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ARBebopKid 30-Aug-12 10:02am View
Thanks for the idea. I have now created a flat html copy of the server output and the local output and beginning to compare them line be line.

As for browser, the client specified IE as the supported browser, otherwise, IE would be last on my list.
ARBebopKid 30-Aug-12 9:46am View
Unfortunately, that's not it for this case.

I can even change the css and see colors change, but something is affecting the table/cell spacing/padding/placement differently on the server.

ARBebopKid 17-May-12 16:26pm View
I'll still take CSS solutions if anyone has them.
ARBebopKid 16-May-12 16:32pm View
It's setting the width property to a pixel value. I want to use the page width whatever it is.
ARBebopKid 16-May-12 16:31pm View
It's setting the width property to a pixel value. I want to use the page width whatever it is.
ARBebopKid 16-May-12 15:24pm View
I don't need a two column control. Just how to get the one's I have to work correctly.
ARBebopKid 10-May-12 13:46pm View
I find I often can't figure out the answers until I've already asked for help. :)
ARBebopKid 10-May-12 13:02pm View
I'm lost at the disigner events. I can't figure out how the designer is handling events so I don't know what events to Add.
ARBebopKid 5-Mar-12 17:14pm View
how do we report spam?
ARBebopKid 5-Mar-12 17:13pm View
my 5
ARBebopKid 4-Jan-12 12:26pm View
I'm not psychic. I can't see your code in my head.

But I can say that the string you're trying to convert isn't in the correct format.
ARBebopKid 4-Jan-12 12:18pm View
Great error message. You probably have a bug somewhere.
ARBebopKid 3-Jan-12 13:40pm View
my 5
ARBebopKid 29-Dec-11 11:38am View
You didn't tell us what the problem is.

You just pasted some code.
ARBebopKid 28-Dec-11 17:59pm View
Are you trying to add it to the Header cell or for each detail cell?
ARBebopKid 8-Dec-11 9:30am View
You're welcome and thanks for the 5!
ARBebopKid 17-Nov-11 13:56pm View
I can't get the code from there to work properly. I'm not sure why, but it never reads the response from the server using port 990.
ARBebopKid 14-Nov-11 15:25pm View
ARBebopKid 14-Nov-11 9:50am View
My 5.
ARBebopKid 3-Nov-11 14:57pm View
ARBebopKid 3-Nov-11 14:42pm View
Left-handed toilet seats
ARBebopKid 20-Oct-11 11:33am View
Reason for my vote of 2
I do not understand the first paragraph. It should be rewritten in clearer English.
ARBebopKid 19-Oct-11 16:54pm View
my 5.
ARBebopKid 19-Oct-11 10:16am View
Updated with simplistic overflow detection.

This works only through 19!

Alternative 7 using BigInteger is the way to go.
ARBebopKid 19-Oct-11 9:21am View
Just demonstrating my preferred algorithm.

And if long is 64-bit, the overflow isn't at 13.

But, yes, it should have overflow detection.
ARBebopKid 18-Oct-11 11:20am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very nice.
ARBebopKid 18-Oct-11 10:21am View
True, but I do not consider that a means of calculating Factorials. It is a mean of storing the results of the calculations and returning the answers.
ARBebopKid 13-Oct-11 15:10pm View
My 5.
ARBebopKid 13-Oct-11 13:07pm View
My 5
ARBebopKid 13-Oct-11 11:52am View
Reason for my vote of 4
I suggest you included the necessary using statements.

using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Net;
ARBebopKid 11-Oct-11 19:20pm View
"If someone claims that some technology uses different architectures, such as COM, it means IPC is used under the hood."

Are you saying that COM uses IPC and should work from 32-bit or 64-bit?
ARBebopKid 7-Oct-11 15:18pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Excellent information
ARBebopKid 7-Oct-11 8:53am View
Good point, changing mine
ARBebopKid 6-Oct-11 17:01pm View

If one isn't going to do any events or validation, etc. then why not just make it a public field instead of a property?

I have used the second one in places where I plan to do something like an event later. But where I haven't planned I've used fields.

Should I be making properties for all of these instead?
ARBebopKid 6-Oct-11 12:17pm View
Find the two points that are farthest apart.
distance = sqrt((x1 - x2)^2 + (y1 - y2)^2)

Then make a circle with those two points

(distance /2 )^2 = (x - (x1+x2)/2)^2 + (y - (y1+y2)/2)^2

if all other points are in this circle, then you have the center point of ((x1+x2)/2, (y1+y2)/2)

if not, take the point farthest from the circle and combine with your original 3 points to form a circle

r^2 = (x - h)^2 + (y - k)^2

3 points : (a,b) (c,d) (e,f)

h = (1/2)((a²+b²)(f-d) + (c²+d²)(b-f) + (e²+f²)(d-b)) / (a(f-d)+c(b-f)+e(d-b))

k = (1/2)((a²+b²)(e-c) + (c²+d²)(a-e) + (e²+f²)(c-a)) / (b(e-c)+d(a-e)+f(c-a))

r² = (a-h)² + (b-k)²

(h,k) is the center point
ARBebopKid 6-Oct-11 10:58am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Should already be common knowledge and available immediately on Google Search.
ARBebopKid 5-Oct-11 16:42pm View
What code generated the exception?
ARBebopKid 4-Oct-11 16:07pm View
I found this non-microsoft tool that might work:

There may be others as well.
ARBebopKid 4-Oct-11 11:06am View
Where in your code are you setting the value of the dropdownlist after the postback?
ARBebopKid 4-Oct-11 10:59am View
"You really should use intellisense more."

ARBebopKid 4-Oct-11 10:32am View
The compiler stores an array in contiguous memory from [0,0] to [0,n], then [1,0] to [1,n] and so on, or row-wise.

Since i and k are both row indexes and j is only ever a column index, having j looped last helps optimize the algorithm.

When dealing with multiple loops and indexes, it is best to put the row index that is referenced the most in the outermost loop. So here, by intuition, the order should be ikj.

It is good to know what your compiler does, because the FORTRAN compilers I have used stored arrays column-wise. With large arrays, optimization is important.