart zone.
Bajirao_ 10-Jun-14 9:41am View    
Oh Dear,

I made it.... I used
And then written custom code for it.
Bajirao_ 9-Jun-14 2:59am View    
I have used code like And

function (ev, seriesIndex, pointIndex, data) {
$('#info3').html('series: '+seriesIndex+', point: '+pointIndex+', data: '+data);

Allow me to capture onclick. but i need to render graph like