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skkworld 22-Nov-12 1:48am View
There is no error in log file in the server:(
skkworld 22-Nov-12 1:40am View
I used try catch block but no exception thrown in the server.
The PPT export option works fine in the MS office version 2007 and below, but when i try to download in the system in which MS office version 2010 it shows me the following information in Event viewer "The Software Protection service has completed licensing status check. Event Id - 1003". And when i open the downloaded PPT file, it shows me an error as "Powerpoint can't read '*.ppt'".
Could You please help me to sort out the issue?
skkworld 2-Jan-12 5:50am View
This is the connection string I'm using in web.config
<add name="WorkingConnectionStringforcsv" connectionstring="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source={0};Extended Properties={1}text;HDR=NO;FMT=Delimited;"></add>
skkworld 1-Jan-12 23:54pm View
I'm not using vb. I'm using c# Could u plz tell me in C# bcoz i'm new to this.
skkworld 10-Nov-11 4:57am View
I'm new to .net. can u plz help me. the searched data is in the grid view. how can u assign it to a session variable?
skkworld 10-Nov-11 2:29am View
Hey thanks 4 ur help.
It had worked.
Thanks a lot once again.
skkworld 10-Nov-11 1:43am View
I did that but it didnt work
skkworld 10-Nov-11 1:39am View
In the logout.aspx.cs page i used the following code:
protected String m_TargetPageTxt = "";
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
m_TargetPageTxt = "Login.aspx";

and I used the JS in logout.aspx source as

<script language="javascript">
var TargetPageTxt = '<%=m_TargetPageTxt%>';
if (TargetPageTxt != "") {;

It goes to the login page when i click logout but the session variables are not cleared in all the pages.
skkworld 9-Nov-11 7:07am View
this url not working...send the proper url or coding
skkworld 13-Oct-11 5:45am View
i need to display only 20 records per page....
skkworld 13-Oct-11 3:37am View
thx permalink. work this coding[^]
skkworld 4-Oct-11 1:31am View
in my table field createdon shown in the date time format like 5/5/ this field any of the value null should be display into 1/1/2011
skkworld 4-Oct-11 1:20am View
in my table datime showing null value...that null value is change into deafault value like 1/1/2000 ....
skkworld 4-Oct-11 1:10am View
default means show the datetime of (1/1/2011)