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Comments by Thiagarajan Duraisamy (Top 24 by date)

Thiagarajan Duraisamy 18-Nov-11 2:26am View    
hmmm, this exception can also be created on scenario where the file size is large and the smpt server is not able to send the mail, is there any other scenorio other than this
Thiagarajan Duraisamy 23-Sep-11 6:31am View    
what is your problem here. Do u want the solution or a solution for your error.
Thiagarajan Duraisamy 23-Sep-11 5:51am View    
giv ur table structure, without which its difficult for us to giv u the reason. To say thinking that username is the primary key in ur table, try tuncating the table and try inserting again.
Thiagarajan Duraisamy 23-Sep-11 2:55am View    
even for sample face recognition its a difficult task to map the facial points and facial mesh, this is also for a known object. think about unknown objects.
Thiagarajan Duraisamy 23-Sep-11 2:50am View    
so true and problems involving image processing is of high R&D value, and takes much longer to improve. and adding to his query to extract a particular pattern its hard.