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Bala Selvanayagam 24-Feb-14 6:20am View

AS explained below by "OriginalGriff", if you are going to use in a sub query you do not need to separate each value.

You can get away without separating (which can slow down the query) most of the time and you need to let us know exactly what is your intended usage, if you needs a solution
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-14 11:49am View
Ops, this is for but not for WPF.

Could you make sure you have both the following atributes



If so you will be able to access provided that you use the code behind file for the *.aspx file ?
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-14 6:56am View
If could could tell us why do you want to separate into each numbers and the intended usage then it may be helpful to suggest something
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Feb-14 8:22am View
where do you instantiate SCANLA

You may have to post your code showing both classes and the way you are calling. Without this we would not be able to figure out
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Feb-14 8:19am View
Your code

<%ArrayList<employee> empList=new ArrayList<employee>();
ModalClass emp=new ModalClass();

empList = emp.getEmployess();

<!-- With this list i will iterate my table

should have been under the controller
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Feb-14 8:18am View
Hi, I am not sure about how the java side works.

In Microsoft .net side, "Controller" is responsible for calling the methods (not the html layer) and it will pass the result to the view (HTML) and the view will render the data.

In other words, the so called "method callings" are separated and put under controller and from controller the result (object) is passed to the view
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Feb-14 7:55am View
How far you have progressed on this, are you able to populate the data into the SignalR server Hub ? where are you suck please
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Feb-14 7:03am View
Thanks & I did not know
Bala Selvanayagam 16-Jan-14 4:17am View
Where getdate() between FromDate and ToDate ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Jan-14 12:19pm View
Lopezd ; are you saying that you have done a windows client (not an HTML web) to pass the connectivity details (database name,userid ...) and then trying to present the data retrieved to the web ? Where does the windows comes and where does the HTML web comes into play ?

sorry, am bit lost here
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Jan-14 1:51am View
On a separate note, thanks for sharing the Book Review : Knockout.js Succinctly
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Jan-14 4:50am View
Can you post your code so that we can look into what is going wrong ?

It is very difficult to help you without knowing what you have done so far.
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Jan-14 6:37am View
Are you able to post me the code in your controller and the view please?
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Jan-14 5:51am View
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Jan-14 5:44am View
Could you make sure that the TempData name ( in this case 'LableText') is correctly spelled in both ActionResult & view

If it is misspelt/ different then you there is a high possibility that you can get the error message "An exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in App_Web_gal00j1w.dll but was not handled in user code"

let me know
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Jan-14 7:37am View
I would suggest the same as Simon_Whale

I would suggest MVC.

Silverlight/Webforms are great tools but becoming slightly old fashioned.

Learning MVC is not difficult and you will be able to figure it out as you have a requirement & knows web development. Personally learning MVC will add value to your career progress
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Jan-14 7:30am View
Are you saying that you are editing three songs at the same time in the view and click of a button, save those into the database ?

The general practise is that you will list all songs and select the one you want to edit (edit one at a time)..What made you to set the number of songs to be edited at the same time as 3 ? why not 5 or 10 ?
Bala Selvanayagam 30-Dec-13 5:56am View
I am not sure about your question, are you saying that you would like to get the count of a linq query result ? please clarify with detail
Bala Selvanayagam 20-Sep-13 3:52am View
not clear what you are exactly trying to do ?

the link you have provided looks normal and can not see anything scrollable only in the middle unless am missing something ?
Bala Selvanayagam 20-Sep-13 3:48am View
can you please post the code behind the toggle_visibility function ?
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Sep-13 8:01am View
Your question is not clear.

On what basics / logic you are assigning the roll_no ? for example 8 3 khemraj I B,
khemraj got roll_no 3 and what is the logic you used to derive this ?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Sep-13 12:31pm View
I am not sure about the nav tag

have a look at
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Sep-13 12:06pm View
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Sep-13 9:06am View
One of the potential area is audit trail

Say you have a table employee and you want to keep track of the changes done to the table including the value before and value after and the date time modified

If you are going to do with SP, then you have to pass the before and after values into the stored procedure with the time stamp and manually execute. The challenge with this approach could be you have to write more code to capture the before and after values and pass it into the stored procedure with in a transaction and also if you are updating the table from different many routines then you will have to call the stored procedure each time explicitly

But if trigger, you can easily have the before and after values and automatically executed from which ever the module you update the underlining database table.
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Sep-13 16:38pm View
It actually depends on what technology in c# you want to learn and what is the current level of your expertism in c#
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Sep-13 16:34pm View
Check it out and if the account is still free you could sign up again on the same name.

If not call the Hotmail support line and explain to them and you may be able to get it back but not sure
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Sep-13 14:24pm View

The method to access the database using "DSN" is quiet old method and not been used any more in the industry.

putting the connection string in the app.config file and using it to connect to the database is a commonly used method. please see the similar post if you need further info

if you still have issue let me know
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 11:57am View
Hi Manish,

Understand, yes this will work on the network environment - means will work on the Local Area Network (LAN) but may not be on the (Wide Area Network) WAN. Do not define the connection string in many places with in your program and this is a bad practice.

Try and keep the connection string in a single place so that you can edit easily.

I would recommand you to do your first form and create a installer (when you double click) it installs and then try out from two workstations pointing to the same SQL database. This will give you an understanding of how the architecture is going to be
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 10:00am View
Which controller and the action method you are in now and which are (controller and action method) you want to invoke ?
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 6:19am View

I have two images

img/crm.jpg & img/cal.png (Both images are in a folder called img)

On the click, I have to change the image. if the image was "crm.jpg" when you clicked then it needs to be changed to "img/cal.png" and vice-versa.

In your if condition "element.src" will be the image you have clicked on and the condition is checking whether the image name you have clicked contains "crm". If true, this means you have clicked crm.jpg and then within the if clause loading the other image

Hope it make sense ?
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 5:46am View
Impressed with you answer 5ed!

Can i add the followings

1. Bootstrap - UI framework
2. Web API - Light weight and can be accessed from most of the devices including mobile
3. Jquery / JqueryUI

There are many more but feel these are the essential bits on the web development
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 5:35am View

I have put an alert inside the getLocation function and when I click on the button the alert pops up and the else part is executed for me.

Not sure whether this is a browser specific issue and what browser you are using ? did you try different browsers ? please let me know
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 5:29am View
You have not mentioned whether you do .net windows development / .net web development / web designer

The latest technology you got to learn is based on what you are already doing. can you please let us know what is your current role and what do you do ?
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 4:45am View
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 4:16am View
Please see my answer below
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Sep-13 2:15am View
My pleasure
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 7:13am View
You could use a database trigger ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 6:33am View
yes, you can
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 6:16am View
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 6:11am View
Hi Arunraju

You have to narrow where the issue is ? (SQL SERVER/WEB SERVER)

Since you are able to recreate the issue in your development environment, could you have a break point on the SQL server execution where it throws the error

1. Get the SQL statement, directly execute on the database server and see how long it takes to execute

2.Run it through the IIS web server, you know how long it took in the SQL server already and now you can calculate how long it takes in the web server.

If the SQL server is taking longer, then it could be an indexing issue (have you migrated all your indexes into the new server ?) and also you are saying that the database before was a single one and now multiples...How does it work

If the delay is in the IIS server, check the server configuration

Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:54am View
Have a look at

Also, you can google on this and you will have many suggestions/ solutions
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:42am View
You mean locking an EXCEL spread sheet cell using JavaScript ?

As far as i know, you can not use JavaScript to manage EXCEL. You may have to look into some EXCEL VBA/MAcros, if am not mistaken
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:36am View
It could be a firewall blocking the client calls on the server ? also there is an option in SQL server to grant access to remote call, may be this is not ticked

Try doing a simple ODBC connection (from the control panel) of your workstation and see that works first to eliminate where the issue is ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:32am View
It could be a permission issue.

I remember similar issues when working with COM somes time back and we grant permission on ht object so that the IIS call can instantiate.

I do not remember how to grant permission as it was some times back i worked on COM.

May be do a google ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:10am View
As far as i know, there is no such standard font and it is up to you to decide which font you wanted to use
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Sep-13 5:05am View
The code should work,

What do you mean by "NOT WORKING"?

You have to give more back ground information such as what happens when you click on the button, what is the eroror message you are getting in the screen and the URL on the address basr ?
Bala Selvanayagam 26-Aug-13 5:38am View
Could you please be more clearer and specific on your questions ?

I am not sure what exactly you are after ?
Bala Selvanayagam 24-Aug-13 16:52pm View
Could you post me the view side coding as well (there should be a form attribute where you capture the data and post to the controller)?
Bala Selvanayagam 23-Aug-13 8:17am View
The certification is from Microsoft.

Microsoft has their authorised exam centers across the countries to conduct the exams on their bahalf and you may have to check whether the exam cerntre you are talking about is in the authorised exam list by microsoft

Once you pass the exam in one of the authorised exam center, they will give you a printed copy of your results and later you may get a proper certificate from microsoft, if you wish
Bala Selvanayagam 23-Aug-13 5:42am View
Bala Selvanayagam 23-Aug-13 5:26am View
Another option could be ?


SELECT @temp= name
FROM Table_Name
WHERE Id=<<Some value>>
Bala Selvanayagam 23-Aug-13 5:14am View
My Pleasure
Bala Selvanayagam 23-Aug-13 3:58am View
Hope you have got it working ?
Bala Selvanayagam 22-Aug-13 9:21am View
Please see my comments under "UPDATE 2" in the solution section above
Bala Selvanayagam 22-Aug-13 8:31am View
You are looking at the wrong configuration file

There are two configuration file one for WEB API routing and one for MVC routing. the one you were looking at is MVC routing

look at the correct WEB API routing configuration which is under App_Start/WebApiConfig.cs
Bala Selvanayagam 22-Aug-13 7:43am View
We can help you, if you have tried something out and stuck

I would suggest to get <nobr>visual studio installed and do a googling for a similar tutorial and try it out yourself first. If you are still stuck, we can help you out on this
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 10:00am View
you are most wellcome
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 9:58am View
Could you directly login to the SQL EXPRESS and check the database exists for the given username and password. you could download a free management console for SQL Express, if you do not have one

looks like the database you are trying to access does not exist under the given credential
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 7:54am View
It all depends how you have architecture your application. My understanding is that your web form (my assumption) is directly talking to your database using ADO ? alternatively, you could separate data access layer on a different server. To be honest, unless you explain how is your current architecture is, it is difficult for me to go on....

The performance depends on

1.The database table normalization and whether you use TSQL /Stored procedure

2.The database is properly indexed & optimized ?

3.You have used minimum run time logic in your web form ?

4.Are you doing many round trips to the server ?

5.Your current experience with 30 users, what is your current server specification and how does the server perform now. This could be a bench mark for you to estimate 300. You needs to know how many users out of 300 is going to use the system at the same time ? Based on these you could size the server (how many CPU/CORE, Mormoy and IO )

6. Also you could think about using multiple IIS server, this means you could use two IIS server and part of the use base is routed through one server and the rest is through the other (the URLs could be different for them - load balance) but evenually talking to the same server
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 5:10am View
you mean "Bit Operation" ?
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 5:08am View
NoSQL - Some of them a faster on write operation and slower on read operation and vice versa. Also NoSQL is not very good when it comes to complex query (reporting)
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 5:01am View
Do you have a sample code to show how you are connecting using Javascipt ?
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 5:00am View
You can do this.

What do you mean you are getting a server response ? I presume you have a service which gives you the data ? what type of service you have and what format data is presented ?

you needs to provide more info
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Aug-13 4:39am View
You could use forms) for payroll development and there are pros & cons. You may not be able to have rich UI features as windows environment unless you use some javascript frame works. Also the web forms needs to be post back most of the time and this may or may not be ideal for you.

If i were you, I will look into the reasons why the application should be web/ windows based

If it is going to be web then will use MVC based single page application with javascript frame works like Angular / knockout for rich user experience.

The performance of the web application is depends on your hosting environment and your optimisation of coding
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Aug-13 7:50am View
Apologies for the delay in answering the questions.

I will make sure this is done promptly next time without any excuses.

BTW, I have not got my last month salary from you yet and is there any possible reason on this please ? Also, Can i have a day off next Monday as i needs to see my Doctor
Bala Selvanayagam 10-May-13 2:52am View
not enough detail provided

Could you tell us what you have done and where you are stuck (you may have to post part of your code base) and without these information, would not be able to do much
Bala Selvanayagam 9-May-13 9:07am View
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 10:05am View
sagar, similar question

this should give an answer how to edit ?
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 9:44am View
sagar, I am not an expert on AngularJs but trying to build a prototype for our next project which is due to start soon.

My understanding is that when you bind the data on the client side with angular javascript it may not be very hard to make it editable as its a data binding ?

Please have a look at the URL which gives and idea.
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 6:53am View
WCF service out put should be in JSON format
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Apr-13 5:55am View
May be you can pass a parameter/ argument from the view to the controller and within the controller check the parameter and redirect to different pages
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-13 5:30am View
Do we need a foreign key actually defined in order to do a join ?
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-13 5:20am View
you mean to convert the comma separated values such as 1,236,895,623 into single values in C# ?

not very clear what you are after ?
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-13 5:18am View
When you say username, are you referring to the username of the server under which the web server is running ?
Bala Selvanayagam 19-Feb-13 8:08am View
do not want to be rude but there is a possibility you could be fired or the company may give up software development and start trading something else soon

God bless you and the company
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Feb-13 11:34am View
There are so many free CMS in the market like joomla,drupal and etc. Why do you want to build a new one, if i may ask ? Always i customize the joomla/ drupal to my requirement rather than building a one and it worked

I am using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 as an editor.
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Feb-13 4:20am View
Is the second database is is in the same SQL server instance or in a different computer ?
Bala Selvanayagam 10-Feb-13 7:48am View
What do you mean by all files in a control ?

Do you want to display files in a directory in a control inside ?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Feb-13 17:45pm View
So,whats is stopping you from getting the value of act?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Feb-13 17:28pm View
Hope you have the database hosted in one of the ISP and you are trying to connect from your local windows application from your PC ?

It could be some times the ISPs would not allow connectivity from out side domain and will let you to connect from only their own domain space. could this be the reason why you are getting the "not exists any port for access my database" message ?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Feb-13 13:10pm View
I read your other post, you may fall into legal issues if you do this without the knowledge of the user - data protection act ?
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Feb-13 7:11am View
It depends on many factors like the database ( hope its SQL server) version, band width you have between your server and remote database, your exact requirement, your expertism and etc
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Feb-13 5:22am View
you could try replication ?
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Feb-13 8:30am View
What did you try so far ?

Can help, if you have tried out something and stuck.
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Dec-12 3:54am View
Thanks - SA

very much useful, thanks again
Bala Selvanayagam 27-Dec-12 15:29pm View
Thanks ridoy and will have a look
Bala Selvanayagam 27-Dec-12 14:46pm View
Thanks, was not straight forward for the window based environment.

I have switched to crystal report which is relatively easier to export taking the time constraint into account - this resolves the issue for the time being
Bala Selvanayagam 27-Dec-12 12:28pm View
Thanks Adam,

Apologies, if i have upset you in any means. I was struggling on this for last 4-5 hours without luck and hence my comment would have been short.

I have tried your suggestion and the method ServerReport.Render() does not accept null as the out put paramters,

would be thankful, if you could dig into for me
Bala Selvanayagam 27-Dec-12 11:42am View
Looks this is for web based and am looking for windows.

I have already tried this without much sucess
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Nov-12 2:12am View
what is in DBHelper?
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-12 8:26am View
Are you using style sheet ?

if so, please post the releveant section.
Bala Selvanayagam 6-Nov-12 4:02am View
Could be your computer is low spec ?
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 7:48am View
Do you have the style sheet in a separate file or in the same file as in your HTML. if in a separate file, make sure your path is right.

if still no luck post your style sheet entries and will look into and revert later today
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 7:08am View
looks like you are missing the styleaheet (*.css) where the classes are defined like "wrapper"," "header" and etc
please clarify
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 6:46am View
My pleasure
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 5:49am View
Hope its a SQL serer database and what version of SQL servr ?

Have you thought about updatable database views ?
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 4:31am View
Thanks but its not the case
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 4:29am View

For i = 0 To PSBill.Tables("Section").Rows.Count-1
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 4:29am View

For i = 0 To PSBill.Tables("Section").Rows.Count-1
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-12 4:19am View
The windows RDP works on both LAN/WAN.

Are you saying that you do not want to user this but to develop a new applicaiton similar to this using c# ?
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-12 3:11am View
This may not work, please read my requirement careully

The challenge is, the web site is a third party web site and into which, we needs to input the release details(do not worry about what is release but records like students name, address & age) o about 200 records every day and takes 4 hours of a single staff causing delays.

We do not have any control over the web site / database ( its on java server pages) but have a login user name and password to input the data
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-12 3:10am View
The challenge is, the web site is a third party web site and into which, we needs to input the release details(do not worry about what is release but records like students name, address & age) o about 200 records every day and takes 4 hours of a single staff causing delays.

We do not have any control over the web site / database ( its on java server pages) but have a login user name and password to input the data
Bala Selvanayagam 30-Oct-12 13:36pm View
thanks ryanb31

looks usefull through poweshell but not sute untill proven

I am mainly looking to send key strokes (TAB to navigate between controls) and paste the text box values

looks promising
Bala Selvanayagam 15-Jul-12 7:02am View
You can not have cross-database foreign key but can use triggers instead.

Basically, you needs to check the data validation on insertion using trigger and raise an error, if needed
Bala Selvanayagam 17-Apr-12 8:55am View
Check the regional settings on both workstations and if am right, the pc displays error will have a different regional settings and date time format ?

Check and let me know pl
Bala Selvanayagam 17-Apr-12 7:33am View
It should work for multiple lines and please check.

There is a usefull tip for performance boast when SqlDataAdapter update is to
set updatebatchsize=0 just above the update line and in your case

private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
catch (Exception ex)
Bala Selvanayagam 17-Apr-12 6:46am View
You may have to look at the extensions available for your requirement on both Joomla & wordpress and then decide which one to go for ?
Bala Selvanayagam 17-Apr-12 5:25am View
where is your code ? post your code so that we can try and help you ?
Bala Selvanayagam 16-Apr-12 13:14pm View
How long it takes to run the query and get the results in query analyser ?

My understanding is that it does not work in the VB6 environment but works when directly executed on the SQl server ?
Bala Selvanayagam 16-Apr-12 10:17am View
I suggest SQL agent not trigger.

You said you should be able to execute at time intervals like 10am ,10:30am, 11:00am... and etc.

If you are going to do by trigger then there has to be an INSERT/UPDATE/DELTE on the database at those times, in other words someone should be monitoring the time and trigger in manually which is not recommanded

In other hand, SQL agent can act like a scheduler and execute you commands at regular interval in its own as configured without manual intervention, in other words automatic

considering the above, i would recommand the automatic way - SQL Agent ?
Bala Selvanayagam 16-Apr-12 7:42am View
Do you have a unique primary key on "ClassAdmin"
Bala Selvanayagam 16-Apr-12 3:26am View
What you are trying to do and what is the error message you are getting ?
Bala Selvanayagam 15-Apr-12 15:46pm View
thats good
Bala Selvanayagam 15-Apr-12 2:13am View
Thanks VJ
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 17:01pm View
I think you are slightly confused with the way the c# .net frame work communicates with the server.

1.In your c# .NET client you have to open a SQL connection to the server with the credentials and when you open the connection the client establishes the connectivity to the server database

2.Now, for you to send the data, you will use something called SQL query / Stored Procedure as explained below in the solution 1. In the SQL query you will specifiy which text box data goes into which column of the database and you will sort of flush the query through the database connection so that the query will reach the database with the right value to the right column.

let me know, if you need any samples on this ? if this is one you are after ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 16:56pm View
Are you saying that you have installed only the sql server management studio ?

Managament studio is just a tool to connect to the database and you should have the database instance installed for the management studio to pick it up ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 16:53pm View
I think the order by clause for the row_number() should be DESC ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 14:17pm View
what version of SQL server you are using ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 5:55am View
Are you saying that you have used "masked" text box for the password field and unable to retrive the value typed at run time ?

I would have throught the Text property of the masked text box will do ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 5:41am View
I would have thought, if you want to write into the SQL database in the server then
you may have to open a connection from the client to the database and use an insert SQL statement and not sure why you want to use "ClientStream"..Can you please go into more detail and tell us what you are trying to achieve please ?
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 5:33am View
Did a copy from your code and pasted in visual stuidio and it seems to be working ( lists nodes from "A" to "Z" each with subnode "?")

Can you please refine you question with the exact error message and at what point it happens ?
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Apr-12 2:14am View
What specific version in SQL 2005 ? express / standard / enterprise ?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 7:30am View
SQL Scheduled Job may be the asnwer for your question.

Having said that you are saysing its not shown. Can you please go into more detail and tell us what version of SQL server you are using ?
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 7:17am View

Nice one to merge using c#
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 7:13am View
I am not sure whether the OP wants to do this at database level / in the presentation layer, my solution is based on the assumtpion at database level

The OP wants to merge the DataTable2 into Datatable1 and there are only three rows are to be merged in the first case.
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 4:06am View
Accepted the answer :)
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 4:05am View
Accepted the answer :)
Bala Selvanayagam 9-Apr-12 4:03am View
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Apr-12 17:32pm View
Thanks Naerling
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Apr-12 17:31pm View
Thanks Vladislav
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Apr-12 8:27am View
The link you have provided is not working (not approved yet...).
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Apr-12 7:31am View
I can think about a reason why its null, the way you are executing the stored procedure does not look right.

Execute the stored procedure as follows and it should work

exec SampleP1
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Apr-12 7:25am View
did you put the last

select @DateList

statement within the stored procedure as given by me ?
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Apr-12 7:06am View
Hi Please look at the solution updated under the heading "UPDATE 2 (After the comments)" and should work for you.

let me know the outcome
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Apr-12 6:54am View
what version of SQL SERVER you are using ? 2005/2008 ?
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Apr-12 4:21am View
No probs
Bala Selvanayagam 11-Nov-11 12:34pm View
Thanks Mehdi, will try during the week end
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Nov-11 12:14pm View
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Nov-11 12:14pm View
Thanks Amir,

My solution is based on your suggestion anyway
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Nov-11 12:13pm View
Thanks Costica
Bala Selvanayagam 8-Nov-11 6:48am View
What is your function input and outpur paramters and explain with some sample data
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 16:35pm View
Are you able to post your code, if it is not in pages please?
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 16:18pm View
Its my pleasure
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 15:47pm View

I have updated my solution under the heading UPDATE -1 (Solution 1), please let me know whether this helps you
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 15:12pm View
So you have a primary key column called "ID" (Text Data type) in addition to the WPID column which needs updating in sequncial order.

My question to you is, you are saying you may have to insert new rows at times and when you insert new rows what will be the value for the "ID" column ? i know the value for WPID is the next number in the sequential order but what is the value for the "ID" column ?

Should be able to give you a solution once i get the answer to this question
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 13:58pm View
May be use UNION not UNION ALL,

UNION ALL result set will have duplicate values, if you have the same Nom,Lien_Nom in more than one table but UNION will bring only the distinct
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 13:36pm View
great 5ed
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 13:08pm View
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 8:17am View
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 8:03am View
most probably there is no matching records in both tables for your join.

look at the link which might give you an idea where you are going wrong in your query
Bala Selvanayagam 7-Nov-11 7:30am View
what is your table structure ?
Bala Selvanayagam 5-Nov-11 5:14am View
This does not work for me when i tried.

Am i missing something ?
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-11 19:27pm View
You needs to give us more details, Its not possible to help you with the limited information you have given.

You needs to go into detail and say what you are trying to achieve and what you have done so far and what is the exact problem.

Without these, its not practical to help you
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-11 19:22pm View
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-11 19:04pm View
Bala Selvanayagam 4-Nov-11 8:21am View
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 9:58am View
I understand Chuck,

This has happened to me few times and know the feeling of working hard to give a solution and finally get downvoted and you would not know the reason & person.

some guys accidenlty downvote thinking that they are upvoting specially, if the are new to CP. Lower the downvote points its an accident.

Higher the downvote points, some one has done it purposely but if a genuine guy, should have reason for the downvote.

I do not normally downvote but if it has to then i give my little reason and its not me in this case :)

I strongly feel, if some one else's solution is better than my one then its better - i learn something every day and mine is a very tiny tiny contribution.
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 9:19am View
5ed and bookmaked too, nice one.
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 9:02am View

I personally prefer your solution, I truely do not know why the OP has accepted my solution and it could be that your solution was not posted (time delay) when the OP looked at / some other valid reason from OP's point of view which we do not know?

my5 for your solution
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 8:59am View

Your commments makes sense and I personally prefer Chuck's solution, I truely do not know why the OP has accepted my solution and it could be that Chuck's solution was not posted (time delay) when the OP looked at / some other valid reason from OP's point of view which we do not know?

I really do not know & hope this is a constructive discussion.

May be ask the OP ?
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 8:21am View

If you have a question, please use the "Have a question or comment" right below my solution and i will be notified by an email immediately but please do not post your questions as an another solution

CreatedDateTime is one of my column in the table employees with a sample date of "14 Jun 1990 12:47 AM" with time part.

the two CAST operations and FLOOR will remote the time part and make it for example "14 June 1990" which can be compared with your input date

Hope this helps
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 8:20am View

If you have a question, please use the "Have a question or comment" right below my solution and i will be notified by an email immediately but please do not post your questions as an another solution

CreatedDateTime is one of my column in the table employees with a sample date of "14 Jun 1990 12:47 AM" with time part.

the two CAST operations and FLOOR will remote the time part and make it for example "14 June 1990" which can be compared with your input date

Hope this helps
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 8:11am View
Can you please post your connection string for me and also hope that the host is running on linux platform ?

also,please check

The default port number for the MySql Server is 3306 and you may have to make sure that this port is not blocked in your firewall
Bala Selvanayagam 3-Nov-11 8:01am View
Out of interest, why do you want to update the primary key column and keep it as a continious number series ?

If does not needs to be.

updating the primary key column may defeat the idea the relational database when it comes to many table connected to your table. Are you going to update other tables too ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 15:19pm View
well said
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 15:18pm View
good to hear
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 14:40pm View
If you could start at some thing and come back to us when you are stuck then its easier for us to help
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 14:35pm View
Home work ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 14:24pm View
Just posted an answer, please have a look and let me know wehther helps
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 14:02pm View
What you are trying to achieve by (flag & mask) ? in the update statement
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 13:44pm View
What happens when you directly run

SELECT * FROM procedures, applications WHERE procedures.Nom = applications.Nom

on the mySQL ? also what is the mySQL version you are using ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 13:40pm View
Nice to hear :)
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 11:46am View
You have mentioned that when you do the join operation the query does not work / does not bring any results ?

If so, where it the query combining four tables ? and what do you mean by does not work ? any error messages / it does not bring any data ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 9:30am View
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 9:00am View
My 5 for the suggestions
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 8:59am View
My 5 for the suggestions
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 8:56am View
I have answered your question and please check
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 5:57am View
web / windows / wpf ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 5:56am View
We can help you, if you have tried something and struck,

Please let us know what you have done so far and where you are stuck ?
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 5:49am View
What menon suggested whould work.

1. How did you install the font in the first place ?

if you have installed the font correctly then the following link should help you how to change the input language>/a>
Bala Selvanayagam 2-Nov-11 5:45am View
Thats right Menon,

Just to add

< a href=> could help how to install the font in the PC after downloading
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Nov-11 16:06pm View
I am not very clear about your requirement, i know you have pur some example for the first solution but, can you define what you want to do with examples likw what are the input values and what do you expect as an output please ?
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Nov-11 15:22pm View

Just my thoughts

Probably your where clause should be otherway round

between CONVERT(varchar, DATEADD(MONTH, -6, TimeRecorded)) and CONVERT(varchar, GETDATE())

the lower value should be first in the between & and operator; also consider what will happen if you have the time element in the TimeRecorded data column
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Nov-11 10:56am View
Thanks Espen,

yes my main worry is partially connected scenario. Thanks for the suggestion and i will dig into and see
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Nov-11 9:08am View
Thanks BobJanova
Bala Selvanayagam 1-Nov-11 8:11am View
Thanks BobJanova,

Sorry, i was not very specefic and have updated my question under the heading of "UPDATE 1" and hope it makes more sense now.

Please let me know what do you think the best way forward please
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 12:03pm View
lol thriller movie....i am still laughing :)
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 11:48am View
it depends on the User interface, how do you have books and the categiries implemented in the UI? and what do you have done so far ?
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 9:56am View
Please let us know how far you have proceeded on this and the place where you are stuck with the error message you are getting.

This way its much easier to assist you please
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 9:33am View
thanks Amir
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 9:18am View
thanks amir
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 8:55am View
I agree with Amir and the excel charts with little bit of VBA should help
Bala Selvanayagam 31-Oct-11 8:02am View
nice links 5ed
Bala Selvanayagam 30-Oct-11 7:38am View
Its hard to figure out what exactly you need by looking at the lengthy datasets, explain in simple terms and clearly what you need
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 14:44pm View
do you have the datagridview placed in a tab controller ? Could you explain a bit wehther the datag grid view is data bound or not and also at what point this happens ?

Provide more info...Without details, its hard to help you
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 5:56am View
My pleasure
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 5:48am View
Its just the SQL statement you needs to look at and incorporate into your environment

I would not be able to run and debug the code unless, i know what is fn.readqry and also fg (grid?).

Let me know what are those for me to debug the code for you.
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 5:38am View
May be your stored procedure takes more time to complete the execution and the client is timingout.

You will have to look ways to optimise, can help you if you could post your stroed procedure
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 3:38am View
Great, perfect solution my5
Bala Selvanayagam 28-Oct-11 3:24am View
My pleasure