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Comments by Jyoti Choudhury (Top 19 by date)

Jyoti Choudhury 28-Jun-12 13:06pm View    
Thanks a lot Brother. It solved my problem and I did the second solution, you provided not to create so many text boxes in designer mode...Thanks...:)
Jyoti Choudhury 20-Apr-12 23:42pm View    
Jyoti Choudhury 19-Apr-12 13:02pm View    
But, each time login fails and a failure message is displayed. But as long as username/password is correct then it should validate and set the isAuthenticated to True...If I am wrong, can you please give me solution how to solve!
Jyoti Choudhury 6-Jan-12 1:37am View    
I tried double quote, single quote both but still not working..:(
Jyoti Choudhury 2-Jan-12 5:58am View    
thanks a lot. but I dont know why, it is not working in VS2008. I am not getting the value property in the list. I tried these solutions but nothing popped out.