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srinivas1221 7-May-20 10:15am View
thanks but will the compiler accepts it because innerXml is a string type, will it be converted to XmlNode type?
srinivas1221 7-May-20 10:15am View
thanks but will the compiler accepts it because innerXml is a sting type, will it be converted to XmlNode type
srinivas1221 18-Apr-20 9:10am View
yes i understand basics and was aware of how to read delete the registry keys..i didn't find any answer to my question in your given link ,my question is that how the added registry keys can be refreshed with out closing the application and opening it again
srinivas1221 14-Apr-20 9:48am View
thanks Richard
srinivas1221 11-Apr-20 9:19am View
for windows forms if we add reference Microsoft.Toolkit.Forms.UI.Controls.WebView then we will get two controls webvew and webviewcompatible controls..Initially i started with webview control i was able to embed login page of one of our appication in to the new webview control i created but on enetering username and password i was not able to wanted to try with the webview compatible control also
srinivas1221 9-Apr-20 10:11am View
thanks for the response..server is in i am trying with webviewcompatible control but only form is loaded without the webviewcompatible control..any suggestion on this please
srinivas1221 9-Apr-20 9:30am View
i was able to show my login page in the webview control but on entering credentials and clicking on login the page goes no where its staying there..any suggestions please?
srinivas1221 6-Apr-20 12:26pm View
the only mistake i was doing is running as admin..after not running as admin webview control started working
srinivas1221 6-Apr-20 7:57am View
Thanks Richard..i have also seen the exception messages but dont know how to proceed further..that is the reason i pasted them here so that somebody can throw some idea