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Comments by Kamar Shahzad (Top 7 by date)

Kamar Shahzad 16-Aug-16 9:57am View    
so basically when we are working in mvc action will return view along with data either list or object in web api only return json or xml,so when api return data we cant assign this to view or we cant return view with data in web api.if i use jquery then how this possible.??

example public actionresult index()
var data = context.product.get();
return view();
so in view i can get this data.
so how can i achieve this in web api? if i use jquery?? wep api only return me json data how to map this data with mvc view???
Kamar Shahzad 16-Aug-16 8:44am View    
if i use jquery then how i communicate mvc view??basically i want to know if i use jquery then how i display data return from web api in mvc view??
Kamar Shahzad 21-Feb-16 13:18pm View    
no environment changes when i execute the same code in controller its working but when i use my service its not working.i don't know why this happend
Kamar Shahzad 21-Feb-16 9:55am View    
no , no error.
Kamar Shahzad 22-Oct-14 2:18am View    
view this please also checking post back
if (!IsPostBack)