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udusat13 20-Feb-14 3:45am View
No, i didnt chceck event vieewer
udusat13 20-Feb-14 3:44am View
yes, i have used scriptmanager
udusat13 20-Feb-14 2:17am View
Thanks For reply.
Yes i have checked. all the values are in minutes.
udusat13 20-Feb-14 1:33am View
Session is expiring , while idle
udusat13 14-Feb-14 1:53am View
Yes i tried.but result was same
udusat13 14-Feb-14 1:30am View
Hi, all

Ples help me to solve this problem , I am new to jquery & unable to solve this problem

I tried noconflicts but problem is unsolved.

Please give me hint with my example.
udusat13 14-Feb-14 0:30am View
Thanks for reply,

js File in master page is used for Slideout window which , i have to show on every page , while
js file in content page is for datetime control, & its only for single page.

& please expln me how to to use noconflict().
udusat13 5-Aug-13 7:58am View
Thanks For reply.

This is the only code i am using.

Above mentioned Javascript file and class="timepicker" for textbox(timepicker textbox).
udusat13 7-Jun-13 2:30am View
The table was poorly indexed.

Now Its working fine.
udusat13 30-May-13 8:13am View
Thanks for suggestion.
udusat13 30-May-13 8:12am View
thanks for links and reply.
udusat13 30-May-13 8:12am View
Thanks For your reply,
I have indexed the table.
udusat13 14-May-13 0:37am View
Not Hacked.But Someone trying to hacked.& Our Other PHP websites hacked.
udusat13 2-May-13 1:29am View
Thanks for your comment and reply.
udusat13 5-Apr-13 4:53am View
thanks for reply
udusat13 5-Apr-13 3:28am View

<add name="expodatabaseConnectionString" connectionstring="Data Source=PC-UDAY;Initial Catalog=expogroupdb20jan;Integrated Security=True" providername="System.Data.SqlClient">

My project is workin fine when i run the project.

But when i create setup file and installed on my pc ,its not working.
udusat13 5-Apr-13 3:00am View
Thanks for Your reply.
But Its not working for me.
udusat13 20-Mar-13 3:08am View
How to store datagridview entries entered during powerloss and which format( like Excel,word,sql) ?


Should i use Microsoft.Win32.SystemEvents or FormClosing event ?
udusat13 20-Mar-13 2:46am View
Thanks for your reply.but please explain.
udusat13 18-Dec-12 7:41am View
Thanks for your reply
udusat13 21-Nov-12 6:46am View
Thanks For Solution.
udusat13 10-Aug-12 5:06am View
Thanks for your answer.Actually i got the answer.and i already used in nridubai website.
udusat13 19-Jul-12 8:26am View
Thanks for links.
udusat13 19-Jul-12 8:26am View
Thanks For replying me.
Now I got idea and actual difference between these 2 and other 2 joins.
And decided to use inner join.
udusat13 19-Jul-12 8:24am View
Thanks For replying me.
Now I got idea and actual difference between these 2 and other 2 joins.
udusat13 6-Jul-12 2:18am View
for Your link,
I have created robot file.
udusat13 6-Jul-12 2:18am View
for Your link,
I have created robot file.
udusat13 14-May-12 2:40am View
thanks but i am confused,
because i am new to sql server
udusat13 14-May-12 0:41am View
Thanks for solution.

but it gives error like

The multi-part identifier "" could not be bound.
The multi-part identifier "keywords.keyword" could not be bound.
udusat13 14-May-12 0:40am View
Thanks for replying me,
but your above query retrives all the emails from emailinfo table.
i have added yahoo keyword in keywordinfo table,but still it retrieveing email that contains yahoo keyword.

Please help me.
udusat13 11-May-12 8:14am View
Thanks for replying me.
I have already indexed email column from emailinfo table and keyword column from keyword info table.

Please check the query is right or not?
Thanks again.
udusat13 11-May-12 8:03am View
now its working
udusat13 26-Apr-12 8:39am View
Thanks for reply me.

Please tell me how to set permission.
I am new to
udusat13 26-Apr-12 8:38am View
yes.because i ahve uploaded image with php code successfully.
But FileUpload.saveAs() giving that error.
udusat13 21-Apr-12 0:32am View
Thanks for your solution.
udusat13 20-Apr-12 1:15am View
udusat13 17-Apr-12 5:32am View
Thanks ,

I have tried like following
<asp:XmlDataSource ID="XmlDataSource1" runat="server" DataFile=""

but it gives exception
System.Xml.XPath.XPathException: 'rss/channel/item[fn:contains(/description/InnerText(),'IPL')]' has an invalid token.

please help me.

Thanks again
udusat13 17-Apr-12 3:47am View

But according to you,i haven't found any special node for IPL in that xml.
Please tell me, if i missing something.
udusat13 10-Apr-12 0:28am View
Please check my code,

i am reading xml like following

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("");

now from this xml i have to fetch image src value, to display those all image.

these are dynamic news section.
Please help me.
udusat13 30-Mar-12 6:01am View
Thanks for ur solution.
udusat13 28-Feb-12 23:46pm View
udusat13 28-Feb-12 23:46pm View
I ll check....
udusat13 21-Feb-12 7:45am View

img.src = '<%= System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["SitePath"].ToString()%>

above line shows null reference
i have created Keepalive.aspx page..
udusat13 5-Feb-12 22:37pm View
thanks for reply.
But how to get command argument using ajax or jquery.
udusat13 4-Feb-12 0:29am View
Finally i have used file upload control.
Thanks for help.....
udusat13 1-Feb-12 0:55am View

But i want to join datatable and mysql database table.
udusat13 1-Feb-12 0:50am View

Yes but i want to join datatable and sql database table.

I am reading excel and storing it in datatable.
string ConnectionString = @"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + filename + ";Extended Properties=Excel 5.0";
ExcelConnection = new OleDbConnection(ConnectionString);

//Reading from excel
string ExcelQuery = " Select contact_name,contact_name2,company,website,website1,contact_number,fax,telphone,mobile,product," +
"country,designation,designation2,address,email,email1,email2,email3,inquiry_status,interested_in,reason,category,date from [Sheet1$] EXCEL " +
ds = new DataSet();
da = new OleDbDataAdapter(ExcelQuery, ExcelConnection);
da.Fill(ds, "TEMP");
DataTable tblWithExcel = ds.Tables["TEMP"];

and now i want to join this(tblWithExcel) with my database inquiry table.

Please help me.
udusat13 31-Jan-12 22:53pm View
Thanks for link.
But sir file upload control upload the file on server side.
I need the control for only reading excel data.

Is it necessary to upload excel file for reading and inserting?
udusat13 25-Jan-12 2:19am View

Its not working.
It not showing any results.

when i use date query without dynamic and using variable as datetime then it working for me.

But when i convert it into nvarchar and use it in dynamic sql statement.
then it not showing results.

SELECT * FROM companyinfo company WHERE > 01/25/2012 ORDER BY DESC
above query with date as nvarchar displays all the results from table,the rows less than date and greater than also.

But when i use same query with @m_fromdate as datetime then it working fine for me
udusat13 23-Jan-12 1:41am View
Thanks For replying me.

Your solution is helpful for me for other stored procedures also...

Thanks Again.
udusat13 21-Jan-12 1:46am View

suppose there are keywords like webmaster,webcom,master etc in keyword column in keywordinfo table .
And i want to retrive all the email from emailinfo table which not containing these keywords from keywordinfo table.

its same like simple like query.

select email from emailinfo where email not like '%webmaster%'

but here i wants to skip all the emails based on keywords from that table(keywordinfo).

I am searchin for query like,

select email from emailinfo where email not like '%' (select keyword from keywordinfo) '%'
udusat13 7-Dec-11 1:52am View
This is my javascript code

<script type="text/javascript">

function addLoadEvent(func) {
var oldonload = window.onload;
if (typeof window.onload != 'function') {
window.onload = func;
} else {
window.onload = function() {
if (oldonload) {

function pageLoad() {
//PageMethods.DoLongJob("Start", SucceededStartCallback, FailedStartCallback);


function UpdateImg(ctrl, imgsrc) {
var img = document.getElementById(ctrl);
img.src = imgsrc;

// sets up all of the YUI dialog boxes
function InitDialogs() {

DialogBox_Loading = new YAHOO.widget.Panel("waitBox", { fixedcenter: true, modal: true, visible: true, width: "230px", close: false, draggable: true });
DialogBox_Loading.setHeader("Loading, please wait...");
DialogBox_Loading.setBody('<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="tt_spinner.gif" id="Image1" /></div>');

function Loading(b) {
if (b == true ) {;

else {

addLoadEvent(function() {


and i am calling it from showButton
udusat13 7-Dec-11 1:50am View
I am showing wait image for longRunning process.
and i am refering this code from u r site.

and i am calling the ur javascript on button event.
without updatepanel its working fine but when i put this in update panel then it remains blocked.
udusat13 28-Nov-11 2:18am View
Thanks for replying me.
But if i post this code on page load event of perticuler page it shows reminder only when page will be refreshed or page load.

I want display even if page is not refreshed and automatically.
udusat13 25-Nov-11 23:10pm View
Its very nice example
udusat13 24-Nov-11 1:48am View
udusat13 16-Nov-11 22:39pm View
udusat13 5-Nov-11 0:20am View
its working in certain condition.means if selected value is 1 then it searches 5,11,2 also because of event_ids like "," + ddlEvents.selectedValue

11,21,31,,41 also ends up with 1 which also satisfy like value,% this condition,
Please give me other solution
udusat13 5-Nov-11 0:14am View
its working in certain condition.means if selected value is 1 then it searches 5,11,2 because of
event_ids like "," + ddlEvents.selectedValue
udusat13 4-Nov-11 8:43am View
I ll try tommorrow
Thanks .................
udusat13 4-Nov-11 8:43am View
I ll try tommorrow
Thanks .................
udusat13 4-Nov-11 6:30am View
But its workin if @ @value=3 and database field contains only 3 . When fields contains 4,3 or 3,4 or 3,5,6. its not working.
udusat13 4-Nov-11 5:35am View
But its working if selected id is 2 and events ids from database that begin with 2 like (2,4,5) not working when for (4,2,5) or (5,7,2)
udusat13 3-Nov-11 5:45am View
yes Finally I got solution..
Thankss For giving me idea.
udusat13 3-Nov-11 3:21am View
ListViewDataItem item = (ListViewDataItem)e.Item;

DataRowView drvItemIds = (DataRowView)item.DataItem;
string strItemIds = drvItemIds["event_ids"].ToString();

I wrote above code.

strItemIds string contains "1,2,4"

Now I am passing these values in following query.

string strQueryRecentCampaign = "SELECT event_name from crm_event where event_id IN ("+strItemIds+") ";

but it gives error because strItemIds is string.
How to pass like IN (1,2,4)
udusat13 3-Nov-11 1:40am View
Thanks Sir.Please show me an example.

Thanks again
udusat13 1-Nov-11 4:45am View
Hi expert,
Thanksss for solution. But sir i am not using stored procedure.
I want query in

Thankssss .
udusat13 28-Oct-11 9:02am View
I want the javascipt validation code on update button.I took one following update button in EditTemplate
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton2" runat="server" Text="Update" CommandName="Update" />
udusat13 28-Oct-11 8:57am View
var eventStatus=document.getElementById("<%=txtEditEventName.ClientID%>").value;

this line giving me error that txtEditEventName name does not exists.

I am not finding controls within EditTemplate in javascript.

I add javascript code in EditTemplate but still it giving same problem.
udusat13 28-Oct-11 8:31am View
I used condition
if (listvwEventResult.EditIndex > -1)

Now its working.

udusat13 25-Oct-11 7:12am View
I write following code on ItemBoundEvent.

but it throw exception object null reference.datatable working fine.
but when i control reach at point
listEditCountry.DataSource = dt; it throws exception.

ListViewDataItem item = (ListViewDataItem)e.Item;

DropDownList listEditCountry = (DropDownList)e.Item.FindControl("lstEditCountry");

string queryStrUserType = "SELECT country_id,country_name FROM crm_countries";

ClassDtBaseConnect clsDtResult = new ClassDtBaseConnect();
DataTable dt = clsDtResult.GetDataTable(queryStrUserType);

listEditCountry.DataSource = dt; //this line throw exception object null reference. datatable dt working fine.
listEditCountry.DataValueField = "country_id";
listEditCountry.DataTextField = "country_name";

udusat13 25-Oct-11 5:35am View
Thanks for code..
But i am n using listview not gridview.

So which event is necessary?
Please help me?
udusat13 24-Oct-11 6:54am View
Thanksss For Linkss.....
udusat13 24-Oct-11 6:53am View
udusat13 24-Oct-11 6:01am View

But there will be atlist 24 conditions (4*3*2).
udusat13 24-Oct-11 6:00am View
udusat13 24-Oct-11 1:56am View
check following code

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
DropDownList ComboBox = new DropDownList();
ComboBox.ID = "ComboBox";
ComboBox.AutoPostBack = true;

ComboBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Year: 2010", "2010"));
ComboBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Year: 2011", "2011"));
ComboBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Year: 2012", "2012"));
ComboBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Year: 2013", "2013"));
ComboBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Year: 2014", "2014"));

ComboBox.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(Dynamic_Method);

protected void ddlFilter_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
private void Dynamic_Method(object sender, EventArgs e)
DropDownList ComboBox = (DropDownList)sender;
string sSTR = "";
sSTR = "</br>Selected Index: " + ComboBox.SelectedIndex.ToString();
sSTR += "</br>Selected Item: " + ComboBox.SelectedItem.Text.ToString();
sSTR += "</br>Selected Value: " + ComboBox.SelectedItem.Value.ToString();

Label lbl = new Label();
lbl.Text = sSTR;
udusat13 24-Oct-11 0:38am View

Actually my question is regarding how to write select query which cover all 4 criteria...
Sometimes user can select country, sometimes country and date,some times country and status and date.

How to manage these condition in one query?
udusat13 24-Oct-11 0:37am View

Actually my question is how to write select query which cover all 4 criteria...
Sometimes user can select country, sometimes country and date,some times country and status and date.

How to manage these condition in one query?
udusat13 20-Oct-11 7:15am View
udusat13 20-Oct-11 7:15am View
thankssss this code is working fine for me.......
udusat13 19-Oct-11 7:28am View
udusat13 19-Oct-11 7:09am View
Thanks for suggestion........

But for this code can i use (!IsPostBack) or i have directly insert it into page load....
udusat13 19-Oct-11 3:42am View
udusat13 19-Oct-11 2:12am View
Thanks For links....
udusat13 19-Oct-11 1:16am View
Thankssssss For links.....
udusat13 18-Oct-11 6:49am View
udusat13 18-Oct-11 6:19am View
udusat13 18-Oct-11 3:16am View
Thankssss fro replying for me...........
udusat13 18-Oct-11 3:15am View

Its Working for me...............
udusat13 17-Oct-11 7:44am View
Thanksssss For u r suggestion.

But Sir is it possible without triggers.
Is there any function like identity() present in sql server
udusat13 17-Oct-11 1:06am View
I have faced same problem with alert() function.

what is reason behind it?
udusat13 16-Oct-11 23:58pm View

This Code is working nice for me
udusat13 16-Oct-11 23:58pm View
udusat13 12-Oct-11 7:36am View

Its working for me.
udusat13 12-Oct-11 7:20am View
Thanks for replying me,

I have modified my code like following

myString = new String("*&^%$#@") //list of special char.
if(myString.indexOf(eventName) != -1){
alert("Special char not allowed");
return false;

and its working only if first letter is special char,

Please guied me .
udusat13 12-Oct-11 7:19am View

To avoid server round trips, i am using client side scripting.
udusat13 10-Oct-11 7:48am View
Thanksssssssss for replying

what is type of category column in TblEvent.It is text or catgoryId.
I am getting confused and i am very week in database.

Thanks again
udusat13 6-Oct-11 3:26am View
Thankssssssss for your valuable suggestion
udusat13 6-Oct-11 3:26am View
Thankssssssss for your valuable suggestion
udusat13 6-Oct-11 2:20am View
udusat13 5-Oct-11 8:37am View
udusat13 5-Oct-11 8:36am View

cellpadding working in all browser but cellspacing not working in mozilla
udusat13 4-Oct-11 0:15am View
udusat13 4-Oct-11 0:14am View
udusat13 1-Oct-11 4:31am View
udusat13 1-Oct-11 4:00am View

But now using above code,from home page its not working,
and path showing ~/event/new_event.aspx

my home page is in root folder and other folder are in root also with pages.
udusat13 29-Sep-11 8:34am View
Thanks for ur code.
Its working for me............
udusat13 29-Sep-11 8:02am View

Using table is better approch or div?
Please tell me,because my design side is week.
udusat13 29-Sep-11 7:56am View
<div id="MainDiv">

<div id="DivTopHeader" style=" position:relative; z-index:2;">
//For Header and Menu bar

<div id="middle">

<div id="left">
Here I have to place all controls

<div id="right">For search and images</div>

udusat13 29-Sep-11 7:35am View
udusat13 27-Sep-11 23:50pm View

its nice advice
udusat13 27-Sep-11 23:48pm View

I always keep this in mind..........
udusat13 26-Sep-11 5:27am View

document keyword was missing in my javascript.

udusat13 26-Sep-11 3:37am View
udusat13 26-Sep-11 3:36am View
udusat13 26-Sep-11 3:22am View
Thanks .......
udusat13 23-Sep-11 7:39am View
Hi expert i have added code
Please give mi suggestion
udusat13 23-Sep-11 7:02am View
my form code is following

<form name="frmquicksearch" method="post" action="search.aspx">
<table border="0" align="right" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="25"> <div align="right">Search:</div></td>
<td width="110"> <div align="center">
<input type="text" class="fieldtext2" name="data">
<td width="25"> <div align="center">
<input type="button" name="Submit2" value="Go" önclick="return Validate1();">

and javascript code is,

function Validate1()

if ("" )
alert("Please Enter Search Keyword");;
return false
return false;

and above code is working for Google chrome but not in

Mozilla browser
udusat13 23-Sep-11 4:59am View
No sir/madam its not working.
Exception is gone but its showing blank string.
udusat13 23-Sep-11 2:37am View
udusat13 23-Sep-11 1:17am View
i have added the property code in code behind page.

<%# Eval("Categeory")%>
above line is added in listview.

then i start to tracing using breakpont but
<%# Eval("Categeory")%>

this line throw exception.

for simple
<%# Eval("categeory1")%><%,%> <%# Eval("categeory1")%><%,%> <%# Eval("categeory1")%>
working for me.but then it is problem to find substring.
udusat13 23-Sep-11 1:03am View
thanksssssssssss for ur valuable time.

But still it giving same exception as above
udusat13 23-Sep-11 0:44am View
Thanksssssssssssssssssss But Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control. this exception was thrown;

please help me.
udusat13 23-Sep-11 0:34am View

Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control.

this exception was thrown;
please help me.
udusat13 22-Sep-11 6:50am View
udusat13 22-Sep-11 6:18am View
Thnks sir....

Yes I know about gridview but my Situation demands this.

Please help me.

udusat13 22-Sep-11 1:26am View
udusat13 22-Sep-11 1:26am View
udusat13 22-Sep-11 1:06am View
udusat13 22-Sep-11 0:57am View

For ur valuable suggestion.

Reagrding to This,
"Why don't you write insert code in Button_Click of subscribe.aspx and then redirect to other page."

will it fast my application?


udusat13 19-Sep-11 5:13am View
udusat13 19-Sep-11 2:03am View
Thanks ................
udusat13 16-Sep-11 23:51pm View
thanks expert.

Giving me result according to by result
udusat13 16-Sep-11 2:53am View
Thanks For reply.

why there are 2 methods please help me.

Thanks again
udusat13 15-Sep-11 7:04am View
Thanks For reply

I am trying now
udusat13 15-Sep-11 7:03am View
i got idea.
udusat13 15-Sep-11 1:09am View
Thanks ..

dataset.Rows.Count is working for me

what is equivalent to Recordset.PageSize,Recordset.AbsolutePag in

for dataset object.

thanks again
udusat13 15-Sep-11 0:45am View
Thanks sir..

I know RecordSet is not in Asp.Net.

But i have convert it into for Dataset for existing code to run.

please help me
udusat13 14-Sep-11 5:35am View

Its working...
udusat13 14-Sep-11 5:26am View
But sir i am not using .net control.I have to show result in table control.because my results are dynamic.
udusat13 13-Sep-11 7:14am View

In MY C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder, i have found odbcad32.exe this file.
Now what i can do?
Now which manager i have to use or i have reinstall odbc for 32 bit.

Please guied me.


udusat13 13-Sep-11 6:44am View
I have install odbc.and odbc wizard successfully connect and create odbc.
udusat13 13-Sep-11 6:32am View
Thanks ..

But still it giving sAME ERROR.
udusat13 13-Sep-11 6:12am View

But I have already visit this site.
How to remove the error. I odbc created without error.

But error in connection string.
udusat13 12-Sep-11 0:17am View
udusat13 8-Sep-11 8:04am View
But i have use setter getter.

After Successfull login i have set login id.then close the login form.when i try to access that variable shows null value.
udusat13 8-Sep-11 4:36am View
Thanks Sir/Madam,

I have edited code like this


string path = txtUploadFlNm.Text;

string[] readText = File.ReadAllLines(path);

if (readText[0] == "email")

List<string> badEmail = new List<string>();
List<string> goodEmail = new List<string>();

for (int i = 1; i < readText.Length; i++)
if (validEmail(readText[i])) // check valid

string guid = Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Replace("-", "");
string dataID;
string today = DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString();
int m = 1;

for (int i = 0; i < goodEmail.Count; i++)
m = m + 1;
dataID = guid + "-" + today + m.ToString();

T_XML_TRANSACTIONDETAILS.Append("<maxid>" + SecurityElement.Escape(dataID) + "");

T_XML_TRANSACTIONDETAILS.Append("<email>" + SecurityElement.Escape(goodEmail[i]) + "");



//string duplicateemails = Convert.ToString(ds1.Tables["rowsinserted"].Rows[0][0]);

//DialogResult result;

//if (badEmail.Count == 0)

// MessageBox.Show("Total Companies: " + readText.Length.ToString() + "\nDuplicates :" + duplicateemails + "", "", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel);


// int id = CustomMessageBox.ShowBox("Total Companies: " + readText.Length.ToString() + "\nDuplicates :" + duplicateemails + "\nBad Emails: " + badEmail.Count.ToString() + "\nclick view to save/view bad Email", "Expogroup");

// if (id == 2)
// {
// badEmailInTextFile(badEmail);
// }

MessageBox.Show("Please enter email at the top of text file", "Alert", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);
catch (Exception)
{ }



On backgroundWorkerText_DoWork

I have added database code

But First Its working properly .second time not.

Please any one give me solution
udusat13 7-Sep-11 9:09am View
But how to put database code in background worker.
Please guied me sir.
I am new to c sharp.
udusat13 7-Sep-11 7:43am View
udusat13 31-Aug-11 6:59am View
Thanks sir.

if(cmbSelectFileType.Text == "Text") //this line throws following exception.
Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'cmbSelectFileType' accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on.

Please help me
udusat13 30-Aug-11 2:15am View
Thanks Sir,
According to article I have modified code like following

public TestForm()
backgroundWorker1.WorkerReportsProgress = true;

private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)

// backgroundWorker1.ReportProgress();

private void backgroundWorker1_ProgressChanged(object sender, ProgressChangedEventArgs e)
progressBar1.Value = e.ProgressPercentage;

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

but progress bar value remained same
udusat13 27-Aug-11 3:00am View
I am getting confused regarding backgroundworker.

on my button click i am calling following long running method

if (checkValidRowsEmails() == true && validation())

please help me
udusat13 27-Aug-11 0:58am View
its working for me
udusat13 26-Aug-11 1:04am View
Thanks for watching my sp.
Regarding ur suggestion i have modified code like this

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SearchCatalogOrUrlInformation]

@username int,
@urlorcatalog varchar(100)



@M_username int,
@M_urlorcatalog varchar(100)

SET @M_username=@username
SET @M_urlorcatalog=@urlorcatalog

-- Limit list of just the users / URL Catalogs --

, c.userid
, c.companyname
, c.urlorcatalog
, c.dataentrytype
, c.[Date]
INTO #Company
FROM companyinfo c
COMPANY.userid=@M_username AND
COMPANY.urlorcatalog LIKE '%'+ @M_urlorcatalog + '%'

COMPANY.urlorcatalog AS 'Source'
, COMPANY.companyname AS 'Companies'
, CATEGORY.categoryname AS 'Category'
, REGION.regionname AS 'Region'
, AS 'User'
, count( AS 'Collection'
, COMPANY.dataentrytype as 'Type'
, AS 'Date'
INNER JOIN dbo.emailinfo email ON COMPANY.dataID = email.DataID
INNER JOIN dbo.userinfo usr ON COMPANY.userid = usr.ID
, COMPANY.companyname
, CATEGORY.categoryname
, REGION.regionname
, COMPANY.dataentrytype



but it generate error message like
Incorrect syntax near '#Company'.
near this line
udusat13 25-Aug-11 7:02am View

i have read this for execution plan but i am getting confused how to implement it
udusat13 25-Aug-11 6:54am View
please view my sp once and check any mistake

udusat13 25-Aug-11 6:15am View
Please give me solution if possible.
and my datagridview is not dynamic
udusat13 25-Aug-11 6:05am View
or progressbar is also acceptable.
udusat13 25-Aug-11 5:20am View
Invalidate() method for what?
on which control?
udusat13 25-Aug-11 3:44am View
Thanks suggestion for naming convention

allPanelControl enabled true false working properly for me.

but picturePanelControl must visible before the code stated. but it not working properly.
It get visible just before method finished.Even though setting visible true before allPanelControl enabled false.
udusat13 25-Aug-11 3:23am View
Actually I am using panel.All the control are in panel1 and picturebox is in panel2.

and my changed code is

if (validation())
// panel2.Visible = true;
panel1.Enabled = false;

// pictureBox1.Visible = true;
panel1.Enabled = true;
panel2.Visible = false;

it not working

and i am using net3.5 version
udusat13 24-Aug-11 8:34am View
Thanks sir.
its working
udusat13 24-Aug-11 7:27am View
please sir give me example
udusat13 24-Aug-11 7:24am View
thanks sir.
please tell me in details and i want count also
udusat13 24-Aug-11 6:19am View
udusat13 24-Aug-11 6:19am View
Yes its working for me
udusat13 24-Aug-11 5:42am View
how i can insert identity column
Give me specific example
udusat13 24-Aug-11 5:16am View
I am confuse.please give me solution
udusat13 24-Aug-11 0:07am View
yes its working for me
udusat13 24-Aug-11 0:06am View
its working for me
udusat13 24-Aug-11 0:06am View
its working for me
udusat13 18-Aug-11 6:26am View
Thanks its really working
udusat13 18-Aug-11 3:14am View
please give me example of stringbuilder fro binding
udusat13 15-Aug-11 7:05am View
Thank u sir,
Its really working for me.
udusat13 15-Aug-11 6:31am View
please help me sir i am getting confused
udusat13 15-Aug-11 6:13am View
But please tell me what mainForm.Children

in foreach (Form child in mainForm.Children)