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Shabana Parveen 8-Sep-17 13:03pm View
did i say abstract class in a list...i believe i didn't said that!!!
Shabana Parveen 7-Sep-17 7:38am View
if in list, it is mentioned that get $10 dress item means then it would be abstract as you can purchase T-Shirt, a cap or anything of 10 dollar!!! BTW all the methods in an interface is abstract. not sure if analogy fits....
Shabana Parveen 28-Dec-12 1:21am View
very crude comment and i have to wash mine with bleach after seeing the comment Henry!!!
Shabana Parveen 23-Jan-12 23:36pm View
it was a general question actually, i just someone encountering this issue and thought of getting some baseline from this awesome site for developers.
Shabana Parveen 17-Jan-12 22:24pm View
Thanks for ur comment, I do agree i do not recall much about register as I never have to deal with it directly....Only basic idea for my usage that it is a has storage capacity may be a combinations of gates and etc... But still it didn't answer my question as to why 32 bit system dll won't work in 64 bit. Just a random guess that buses and all are bit differently configured. Thanks to all who have answered my question. I right now do not require this answer now but really thanks to all for providing me their help.
Shabana Parveen 16-Nov-11 0:46am View
y don't you just combine those properties of profile in phase class and set inherit that combined class in the .aspx page. it is just a suggestion and i know its not a neat, just give a try and see..
Shabana Parveen 16-Nov-11 0:40am View
it may be because of the access permission level as you mentioned you are connecting remotely to SQL 2005. Also, configuration of SQL Server 2008 R2 seems to be not proper. Ensure that the SQL Server Service has local admin rights and then restart the instance. Check this links:
Hope, setting up rights permission resolves your issue.
Shabana Parveen 15-Nov-11 6:09am View
Shabana Parveen 15-Nov-11 6:05am View
Are you sure JJIN 1 2 not JJIN 3 2?
Shabana Parveen 15-Nov-11 6:01am View
What exactly you want, SQL/LINQ query to display the view?