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Comments by Boudi AlSayed (Top 40 by date)

Boudi AlSayed 24-Dec-14 17:56pm View    
hmmm thats not my situation... I'm working with images that has no palette... How could I generate a Palette then?
Boudi AlSayed 24-Dec-14 17:55pm View    
ok, but I think i saw a lot of softawre using something like this, like some web galleries... for example image of nature that contains mostly green, so the border of this image will be colored green automaticly... , this site do exactly what i want... but i want to do the same in or c#...
Boudi AlSayed 24-Dec-14 16:03pm View    
Yes that what i meant, sorry my bad english...
Boudi AlSayed 27-Aug-14 5:20am View    
Haha, I know my questions are silly... But really I like to be sure if I'm doing things right... even if I did, Maybe there is a better way... And for this old question... I think I found a way to do it by using DirectX libraries... I will post the answer when I test it first but now im working on other projects...
Boudi AlSayed 26-Aug-14 9:12am View    
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Bad if you have a very big video... HD video I mean