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Comments by Çağlar Tolga Tetik (Top 9 by date)

Çağlar Tolga Tetik 12-Jul-12 10:27am View    
Ok but, where can I make the check of it?
Çağlar Tolga Tetik 12-Jul-12 10:26am View    
That is the way my system work.It makes the check after login event of the user. But, if not user log off, I cant make this check. Where can I do its check if users password is expired but he is not log off?
Çağlar Tolga Tetik 21-May-12 19:44pm View    
Ok. Thanks a lot. I think keeping in database will be easier for me.
Çağlar Tolga Tetik 19-May-12 19:30pm View    
You should visit You can find every type of ready-to-use connection string there.
Çağlar Tolga Tetik 19-May-12 19:16pm View    
I saw your respond now, but thanks a lot for your help. I succeeded to solved this problem. I found a few articles and tried hundreds of fall down simulations. I finally get a couple different ways to detect it. Matching of old fall down data, using high and pass filters etc. It isn't perfect, but it is selected as the second best final project in my university.