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Ravi Sargam 17-Mar-17 3:09am View
using Chrome and message is failed-Network error
Ravi Sargam 17-Mar-17 3:04am View
still the same problem not downloading.... failed to download...
Ravi Sargam 10-Feb-17 3:37am View
On legend click working fine with this code

onClick: function(e, legendItem) {
var index = legendItem.index;
alert([[index]]+" "[0].data[[index]]);

but how can i get value if i click on Chart Slice.....
Ravi Sargam 9-Feb-17 23:13pm View
thank you for answer i got the click event but i want value of clicked slice... please tell how can i achive that...
Ravi Sargam 9-Feb-17 6:55am View
it is working fine but how to show alert/popup on chat slice click...
Ravi Sargam 24-Jan-17 5:02am View
Thank you.............
Ravi Sargam 24-Jan-17 4:14am View
Thank you so much...... ES Sitecore
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 8:26am View
This one is short and simpl thank you.. maciej Los
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 7:27am View
Thx @RyanDev it's working very well..... thank you again.....
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 7:23am View
new to CTC not JOINs...
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 7:21am View
how can i use my query with CTE? i am new to this.
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 7:16am View
@CHill60 can you please help me with this problem..

Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 6:46am View
thx for reply... i did it with this link
Ravi Sargam 22-Jun-16 3:26am View
@CHill60 Can u give any idea how to bind that table to repeater I mean unknown heading columns....
Ravi Sargam 21-Jun-16 5:47am View
@CHill60 thanks.. it worked... superb..... thx again....
Ravi Sargam 21-Jun-16 5:02am View
Please check now....... I had given two tables SalesDetails and TaxDetails
Ravi Sargam 29-Apr-16 1:30am View
As i said i am new to jquery i don't know how to debug Jquery code.
Ravi Sargam 28-Apr-16 6:19am View
i also want to call LoadBankCashList() function on drpbankcashflowchartpaytype change
Ravi Sargam 28-Apr-16 1:58am View
Actually i am new to JQuery i dont know how to make it single load function with multiple javascript functions
Ravi Sargam 28-Apr-16 1:36am View
I need to fill dropdown on loan and drpbankcashflowchartpaytype change event
Ravi Sargam 28-Apr-16 0:37am View
As you can see on top i am calling LoadBankCashList(); function and the dropdown is filling the data.
Ravi Sargam 18-Mar-16 10:42am View
I want use same variable in page, how to handle tab wise same session variable issue
Ravi Sargam 29-Apr-15 2:42am View
I have ASPTextBox In GridView TemplateField
Ravi Sargam 29-Apr-15 2:42am View
please check above code
Ravi Sargam 1-Sep-14 7:33am View
so what should i do now???
Ravi Sargam 1-Sep-14 5:18am View
sorry snesh i am not understanding what your explaning....
Ravi Sargam 1-Sep-14 4:53am View
i want value in server side(C#)...
Ravi Sargam 1-Sep-14 4:26am View
just i tried nothing is happening with or without postback
Ravi Sargam 1-Sep-14 3:55am View
please check code where i mistaken..
Ravi Sargam 26-Aug-14 4:47am View
can you please tell me how to add row using clone method... because i am new to javascript
Ravi Sargam 4-Feb-14 6:11am View
Ravi Sargam 4-Feb-14 5:53am View
Can i use Dataset in Jquery or not?
Ravi Sargam 25-Jan-14 3:08am View
Ravi Sargam 25-Jan-14 2:09am View
Ravi Sargam 25-Jan-14 2:04am View
C# only
Ravi Sargam 25-Jan-14 1:58am View
it is through COM port
Ravi Sargam 29-Nov-13 6:30am View
ya it is ther as i said the project is running properly in other system
Ravi Sargam 29-Nov-13 6:27am View
Line 24: ReportDocument cr;
Line 25: cr = new ReportDocument();
Line 26: cr.Load(Server.MapPath(strReportPath));
Line 27: //cr.SetDataSource(dsrpt);
Line 28: crv1.ReportSource = cr;

line no. 26
Ravi Sargam 29-Nov-13 6:21am View
Failed to open report.

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Failed to open report.
Ravi Sargam 19-Sep-13 7:10am View
thx a lot sir...
Ravi Sargam 19-Sep-13 5:39am View
I written this proc

CREATE procedure [dbo].[sp2_pay3]
@id varchar(max)
as begin
select isnull(sum(r_amount ),0) as 'paid' from [dbo].[sales_payment]
where [s_id] IN (@id)

when i pass parameters
sp2_pay3 '28,29'

i am getting this error
Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp2_pay3, Line 4
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '28,29' to data type int.

pls tel me d solutions
Ravi Sargam 19-Sep-13 5:17am View
hey buddy can u help me in other query pls
Ravi Sargam 19-Sep-13 5:10am View
Ravi Sargam 10-Aug-13 5:08am View
No i am not using datasource, i filled grid with datatable
Ravi Sargam 5-Jul-13 15:07pm View
Thx a lot jai, its working...
Ravi Sargam 5-Jul-13 15:05pm View
Thx a lot jai, its working...
Ravi Sargam 5-Jul-13 14:36pm View
i am using it on windows form
Ravi Sargam 5-Jul-13 14:22pm View
It is editable textbox column
Ravi Sargam 30-Nov-12 0:25am View
I want play exe file of flash(swf) not direct swf file
Ravi Sargam 30-Nov-12 0:25am View
I want play exe file of flash(swf) not direct swf file
Ravi Sargam 17-Oct-12 12:20pm View
Thx for reply ML
I written following query

SELECT RTGSEntries.RTGSEntryId, RTGSEntries.ReceiptNo, RTGSEntries.ReceiptDate, RTGSEntries.DepositorName, RTGSEntries.DepositorContact,
RTGSEntries.BankId, Banks.BankName, RTGSEntries.AccountNo, RTGSEntries.AccHolderName, RTGSEntries.BranchId, Branches.BranchName,
RTGSEntries.IFCS, RTGSEntries.Amount, RTGSEntries.Fees, RTGSEntries.Note1
Banks ON RTGSEntries.BankId = Banks.BankId) INNER JOIN
Branches ON RTGSEntries.BranchId = Branches.BranchId)
WHERE (RTGSEntries.RTGSEntryId = #ReceptId#)

but i'm getting this error

"Unable to parse query text."

pls give reply
Ravi Sargam 16-Aug-12 12:17pm View
Kenneth, can you explain how to use it ?
Ravi Sargam 24-May-12 23:54pm View
I checked it each chunk, it is adding in right order but displaying in random
Ravi Sargam 24-May-12 4:32am View
Now can you help me SA
Ravi Sargam 5-May-12 8:02am View
now i changed my question I want store connection string app.config
can you give any solution ???
Ravi Sargam 16-Apr-12 6:44am View
thx for solution it w'll help me..
Ravi Sargam 16-Apr-12 6:43am View
thx friend for update
Ravi Sargam 16-Apr-12 3:08am View
where i can get brief info about this... means how to start
Ravi Sargam 7-Apr-12 4:19am View
it's not working is there any other way
Ravi Sargam 15-Mar-12 5:32am View
Hey Can you find solution for this question "add group's total values in Crystal Reports and show in same report
Ravi Sargam 15-Mar-12 5:05am View
Thank you... it's working...
Thx again
Ravi Sargam 14-Mar-12 2:14am View
thx Shahin...
Ravi Sargam 12-Mar-12 7:57am View
Hey how can i catch you on Codeproject if i face any problem
Ravi Sargam 12-Mar-12 7:52am View
yess it's ok..... i'm waitring 4 answer..
Ravi Sargam 12-Mar-12 7:46am View
Hey Can you answer my another problem
Ravi Sargam 12-Mar-12 7:14am View
Thx 4 Solutions.....
Ravi Sargam 10-Mar-12 4:50am View
hey Just answer my question pls i'm waiting
Ravi Sargam 5-Mar-12 0:05am View
hey frnd just give me answer to my new question
Ravi Sargam 3-Mar-12 6:36am View
My Question is like this way

I Have created Report like this

Particulars Amount
Lab 100
Canteen 200
C Lab 300
Lab 200
Canteen 100
C Lab 100

I want to show report of sum the Group individual values Like this

Particulars Amount
Lab 100
Canteen 200
C Lab 300
Lab 200
Canteen 100
C Lab 100

Particulars Amount
Lab 300
Canteen 300
C Lab 400

Thx in advance... help me pls .
Ravi Sargam 3-Mar-12 5:53am View
Can You pls answer this question how to add group's individual values in Crystal Reports and show in same report
Ravi Sargam 3-Mar-12 5:49am View
Its working Thx a lot man
if i got any problem how can i get you on Codeproject
I'm new to this site
Ravi Sargam 3-Mar-12 3:08am View
thx man but still i'm not getting
i had written like this
if{{PrintFeesReceipt.Payment Mode}="Cash"} then true

i'm getting msg The Field name is not unknown
Ravi Sargam 3-Mar-12 2:32am View
thx thatraja

but i want show/hide textfield also based on one condition
Ravi Sargam 1-Mar-12 22:49pm View
Is there any Other way except Subreports
Ravi Sargam 1-Mar-12 9:12am View
ok.... do you know the solution..
if yes then Post it
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 4:54am View
I checked it is using ".Net Framework 4 Client Profile"...
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 4:35am View
it's ok, I cant send project bcoz i got this error @ my office projct..
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 4:22am View
I had added all this refrences before asking question.....

Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 3:54am View
hello boss i'm getting same error at

ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument();
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 2:40am View
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using Schule.Classes;
using CrystalDecisions.Shared;
using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;

namespace ABC
public partial class FeesReceiptReport : Form
GetDetails obj = new GetDetails();
public FeesReceiptReport()

private void FeesReceipt_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument();
string sql;

sql = "Select * from Students";
da.Fill(ds, "GetStudents");
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 2:35am View
using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel;

using System.Data;using System.Drawing;using System.Linq;using System.Text;

using System.Windows.Forms;using System.Data.SqlClient;

using CrystalDecisions.Shared;using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;
using CrystalDecisions.ReportSource;

namespace ABC{ public partial class FeesReceiptReport : Form {

public FeesReceiptReport() { InitializeComponent();

} private void FeesReceipt_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

{ DataSet ds = new DataSet();

ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument(); string sql;

sql = "Select * from Students";

SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(sql,ConnectionManager.GetConnection());

da.Fill(ds, "GetStudents");



this.reportViewer1.RefreshReport(); } }}
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 1:02am View
I added this 3 namespaces

using CrystalDecisions.Shared;
using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;
using CrystalDecisions.ReportSource;

still i am getting error
Ravi Sargam 27-Feb-12 0:06am View
thx manoj, Is there any other solution
Ravi Sargam 23-Feb-12 6:28am View
thx.... can u search for thix question n give me answer "DataGridView with Inner DataGridView for Windows forms"
Ravi Sargam 23-Feb-12 4:57am View
Windows ..........
Ravi Sargam 11-Feb-12 3:16am View
i have foreign key of StudentId and SubjectId
Ravi Sargam 11-Feb-12 2:27am View
I have a table StudentMarks with Subject and StudentName.... columns
Ravi Sargam 9-Feb-12 3:30am View
I'm not getting this man....

is there any other solutions
Ravi Sargam 28-Jan-12 4:34am View
thx Griff.....
Ravi Sargam 26-Dec-11 3:53am View
i written to change focus to txtbox2 on tabpage2 on txtbox leave event but it getting fired if a cursour is in txtbox1 and if mouse is clicked any place the focus is shifting to txtbox2 I want to change focus only on Tab key press
Ravi Sargam 23-Dec-11 3:36am View
if i have to do it in C# then what i have to do ???
Ravi Sargam 23-Dec-11 0:55am View
Karthik is there any other way ???
Ravi Sargam 23-Dec-11 0:55am View
i'm not getting it is there any other way...
Ravi Sargam 22-Dec-11 3:48am View
on which key press. karthik

on textbox1 keypress event e.keycode is not available only keychar is there
Ravi Sargam 22-Dec-11 3:34am View