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Luiey Ichigo 14-Mar-19 23:39pm View
simple yet effective
Luiey Ichigo 6-Nov-18 22:02pm View
Happen to me earlier when moving to C# and your options working great. The backup project was a savior.
Luiey Ichigo 27-Dec-16 10:05am View
Hi Micheal,

It seems this lines of code works. Have found since the code lines of some count return wrong number. Example total arraylist count is 10 datas, 15 lines to be shown for each page, total page return 1/2. Below code return 1 page:-

lngTotPage = CInt(Fix(Math.Ceiling(CDbl(arr_tenantview.Count) / 15)))
Luiey Ichigo 26-Dec-16 13:00pm View
That one works! Thanks. What's left is how to show the data in "UpdatePromotionsInfo" in the correct and dynamic ways because I have some other pages which need to show 30 data's on it. So, it will made me 30 repeated "Case". Some pages show 16 data's.

I'm using WPF Pages (Navigation)
Luiey Ichigo 26-Dec-16 12:35pm View
If the total promotion's data is 10:
lngTotPage = arr_promotions.Count Mod 3 'Equal to 1
If lngTotPage * 3 <> arr_promotions.Count Then
    lngTotPage += 1 'Equal to 2
End If

But in my long lines code, it shows on 4 pages it will be.
Luiey Ichigo 21-Oct-16 20:59pm View
The "New" part use to create a something in formatting (json). I have done something like this before, but not as complex as this. Like nested dictionary.

Dim telemetryDataPoint = New Object
telemetryDataPoint = New With {Key .Data1 = "ABC1",
.Data2 = "ABC2"
.Data3 = "ABC3"}

Dim messageString = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(telemetryDataPoint)
Luiey Ichigo 21-Oct-16 3:57am View
Type of ScoreRequest? you mean CType things?
Luiey Ichigo 27-Sep-16 9:30am View
I want to extract the Properties name so I can combine as header for JSON format. This Properties name is dynamic. Some properties also having nested properties so I want to like automate by pass and extract to another function.
Luiey Ichigo 27-Sep-16 9:28am View
Private Async Sub UseWebReference()
	Dim objdef = Nothing
	Dim fast = GetProperty(wsresult, wsresult(i).Name, objdef)
End Sub
Function GetProperty(ByVal obj As Object, ByVal propertyName As String, ByVal defaultValue As Object) As Object
		Dim pi As System.Reflection.PropertyInfo = obj.GetType().GetProperty(propertyName) 'IT RETURN NOTHING HERE ON pi VARIABLE
		If Not pi Is Nothing Then
			Return pi.GetValue(obj, Nothing)
		End If
	End Try
	Return defaultValue
End Function
Luiey Ichigo 27-Sep-16 8:15am View
Its return nothing
Luiey Ichigo 27-Sep-16 2:42am View
the response is returning a set of web service structure instead of response data structure. the structure having nested xml variable before can get the data
Luiey Ichigo 27-Sep-16 2:41am View
I have try using Web Reference, HTTP Request but none return the data structure. Instead, it returning calling structure. Updated code block that I have tried several days
Luiey Ichigo 5-Sep-16 22:03pm View
I was not encourage to use 3rd party software to be run on clients. The programming is the best way, but to accomplished it,is the hard way since I can't find one tutorial for this. But I have seen this JOIN things in here:

Just wondering how to put those query to JOIN on both local and cloud server into one connection to perform it. Do you know how VS2015 Data Comparison works? I mean, how it be done to until there is view of Identical Record, Differential Record, Only in Sources/Target..
Luiey Ichigo 29-Aug-16 6:00am View
I guess something bad because I use SSMS and Export Data to Azure SQL but the copied data and table creation from LocalSQL does not passing the primary and foreign it legit as what I'm facing now?
Luiey Ichigo 29-Aug-16 2:03am View
index? how to add it to current query sir?
Luiey Ichigo 26-Aug-16 23:41pm View
Again, thanks for your guide! You idea is very helping
Luiey Ichigo 24-Aug-16 20:41pm View
Hi Richard,

Thank you for your guide. It's work and perfect meet!
Luiey Ichigo 23-Aug-16 10:50am View
Hi Garth,

I'm opening to both C# and Visual Basic. I'm writing in Visual Basic but I can translate those C# and apply on my VB. That's why I'm tagging both language. Currently I'm applying one code. Which actually catch any character and filter it for exit purposes. And it catch combine key also.

Private bExit As Boolean
Private input As String
Sub Main(ByVal args() As String)
bExit = False
Console.TreatControlCAsInput = True
StartTaskHere 'My main task function will be called here
input = Console.ReadLine()
If input = "P" Then
bExit = True
End If
Loop While (Not (bExit))
End Sub
Luiey Ichigo 22-Aug-16 2:36am View
Luiey Ichigo 19-Aug-16 21:12pm View
Hi Maciej..

This queries only works on 6 digits number as minimum 10:00:00am which will be 100000. But if the time is 09:59:59 and the value in the row is 095959 or 95959, SQL will return error "The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value"

Because my client convert 24hours format time to number which if current time is 00:00:01 (12:00:01PM 12Hr format) the data on row will be 1 only.

This statement is works to convert it back to time:-
CAST(101 AS VARCHAR),8),3,0,':'),6,0,':'),9,0,'.') AS TIME) as sqltime

How do I merge this time convert and date convert to be as datetime data?
Luiey Ichigo 19-Aug-16 3:43am View
Yes.. I find it can be done. Lol.. I modified something too on the code.

Dim val1, val2 As Integer
Dim colname As String
For i = 0 To dt_A.Columns.Count - 1
colname = dt_A.Columns(i).ToString
Dim int(dt_C.Columns.Count - 1) As Integer
For i = 0 To dt_C.Columns.Count - 1
val1 = dt_A.Rows(0).Item(i)
val2 = dt_B.Rows(0).Item(i)
int(i) = val1 - val2
Dim ndr As DataRow = dt_C.NewRow
For i = 0 To int.Length - 1
ndr(dt_A.Columns(i).ToString) = int(i)

All shows single line
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jul-16 16:39pm View
It will load configuration from settings.ini file. The sample data that will fill into structure:-

With udt_config
.kioskid = "K001"
.kiosklevel = "GF"
.kioskloc = "A1"
End With
Luiey Ichigo 25-Jun-16 13:12pm View
udt_config.kiosklevel is a string structure when first Application_Startup that retrieve program setting from App.Config file..

This was my structure declare in global module:-

<pre lang="VB.NET">
Public udt_config As CONFIG

Public Structure CONFIG
Dim kioskid As String
Dim kioskloc As String
Dim kiosklevel As String
End Structure</pre>
Luiey Ichigo 24-Jun-16 14:20pm View
Ok dave, I understand. Now I want to share my finding. I put a breakpoint on devloc= udt_config.kiosklevel and yes it will pass the value and I step into every line of code. Yes the floor with have value.

But if I delete the breakpoint which it will running normally, ahaa devloc will be nothing.

Stepping through each line start from assigning value to the devloc on breakpoint, all is well. Retract back breakpoint, nothing.

I just want to know how this problem is called in programming side. I search for "wpf value is nothing when first time load" and it just an article of some VS. Might wrong on my keywords
Luiey Ichigo 24-Jun-16 13:22pm View

That is what I'm curious about. The function will be use on the same page but on different button so each button will assign value of it to the parameters. There will be a LG, GF, L1, L2 button. I try to move the code to private sub. But same exception occur when running the program and go to the map page.
Luiey Ichigo 20-May-16 4:58am View
Apologies to 3 of you sir.
I already update my code. I have try another options and it still failed. So those are my current code.
Luiey Ichigo 12-Apr-16 0:26am View
I have try your approach, yes it clean well the object. But for a long run, continuous torture the program navigation forward and back, it will increase and not decrease. I also put in Disposal Finally in my code. Same things happen..
Luiey Ichigo 10-Apr-16 21:58pm View
Hi Rick,

I'm totally need its functionality since I'm doing a interactive kiosk directory system. That's the worst part
Luiey Ichigo 10-Apr-16 13:01pm View
I try to put a break point on string displayName = (string)data; but I don't know why the breakpoint was not being hit
Luiey Ichigo 26-Mar-16 11:11am View
Hi Dave,

I understand about not troubling people for solving my code. so thats why I post about some hint that I can do which is other programmer do to make their software running good on lower spec hardware especially eith IPC comes from China.

Never overcome this matter on previous 5 projects which using local assembly of well-known hardware and NUC. Not a single crash for 12hours running for since 2011
Luiey Ichigo 24-Mar-16 21:49pm View
Hi Matt,

Somehow from task manager(again sorry for looking at it) like the image sample task manager image[^] the RAM Graph and of left panel is at Max but in word "In Use" like 900MB in image is just 2.5GB where graph is at 3.9GB and thats what make me weird
Luiey Ichigo 24-Mar-16 21:40pm View
Hi Dave, I have seen some information about creating same instance over and over in forum or blog if I'm not mistaken. Still I don't know where to start digging the cause.
Luiey Ichigo 24-Mar-16 21:39pm View
How to post a code?I can't post the code here as it might prolong this page. Any site to paste code?
Luiey Ichigo 24-Mar-16 21:34pm View
Hi CHill,

I'm using Visual Studio to perform Schema Comparison because in VS2015 Pro, it don't have "Data Compare & Schema Compare". Now I can perform schema update which it detect which part of the target data that differ from source.

Now I'm hanging on how to perform automation script to running on some interval. Do you have any thought/idea/suggestion/recommendation?
Luiey Ichigo 24-Mar-16 4:08am View bad. Thanks for remind me
Luiey Ichigo 23-Mar-16 21:08pm View
Hi CHill,

The database is on another place e.g. server but seems you are giving two things. So I try googling for "sql server replication vs synchronization" so I need to understand the details first before start. Thanks :-)
Luiey Ichigo 1-Mar-16 8:21am View
Hi Chill,

THe video file is not downloading from any network. It was placed in the same main folder as program executable e.g. /debug/video/

By the way since u mention protected folder, if the drive is running on C:\ partition only and the executable folder is place on the desktop, is it consider as protected too?
Luiey Ichigo 11-Feb-16 12:25pm View
Hi SA,

I'm showing both because C# is my previous staff in my office use to write code, while VB.NET is what I'm writing and try to do it in VB.NET and I don't know how to write it using VB.NET in WPF since it write in C# and WinForms. The code of Args if write on Program.cs
Luiey Ichigo 3-Feb-16 10:44am View
And I'm wondering if Win8 is stable or not. Not having this kind of problem on Win7. When activation is appear, program sometimes not stable. Like orientation; windows suddenly change it's orientation to origin before my program is launching and I see the Activation is there.
Luiey Ichigo 3-Feb-16 10:44am View
And I'm wondering if Win8 is stable or not. Not having this kind of problem on Win7. When activation is appear, program sometimes not stable. Like orientation; windows suddenly change it's orientation to origin before my program is launching and I see the Activation is there.
Luiey Ichigo 3-Feb-16 7:41am View
On the event viewer under Application, my program logged under Error with Application Hang. Also there is PerfLib, ESTENT error too.
Luiey Ichigo 1-Feb-16 13:45pm View
Hi Dave,

Thanks for explanation. Luckily from start, my program only accept JPEG/JPG/PNG only. Lol I'm a bit relief on that.

Thank you sir
Luiey Ichigo 1-Feb-16 9:00am View
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the explanation. Yes so far I'm observing using Task Manager to see how the RAM is increase and reduce over time. I'll take a look on that .NET CLR.

Regarding the image size, my client is selecting JPEG/JPG file format for image and PNG for logo. Is PNG is better than JPEG? I've seen someone in a blog said memory is using for displaying image by formula 1 pixel * 4bytes. So which type of image that works well to reduce the byte other than BMP?
Luiey Ichigo 31-Jan-16 14:49pm View
Hi SA,

Because my system is an interactive kiosk. So the customer placed the design so much on image to be display at "PageList.xaml" the problem on display the converted image is one thing. Another thing is when query all possible list BLOB is also make the the system freeze for 2-4 seconds
Luiey Ichigo 25-Jan-16 8:04am View
@Ralf, sorry for that. Not very familiar with forum things much. Thanks for the advise

Yes it is now been answered and work perfectly but a bit differ. I'll put in solutions. If you have another approach, you may add it too for other references.

Luiey Ichigo 22-Jan-16 10:17am View
This is what I do and it add perfectly:

Private Sub ResizeThis(ByVal imgpath As String, ByVal newpath As String)
Dim fs As New FileStream(imgpath, FileMode.Open)
Dim original As Image = Image.FromStream(fs)
Dim intWidth As Integer = original.Width : Dim intHeight As Integer = original.Height
Dim newWidth, newHeight As Integer
If intWidth > 1000 Then
newWidth = 1000
newHeight = 1000 * (intHeight / intWidth)
Using ResizedImage As New Bitmap(original, newWidth, newHeight)
ResizedImage.Save(imgpath, Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png)
End Using
End If
Catch ex As Exception
str_errmsg = "Oops! Something is problem with resize logo dimension."
MessageBox.Show(str_errmsg & vbCrLf & "Err: " & ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub
Luiey Ichigo 22-Jan-16 10:10am View
from your question for my question:-
Q1: The image save to mysql blob is having multi dimension especially logo since logo size is various. So, I want to resize it to new width only and the height will auto adjust to aspect ratio. Because if I fix the width and height to the image component in my program, it will look stretch/fat look.

Q2: Yes, you have give me a hint. Delete old image and save with new. Yes. I will try that
Luiey Ichigo 13-Jan-16 22:12pm View
Hi, where should I declare the DLLImport? In App.xaml/Global/New Class/Every page?
Luiey Ichigo 22-Dec-15 21:23pm View
Hi johan,
1) What mean by strong/weak reference?
2) Every event is using within single page only. Not sharing and be used by another page. When the page is unloaded, I will empty every variable that been declared and use from the page e.g. Screen Timer, BackgroundWorker, Byte().
3) I load every DynamicResource from ResourceDictionary page. All page have same button/control for some function e.g. Continue, Back, Next, Previous.
4) On timer timeout, the page will navigate back to home page. At new instance of the page, I will clear all global variable/declaration e.g Structure, Arraylist.
Luiey Ichigo 15-Dec-15 0:09am View
The byte that im holding contains image of each ID. I will store the ID and image to arraylist and stream each byte to imagebrush on program. Is it mean that after I'm navigating to other page, the arraylist is not release as nothing?
Luiey Ichigo 14-Dec-15 22:56pm View
I want to post my code but which part, that I dont know where to start. Since every navigation to other page will increase the memory usage. When navigating back to home screen, its still stay at last memory usage. If navigate again, then it will increase more
Luiey Ichigo 14-Dec-15 21:35pm View
Hi, thanks for recommendation. I see the task manager because pc is hang and when I see the memory use for my application is around 200MB. I'm now try to inspect using memory profiler but I dont know how to read the snapshot. I will update back the image
Luiey Ichigo 12-Dec-15 8:25am View
Did you mean that by the temp file being large because of the program crash? Yes sometimes my program crash because hardware spec cant handle my interactive program. And is laggy in program while using also made the temp file become large? Thanks for the advice for suggesting temp file. Its really helpful.
Luiey Ichigo 8-Dec-15 22:29pm View
Oh..apologize for not mention it before. actually I'm designing the page using Blend and control it using VS. Because of running all animation and show only one path, that makes the system lag, that's why I'm deciding to put the animation on code rather than make it trigger on page load. Thanks for your explanation under solutions. Appreciate it
Luiey Ichigo 7-Dec-15 21:02pm View
I'm actually made all the animation in Blend. To apply 1 animation that animate about 200 paths made the computer lag(animate all but showing 1path only depends on user selection on previous page). So, I want to made it in code to perform animation on specific path only.
Luiey Ichigo 7-Dec-15 11:59am View
Yeah man, its work. Thanks. But I made a little bit modification which combines the with yours:-
Dim mypath As New Shapes.Path()
Dim offset_animation As New DoubleAnimation()

offset_animation.From = 0
offset_animation.To = -14
offset_animation.Duration = New Duration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1))
offset_animation.RepeatBehavior = RepeatBehavior.Forever
mypath.StrokeDashOffset = ("-14")
mypath.BeginAnimation(Shape.StrokeDashOffsetProperty, offset_animation)
Luiey Ichigo 18-Aug-15 23:01pm View
Hi, no this one not online I made the localhost. Installing MySQL database to the kiosk. Can you explain to me how to cut the blob size? The image size is 256kb and after convert the image to byte, the size of bytes are 2mil something e.g 20049591 and the blob which I set to Tiny,Blob can't accept the bytes unless it is MediumBlob or LongBlob..
Luiey Ichigo 6-Aug-15 1:37am View tablename.sql
Luiey Ichigo 6-Aug-15 1:06am View
Hi sergey,

I do have a log for this exception. This problem occur on runtime not debugging. So the message of exception were write on log before program crash showing "My application has stopped working".. The name of page for navigation are stored in variable depends on button user clicked. If clicking once, not a problem. But click using godspeed hand (system are used by public at various age from children to veteran) the system unable to handle link it should go and goes exception before crash and back to desktop.
Luiey Ichigo 20-May-15 4:35am View
THis code i use and it works perfect. I dont know why when even I set the image stretch to Uniform, it still like rescale the rectangle. WHen using border, it center the image on it. Thanks
Luiey Ichigo 9-May-15 15:47pm View
using background worker?
Luiey Ichigo 9-May-15 15:46pm View
OMG..I forgot already since it is two years apart from my question. Apologies for this as that time, I'm developing and manage a couple of hardware..
Luiey Ichigo 6-May-15 8:16am View
Not the image, but the exe become smaller where image are not embed to the exe but refer to the link which dynamic
Luiey Ichigo 19-Apr-15 10:08am View
My man, you are a savior. Many great thanks for the idea. I open the vbproj using notepad and see not a character. So based from your idea, I open back previous backup(same old program),full copy and paste to null vbproj and save. Open back the solution, rebuild and it went just like before. Thanks man. Very-very thanks to you. May God bless you.
Luiey Ichigo 17-Apr-15 1:05am View
ok thanks m8
Luiey Ichigo 17-Apr-15 0:38am View
like this?
Luiey Ichigo 16-Apr-15 23:37pm View
already edit.all the control is locate under main layout when creating a new page/window
Luiey Ichigo 9-Feb-15 3:06am View
Where can I find the MySQL log? Where should I find it? In sender PC or retrieve PC? It happen here: mb.ImportFromFile(sqlpath). I already check back the Inbound Rules in Firewall and I check all rules(Private,Domain and Public). But another thing occur, regarding timeout. What should I for timeout? Should I insert the timeout on connstring or commandtimeout(MySQLCommand) in VB code before sending the file?
Luiey Ichigo 9-Feb-15 1:37am View
Hello Philippe, the exception occur at Dim sequence As FixedDocumentSequence = xps.GetFixedDocumentSequence() ''//////////Exception in here on Public Sub xpsToBmp(). If I skip using background worker and direct to Private Function DoSelectWork() As Boolean, ssytem able to convert xps file to bitmap but my application will be freeze until all page is convert to bitmap. That's why I try to put it on background worker. But it stop with exception as per title.
Luiey Ichigo 9-Feb-15 1:35am View
Hello sir, this word appear when I debug the code within my solutions and it stop at comment on xpsToBmp() function.
Luiey Ichigo 5-Feb-15 3:34am View
I'm having error when deleting the directory: IO.Directory.Delete(Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location) & "\XPS", True)

This error occur IF I load from database and then I select the XPS file. Because both function will goes on same folder. Eg: Assume my debug on C:\Debug. I load the data from database, it will stream the byte to file and I save it in C:\Debug\XPS\x_001.bmp and until last image eg: x_021.bmp..Then let's assume client want to change the display data with new XPS. The select the XPS file and I will convert XPS to Bitmap in the same folder C:\Debug\XPS\. But before I convert the XPS, I will check if the folder XPS exist, I will delete it first. And that's the problem comes. I already dispose the panel,picturebox,image control,arraylist. But still occur.

I already debug the code and hover every variable to see if the value still hold the previous value, and it is nothing.

I hope my explanation can be understand though I'm not good at explaining..
Luiey Ichigo 4-Feb-15 3:16am View
thanks..manage to deal with it as your advise. When saving the filename into database, I format it to string as:-

strName = pageCount.ToString("0000")

And it's work. Thanks for advise
Luiey Ichigo 4-Feb-15 0:49am View's work! I'm converting the image to bitmap and when saving, I stream each images as byte and save to mysql. And to display it back, I get all images byte and stream it to file to location and read it from there(method to display is same as converting to images and display it)..thanks
Luiey Ichigo 26-Jan-15 2:53am View
Sorry SA. Closing this thread. I misslook this symbol "()" to be apply to all byte declaration..
Luiey Ichigo 6-Jan-15 1:55am View
why don't you try to use background worker and timer? If you desired to check the connection status let's say every 5minutes, start the timer. Every timer tick, call background worker to do the checking. Why background worker? To prevent your interface is freeze(hang) while the system is check for connection..
Luiey Ichigo 6-Jan-15 1:51am View
i suggest you to create an ID(unique) or tags (if you divide the image by category) so when you search back, using that ID to find the image. Everything need to have unique ID for easy finding and prevent showing wrong images
Luiey Ichigo 4-Jan-15 21:58pm View
Reason why I don't want to use binding is that the data from database is separate in many column for backend management app. But at front, I will conclude let's say 5 column to be 1 statement which mean at datagrid, it will be shown as 1 column. That's what I'm thinking. Any help?
Luiey Ichigo 2-Jan-15 3:36am View
In add new item, there are Window (WPF). Page (WPF) and the other things. I use page. Not window. And in my page, i put a browser control. My page xaml starts with (Page x:Class=Page1) where Window xaml start with (window x:class=Window1). the one that you show is for using window.i use page. page not have windows closing as my application set kiosk evironment(full screen). apologies if are clear with question.
Luiey Ichigo 31-Dec-14 4:04am View
Because I don't have much experience on manipulate using binding. That's bad for me..
Luiey Ichigo 31-Dec-14 3:10am View
update the post..
Luiey Ichigo 24-Dec-14 2:35am View
And another things is, how to cancel the background process so anything that it done can be stop? Right now, I put the code on btn_cancel as below:-

If BackgroundWorker1.IsBusy = True Then
'If it supports cancellation, Cancel It
If BackgroundWorker1.WorkerSupportsCancellation Then
' Tell the Background Worker to stop working.
AppendNormal("Sending cancel by user...")
lbl_progress.Text = "Transfer task cancel by user."
End If
End If

the transfer process is still going through.
Luiey Ichigo 24-Dec-14 2:21am View
I have place the arr_sendkiosk = Nothing at RunWorkerCompleted before BackgroundWorker1.Dispose() but it still DoWork twice. I mean, after sending the image at DoWork, it not goes to RunWorkerCompleted and run it again. Even I put

If IsNothing(arr_sendkiosk) Then
Exit Sub
End If

before "If cbx_images.Checked = True Then", it not empty as it not goes to RunWorkerCompleted..

- StartSendingImages is Sub which done the transfering file to selected computer
Luiey Ichigo 18-Dec-14 22:50pm View
But...I don't use Window. I use Page. This application is full screen without any border or titlebar. So, Page offer Page_Unloaded only
Luiey Ichigo 2-Dec-14 3:40am View
Ok.. I will try to do what you suggested and will update later. Thanks
Luiey Ichigo 2-Dec-14 3:20am View
Hi SA,

I already able to open a onscreenkeyboard but it has all function in keyboard. Is there any possibilities to show wanted keychars on it?

On your second approach, that is a better option to give what is needed on my own keyboard. But how to send characters let's say user press into input; how to detect the textbox? And when user press my keyboard, how to send the characters into the webpages input?
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-14 0:30am View
??? Lol..most give a 'way' to do it, not programming it..
Luiey Ichigo 10-Sep-14 5:21am View
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the remind. Exception message "Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))"
Luiey Ichigo 4-Sep-14 4:21am View
i'm using this because if there is any file require update, then I will select a folder an copied all inside folder to the other PC. The main program is running on flash. There is another vendor do this. While me, doing the distribution for any update to the content. Can my situation implement it too?
Luiey Ichigo 3-Sep-14 22:13pm View
thanks man..
Luiey Ichigo 18-Aug-14 23:31pm View
That code is for WinForm sample to view a another form in my current form. That code is run good for me. I'm asking is there any way that equivalent this view to be use in WPF. At WinForm, it will be form in a form. So in WPF, it will be Window in Window. I don't use Page.
Luiey Ichigo 13-Aug-14 21:45pm View
yeah man..awesome!
Luiey Ichigo 13-Aug-14 21:45pm View
Thanks's work!!!! Great
Luiey Ichigo 11-Aug-14 0:22am View
I can't see the idea :(
Luiey Ichigo 23-May-14 3:56am View
thanks man..try it..and it was good :)
Luiey Ichigo 23-May-14 3:44am View
So the "" you said is maybe eg: "\\myuser.localplace". Because I saw some kind of this on their 'Run' dialog.
Luiey Ichigo 23-May-14 3:41am View
their ip said sometimes is changing because they have a huge building. So each PC has a unique computer name which not changing itself unless we change it. That's the reason I asking this question..
Luiey Ichigo 26-Apr-14 0:34am View
yes i do.. i find it in COM. It has the Shockwave checkbox. even I check the box, it not appear in toolbox
Luiey Ichigo 18-Apr-14 5:33am View
simple as that?
Luiey Ichigo 2-Apr-14 0:24am View
It error said out of bound of array.

May I have your advise Xaver? How to do it?
Luiey Ichigo 2-Apr-14 0:23am View
yes ledtech3..the code is to read what the byte number of the specific index. Because vendor has stated that on bytes(38) is the condition where the UPS is OK or not.
Luiey Ichigo 19-Mar-14 2:16am View
I have select 1 image that will place on the picturebox (PB) when the form load. Whenever I bring the .exe file, it will show where there is no image besides the .exe file. I know it embed into the program. That is the image that I want to display when I remove an image that I load to the PB. 1 image per PB. But if I dispose the image, it will show a blank PB on my program. Not a default image that appear when I load the form
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 21:14pm View
Exception occur when ExecuteNonQuery. Syntax error "INSERT INTO" statement it said.

Public Function MDBInsertFromSQL() As Boolean
Dim strSQL As String
Dim cmd As New OleDbCommand
Dim intRec, icnt As Integer
Dim connect As New OleDb.OleDbConnection
connect.ConnectionString = strcLocalProp.m_strLocalDBConnStr
For i = 0 To (arrDirInfo.Count - 1)
strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblMallDir(dirno,dirname,dirdetails,category,level,lotno) VALUES (@dirno,@dirname,@dirdetails,@category,@level,@lotno);"
Dim command As New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand(strSQL, connect)
command.Connection = connect
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dirno", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strShopNo)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dirname", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strShopName)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dirdetails", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strShopDetails)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@category", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strCategory)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@level", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strLevel)
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@lotno", arrDirInfo.Item(i).strLotNo)
command.ExecuteNonQuery() 'Exception here
Catch ex As Exception
strErrMsg = "Oops! Something is wrong with inserting data from server to local database"
MessageBox.Show(strErrMsg & vbCrLf & "Err: " & ex.Message)
Return False
If (Not IsNothing(cmd)) Then
cmd = Nothing
End If
End Try
End Function
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 5:22am View
It error at command.ExecuteNonQuery at first loop before it dispose..yes I do insert statement to insert data store in arraylist to be filled into Ms Access database. The MDBBeginTrans(),MDBCommitTrans() is use to proceed to commit trans. Safe procedure so when the intRec = 0 i will rollback the insert transaction.
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 4:41am View
I have many data for each I use 6 to see why this problem occur. But still same. I never do this before. Does the strSQL that I put is correct where the values should put question mark for each data that I want to insert?
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 4:29am View
It goes for exception "Number of query values and destination fields are not the same."

Please look at my new code above see what I lack..thanks
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 4:08am View
I also do this and it works :)

arrStr = str.Split()
Luiey Ichigo 17-Mar-14 4:23am View
I conclude both of jerrykid and krunal answer and got the screen that I want.
For jerry: I can't do the "Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height - value" because running on Vista or XP or 7 or 8 will give a differ height

For Krunal, I do as your suggestion, it fill the whole area that I want :) but it not start as centerscreen event I set it on StartPosition. So I combine both of your answer as below;

Me.Size = New Size(Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width, Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Size.Height) and all good. Thanks to both of you..
Luiey Ichigo 17-Mar-14 3:15am View the is some differ from database?is it sql statement is same to all database regardless it is oracle,mysql,mssql etc?
Luiey Ichigo 13-Mar-14 22:13pm View
I try this and work..SELECT * from malldir.tblUser WHERE userid !='user';

tq for giving the idea.
Luiey Ichigo 13-Mar-14 22:13pm View
I try this and work..SELECT * from malldir.tblUser WHERE userid !='user';

tq for giving the idea.
Luiey Ichigo 13-Mar-14 22:12pm View
it not view other data..all not shown at database.. i test this query on mysql workbench..i try your way and this SELECT * from malldir.tblUser WHERE userid <> 'admin'; but nothing show in result. any other way?
Luiey Ichigo 13-Mar-14 22:11pm View
it not view other data..all not shown at database.. i test this query on mysql workbench..i try your way and this SELECT * from malldir.tblUser WHERE userid not in (@'admin'); but nothing show in result. any other way?
Luiey Ichigo 12-Mar-14 22:36pm View
Nice..test it and got it perfectly..thanks man
Luiey Ichigo 28-Feb-14 1:56am View
thanks danish..its work..more better.thanks
Luiey Ichigo 26-Jan-14 23:29pm View
Sir, may I have a details explanation on this? I seem not quite understand. Forgive me
Luiey Ichigo 13-Jan-14 2:08am View
Hi peter..thank you sir..u are awesome. This code works.many thanks for the solution and for the link :)
Luiey Ichigo 30-Dec-13 2:33am View
Nice one sir..thanks :)
Luiey Ichigo 20-Dec-13 3:46am View
Native is meaning the final DLL? This is the DLL use to operate a device. From your explanation, the answer is no. Thank you Griff
Luiey Ichigo 15-Dec-13 20:45pm View
totally.. I got a C++ code and I translate the code using a software. When I paste into VB.NET, it get blue string error on:

Dim bmp As System.IntPtr = CType(LoadImage(0, file_name, IMAGE_BITMAP, row, col, LR_LOADFROMFILE Or LR_SHARED), System.IntPtr)
Luiey Ichigo 12-Dec-13 22:24pm View
The code from C++ is : rsp[i+11] -= 0x30;
The code convert to VB is : rsp(i + 2) -= &H30

Now, can u help me to describe how to overcome this? I got error for "rsp(i + 2) -= &H30" which stated that: Operator '-' is not defined for types 'Char' and 'Integer'

On supplied C++ code there is more come for this calculation. I want to know the proper way to handle this kind of operation. Thank you
Luiey Ichigo 12-Dec-13 22:21pm View
Hye Griff,

Still appear blue string noted that "Operator '-' is not defined for types 'Char' and 'Integer'"
Luiey Ichigo 10-Dec-13 3:35am View
Hi Sergey,

I'm totally not know that. Yes.. my program able to save the scanned image from inserted check. But I'm not able to reinforce using OCR mode. Did the forcing OCR mode need some special calling to the hardware?
Luiey Ichigo 3-Dec-13 21:57pm View
Hi SA,

The RunAccept will call the event from dll function. This is the sample of code that vendor provide. How to handle the bytes that return from the device? Which mean I want to count the bytes receive first before assign to to my declaration.

Actually this is my first time handling hardware engineering..
Luiey Ichigo 28-Nov-13 22:58pm View
Hi Zoltan,

Sorry to make you misunderstanding. I want to create a program that can replace button to perform action. Let's say user key in an ID on textboxt1. User will click on button Enter to perform searching. I want user to press Enter on keyboard so when it perform, I will detect user press that Enter key and I will perform search.
Luiey Ichigo 19-Nov-13 10:34am View
Oh is that so? OK understand. Thanks Ron
Luiey Ichigo 19-Nov-13 4:10am View
Hi Zoltan,

I apologize for making a confuse question here. Actually I create a simple program using WinForm for 2010 which when I press a certain key on keyboard, it will perform action such as refresh listview(F5),cancel input (Esc),saving (Ctrl+S) and so on. I guest this integrate mean I need to specify which key is press to perform specific action as stated before. I assume that I will perform all those function using keyboard not by mouse to click. I dont want to use the Alt + XXXX where I can put it on the button function with the _ on the character (if you got what I mean)
Luiey Ichigo 13-Nov-13 1:13am View's works...tq :)
Luiey Ichigo 12-Nov-13 4:45am View
Thank you Mr. Griff,

It is all good
Luiey Ichigo 2-Oct-13 23:27pm View
I can't extend the segment by myself since the customer database is run by another vendor to handle..whether they extend the temp size or give me another query to optimize the join table searching
Luiey Ichigo 2-Oct-13 23:25pm View
Yup sir,

I guess the best approach is sort automatically when query the data.tq
Luiey Ichigo 18-Sep-13 9:59am View
Please forget all the green (as comment). It's all use in code. That's VB language detect ' on code project
Luiey Ichigo 20-Aug-13 3:36am View
Hi Mr. Griff,

I already test the try cast, but anyhow it show blue string "'TryCast' operand must be reference type, but 'modGlobal.Details' is a value type"

Anyway, I finally found the way to retrieve the data by using:

For i = 0 To (strucStatementInfo.strMaster.Count - 1)
With strucStatementInfo.strMaster(i)
strText1 = .strTarikh
strText2 = .strStatus
End With

Therefore, the value will be retrieve.. Thank you Mr. Griff for your help
Luiey Ichigo 13-May-13 8:49am View
Sample of my code are here

everytime I send a command until it return ack2 data, it take times..the manufacturer prgram does not provide with source code because my current project is d-level programming.i need to refer to all of their documentation. That's why, the code is build with logic from document..
Luiey Ichigo 11-May-13 13:28pm View
Sorry bad,it because the Parity that should be even but I read 0 from INI files..
Luiey Ichigo 2-May-13 21:48pm View
it start since objComport.Write where at ReadBytes is 0 while the windows form is showing 2 when i breakpoint in it.why?
Luiey Ichigo 2-May-13 10:25am View
I also have the develop a money changing note module to give change for any exceed payment. My module manufacturer don't give me SDK but they give test program and D-Level spec. It's hard to program it. Takes 3 days to understand and 1 week development
Luiey Ichigo 24-Apr-13 18:17pm View
yes..the error means,another action to perform if user not interact
Luiey Ichigo 24-Apr-13 10:54am View
I'm running a hardware check status. Which when the events come, it will start the timer every 5 seconds for 30 seconds which at every 5 seconds, it will check the status whether is there any action from user or not. If i check at 30seconds, it takes to long (for public uses). So let's say at 10 seconds user interact, i will do the next command. if after check at 30 seconds still don't have any interact, i will raise error events.
Luiey Ichigo 24-Apr-13 10:47am View
what i mean is when the myTimer.Tick,should i add the value of current (5000) into iTimer and use condition if iTimer=30000 then ,my code here to raise or run any events? and if the iTimer<>30000 then timer.start again?
Luiey Ichigo 20-Feb-13 22:10pm View
Hi Sergey,

I already use the code from your link at stakeflow by running the batch with vb script anddddddddd it's work. thank man. you rock. +5 for u..

I've no experience in PowerShell. Looking to it's code make me feel dizzy. LOL :) better with vbs

Instead of that, the compress only folder, but what if i want to compress multi extension file in a single compress. Means *.dll and *.ini will be compress into (example) it possible? or I just copy the file into new folder and compress the new folder only?

What's your recommended?
Luiey Ichigo 1-Feb-13 2:25am View
Sir, thank you for your assistance. I've found the way from the page,this is the way I use:

Dim Reader As StreamWriter
Reader = New StreamWriter("C:\Test.txt")
Luiey Ichigo 1-Feb-13 2:00am View
Lemme try first with a simple program..then I'll feedback you..
Luiey Ichigo 1-Feb-13 1:35am View
Sir, I've seen through the page. But I can't even see the code how to clean all content on current textfile. Let's say the textfile content a text with this:

Please refer to nearest counter
for further assistance

This line of code is for example the current text on the textfile. If I want to edit the thing using my program (use for Support Engineer if there any changes on this) to:

If you have any inquiry
please call 1-800-8585

So this is what I mean. I'm glad for your assistance sir
Luiey Ichigo 31-Jan-13 23:56pm View
Yeah sir..I'll look forward on it
Luiey Ichigo 31-Jan-13 23:43pm View
haha..I'll try to read first and feedback to you what I'm see through the page..tq
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-13 2:35am View
I'm sorry Christian..btw thank for giving some solution here
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-13 1:43am View
It's okay Ashok, I have found. By using Math.Floor(dblUderPaid/10)
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-13 1:40am View
I try to use it in VB but it show invalid character.
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-13 1:39am View
Thanks Ashok, your MOD returning me the correct value. Thank a lot. Btw I have another one question regarding on my issue. Let's say I have another variable name intTicketCount as Integer.

The $25 / 10 is equal to $2.5 rite? how can I get the value infront of point?means if 2.5 it will return 2, if 2.7 it will return 2, if 6.7 it will return 6 by using math operation?

I'm having this because it need to know the count of ticket to be print and the balance need to be returned. Your solution solve my balance returned. But if you could help me to find the count ticket?
Luiey Ichigo 30-Nov-12 3:56am View
already done before I post this question. I have no idea why it doesn't read that in the database has value.
Luiey Ichigo 24-Nov-12 4:00am View
Hey man,

Thank..btw I've just got another option for this..

Mybe someone will refer to this as well as yours.

Private Sub SetMerchantValue()
Dim strArr(2) As String
Dim strSplitter As Char = ","

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant1.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch1 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID1 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName1 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant2.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch2 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID2 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName2 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant3.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch3 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID3 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName3 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant4.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch4 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID4 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName4 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant5.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch5 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID5 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName5 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant6.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch6 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID6 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName6 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant7.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch7 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID7 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName7 = strArr(2)

strArr = objScreenSetting.Merchant8.Split(strSplitter)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.bMerch8 = strArr(0)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchID8 = strArr(1)
clsGlobVars.strucMerchant.strMerchName8 = strArr(2)
Catch ex As Exception

End Try
End Sub

Thank again for helping me Rob
Luiey Ichigo 5-Nov-12 20:57pm View
5*..thank you for your i can save my data just like i need..
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-12 12:26pm View
Thank you Richard for your reply. but it's not working..
Luiey Ichigo 16-May-12 3:55am View
Thanks Griff..solving my problem..5 for u and many2 thanks..
Luiey Ichigo 18-Apr-12 23:21pm View
because I add the new form inside the current form and set new point location when it that's why I use Me.blaa3...i've try before where the startup page is the menu, it can be done. But when the startup page is login, it can't display which it will close the login form(because when call form Menu, it will hide the login page with Me.Hide correct? I've try to close the login form but it will end the application before the Menu display)..That's why bro I want a code which check the open form within the Menu form only,not the entire program
Luiey Ichigo 17-Apr-12 2:04am View
I'm sorry Hendra..I can't find a solution..I've tried it.thanks for helping
Luiey Ichigo 16-Apr-12 21:11pm View
Tq VJ for your solution. Both of you and Pablo solution works for me.I give u 5! Thanks
Luiey Ichigo 16-Apr-12 21:05pm View
I already use your's work.TQ pablo..5
Luiey Ichigo 16-Apr-12 20:56pm View
Which mean this is the designer property code for every toolbox item? I understand your explanation..thank you Pablo
Luiey Ichigo 16-Apr-12 9:52am View
Thanks Richard..your link is helpfull..
Luiey Ichigo 14-Apr-12 5:01am View
Tq Nelek for adding..
Luiey Ichigo 14-Apr-12 5:01am View
Tq Dhanamanikandan..
Luiey Ichigo 12-Apr-12 2:07am View
I'm sorry Nilesh..the code not even run..

This is the code that I will actually want to put

If txtAdminPwd.Text <> String.Empty Then
If txtAdminPwd.Text = txtConfirmPwd.Text Then
pbxGreen.Visible = True
pbxRed.Visible = True
End If
End If
Luiey Ichigo 11-Apr-12 23:32pm View
Ok..tq samar
Luiey Ichigo 11-Apr-12 21:25pm View
This is for ASP.NET but I'm using windows form application. I don't have any experience in Asp.NET code
Luiey Ichigo 11-Apr-12 11:00am View
tq kschuler..
Luiey Ichigo 9-Apr-12 0:17am View
Thank you sir..
Luiey Ichigo 8-Apr-12 23:54pm View
Oh! That explain to I totally understand..send a parameter and put the new value then return true. so if i want to grab the value after it, i just call the parameter that send the value to this i right? tq SA
Luiey Ichigo 8-Apr-12 23:51pm View
it's a function a located in other project of the main system
Luiey Ichigo 28-Mar-12 2:04am View
Okay..thank you for your support. I appreciate that :)
Luiey Ichigo 28-Mar-12 0:38am View
I already visit the site before but I can't use this code in VB.NET

objModal.Owner = Me

the .Owner is not show in the suggestion after "objModal."
Luiey Ichigo 28-Mar-12 0:17am View
:D Now I get it..the number that stored in database is in string type because it is not declare as amount. Just account number which contain only numeric value, not alphanumeric. But what my friend explain and some of your explanation, I just need to convert the string to integer IF I use the number for check digit.. This is the requirement to save the data to database. It must contain 7 digit and include 0 where the account number start with 1 and from database it will format it to 0000001..TQ for your explanation :)
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-12 20:14pm View
Addition: I use command to upload the data into database from text file..
Luiey Ichigo 3-Jan-12 20:12pm View
Currently there are a lot of data in it such as name, address, phone number and annual fee for membership..this data contains at least 8000 line in text file a.k.a notepad. The data is listed as line by line. Some of the data contain the special character as I ask question above. So I need some guide to handle this because it got error when it reach to data that contains special char. I'm not sure whether I suppose to include the special char but handle the events OR get rid of special char (check for special char and remove it)..please help me.
Luiey Ichigo 3-Nov-11 4:16am View
Is this will view all data that store in dataset?or it need to loop to find every details to be viewed?anyway, thanks for the code..
Luiey Ichigo 3-Nov-11 2:56am View
TQ Nikul..I'll try this
Luiey Ichigo 3-Nov-11 2:34am View
tq prerak
Luiey Ichigo 31-Oct-11 9:40am View
TQ rais..
Luiey Ichigo 6-Oct-11 4:12am View
TQ Griff
Luiey Ichigo 22-Sep-11 2:33am View
not banned, SA. But some of the result from what we search are not related to what we that's why i said that i don't refer to google. i want to refer with some developer itself and if they have a link to the solution, then i will view it..
Luiey Ichigo 22-Sep-11 1:00am View
Tq Prdshukla
Luiey Ichigo 20-Sep-11 5:25am View
Yeah now i get what you say.
1) I declaring x as DataRow.
2) Then I use For..Next condition to fill the data from database to x and 3) After that I use:-
If (Not (data) is Nothing)

just because I want to check the database and if the data from database is not null, the data will be filled up in the form.
Luiey Ichigo 20-Sep-11 4:13am View
Dear Prasad. Tenkiu a lot.. Your method is working. Now I know. It must not put anything behind the second line syntax such as messageboxbuton or messageboxicon..if not, the underline blue string will appear..Tq prasad
Luiey Ichigo 20-Sep-11 4:12am View
Dear Kelvin,
I've tried it. But it doesn't work. I get it now. But I already try the Prasad method. It work.. Anyway, Tq Kelvin for helping
Luiey Ichigo 20-Sep-11 2:07am View
thank you Prerak.
Luiey Ichigo 18-Sep-11 23:25pm View
oh..i see okay because i also don't wat user able to edit because i'm afraid they will make mistake and chaos the data. So better let it like as viewed..thank you sir
Luiey Ichigo 18-Sep-11 23:00pm View
.pdf format..because i already experience some application or data; when we click review, it will be displayed by PDF. Is there any coding to generate report by Crystal report and view it with PDF?
Luiey Ichigo 18-Sep-11 22:28pm View
Tq Prdshukla..but right now, i want a coding to view data to PDF. Is there any code to command the button to find the data and view it with PDF?
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-11 4:42am View
Tq Uma
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-11 4:41am View
Tq Adit
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-11 3:30am View
Oh i see..thank you for you information Suresh
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-11 2:12am View
windows application..
Luiey Ichigo 15-Sep-11 2:08am View
Tq Bun Leap. I'll try this code.
Luiey Ichigo 14-Sep-11 3:25am View
perfect lesson..TQ sant
Luiey Ichigo 14-Sep-11 3:15am View
Thank you Toniyo
Luiey Ichigo 14-Sep-11 3:02am View
Thanks Prerak
Luiey Ichigo 13-Sep-11 9:28am View
thank you wayne
Luiey Ichigo 13-Sep-11 3:06am View
TQ Pravin..
Luiey Ichigo 13-Sep-11 2:13am View
Hi adit,

Is listbox able to view some sort of data that have 3 column? Right now, I try to put a data from textbox and datetimepicker to the listbox. But it failed. Also i try using listview. It also failed. The error appears is "because no accessible "Add" can be called without narrowing conversion."
Luiey Ichigo 12-Sep-11 21:20pm View
i'm developing on winform application.i've already see the link.but quite hard to understand.