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radhika 5 27-Oct-11 2:51am View
Ya sure

For example i have 2 div tags and i know the id of the second tag.I need to get the ID of the 1st div tag dynamically using the second div tag Id.Did you get it?
radhika 5 25-Oct-11 4:48am View
send me the jquery code too.the one which u sent early was not working
radhika 5 25-Oct-11 1:00am View
Hi murali,

Once i delete the div it should be deleted permanently even if I open in other system.
radhika 5 25-Oct-11 0:34am View
Hi Murali,

Its working fine.Can I get the code for up,down and delete.
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 8:44am View
yes its working
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 8:23am View
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 8:20am View
How to do it at server side?
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 8:20am View
no its not working.Y i dont know
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 7:24am View
function del(buttonObj)

var node = buttonObj;
do {
node = node.parentNode.parentNode;
(node.nodeType != 1 && node.nodeName != 'div');

I have sent the div Id as parameter ie buttonobj
radhika 5 24-Oct-11 2:46am View
Hi murali,

I wrote code for deleting the div.But when I refresh the page same divs are being appearing on the page.What should I do?

radhika 5 20-Oct-11 7:11am View
I added but its not working.could you please come to team viewer?
radhika 5 20-Oct-11 7:04am View
No errors but functionality is not working
radhika 5 20-Oct-11 6:30am View
Hi Murali,
The code which you have sent is not working.
radhika 5 20-Oct-11 2:47am View is my mail id.
One more doubt how to delete a div dynamically
radhika 5 20-Oct-11 2:46am View
Deleted is my mail id
radhika 5 20-Oct-11 2:45am View
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 6:46am View
Completed but one more doubt
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 6:38am View
You are trying another way na.Please send it once you finish.
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 6:37am View
Thank you soo much
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 6:36am View
Hi murali i got it.

i just changed childNodes[parseInt(g) - 2] to childNodes[parseInt(g) - 3]
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 5:49am View
For parent id u have given "" i got this.
But how to get the Id of the element which is above the known element when both elements are at same level?

radhika 5 19-Oct-11 5:18am View
Hi Murali

How can we get the id of the element above the element whose id is known?
radhika 5 19-Oct-11 0:34am View
Hi Murali
When I click on Up button the div is just disppearing
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 8:23am View
Hi murali,

You can log in now
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 8:02am View
Hi murali,
I logged out from now you can login
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 8:01am View
Which login
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 4:54am View
Thank you
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 4:52am View
I need to do exactly the same task.
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 4:50am View
I have task like that please help me,I have a very little knowledge on javascript
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 4:43am View
Hi murali
Did you see the site i sent you?
radhika 5 18-Oct-11 0:16am View
Hi Murali,

Could you please do in jquery?
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:58am View
Hi Murali,
You there? Did you see the site?
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:49am View
you plz find this i want the same feature id: password : 51897246

When you place the cursor in the content page of the body of the page you will find 2 arrows up and down.when u click up the content moves up.
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:45am View
can i get the code for this
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:41am View
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:37am View
No error
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 7:35am View
Its not working in IE too Murali
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 6:56am View
HI murali,
Its not working.
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 6:12am View
Hi Murali,
Could you please go through this site.

password : 51897246

When you place the cursor in the content page of the body of the page you will find 2 arrows up and down.when u click up the content moves up.
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 5:58am View
Thank You Murali
radhika 5 17-Oct-11 5:45am View
Hi Murali,
Thanks for the reply.The above code does'nt match my requirement.See i have 2 buttons Up arrow and Down arrow for each div tag.For example when i click on up arrow of the child6 div tag then the child6 shoulh go up and the child5 div should come down.If i click again the up arrow of the child6 div tag then it should move to the child4 position and child4 should come down.Same thing when i click down the div tag should come down.Please try to send asap.

See this code is for moving the div tag up and down,

<TITLE>Document Title</TITLE>
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

var DHTML = (document.getElementById || document.all || document.layers);

function getObj(name){

if (document.getElementById){
this.obj = document.getElementById(name); = document.getElementById(name).style;
else if (document.all){
this.obj = document.all[name]; = document.all[name].style;

else if (document.layers){
this.obj = document.layers[name]; = document.layers[name];

var SwitchD =294;


function move(amount,dir){
if (!DHTML) return;
var x = new getObj('ContentMain');
SwitchD += amount; = SwitchD;

var x = new getObj('ContentMain');
SwitchD += amount; = SwitchD;



<div id="ContentMain" style="position:absolute; left:115px; top:294px; z-index:30; width: 550px; height: 274px; overflow: visible;background-color:blue"></div>


i need when multiple div tags are present in the page then when we move a tag up the tag above should come down and vice versa

Thanks in advance