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Ganesh KP 27-Nov-16 1:30am View    
I don't understand the necessity of creating controls dynamically in your situation. Well if you want to create control's dynamically, you can create it and need to save the created controls in a session or some other way and retrieve them on a post back and draw it on your web page.

We can able to give you more suggestions depends on your exact requirements.
Ganesh KP 27-Oct-15 2:59am View    
This is not a freelancing site to post your requirements rather than this is a q & a forums site to query your answers.

If you are looking to develop a similar kind then, a simple google search might helps to get many answers.
Ganesh KP 24-Mar-15 6:43am View    
I guess the error nothing do with your logic. Make sure that you have a valid connection string and place the statements in try... catch and find the exception.
Ganesh KP 12-Mar-15 2:34am View    
What you are trying to do, your question is incomplete. If you want to show the data for any control in code behind, you should give "Name" property value in Xaml and try to access from the code behind. If this is your query then do it or is some thing different you are trying to ask, make sure that you should frame the question completely.
Ganesh KP 11-Mar-15 9:42am View    
What you are trying to ask? Just posting a code does not give any solution, a low rated question and minus points.

Try to frame the question correctly.