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Comments by RoshInd (Top 8 by date)

RoshInd 17-Feb-12 5:57am View
how can we bind data to a gridview and also how can we call it?
RoshInd 18-Nov-11 6:15am View
THis works,thanks alot
RoshInd 4-Oct-11 7:46am View
its correct,
Ans_ID=AD.ADD_Answers ,here i assigned the varchar value to int.
Thaks a lot.
RoshInd 1-Oct-11 3:23am View
how to do it?could you please help?
RoshInd 1-Oct-11 2:17am View
oldCd = root.SelectSingleNode("//Information/Datas[DataBasePath ='" + dbPath + "']");
RoshInd 27-Sep-11 6:27am View
I have already given this:
<ajaxToolkit:ToolkitScriptManager ID="ToolkitScriptManager2" runat="server" EnablePartialRendering ="true">
RoshInd 21-Sep-11 7:09am View
SELECT A.EName as EName , B.EName as MgrName FROM employee A INNER JOIN employee B on B.SIno= A.MgrID
RoshInd 15-Sep-11 7:46am View
An MdiParent form is there.On buttonclick in an mdiparent form,i have given this code for opening a child form.
panel1.Visible = true;
Lesson Lform = new Lesson(username, password);
Lform.TopLevel = false;
Lform.TopMost = false;
Lform.Parent = this;
Lform.ShowIcon = true;
Lform.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.Fixed3D;
but it opens in full size mode.