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Comments by Jenkybumba11 (Top 5 by date)

Jenkybumba11 14-Oct-11 20:47pm View    
Thnx for your help... I think I'll go with Google then, anything it's better than nothing :\
Jenkybumba11 13-Oct-11 11:03am View    
I already am working with the WDK but i don't think i am making any progress... If i could find a driver source example i could do the rest on my own but network drivers source codes for windows aren't easy to find :S... And i don't know what to do >_<"
Jenkybumba11 13-Oct-11 0:33am View    
Thnx for your help but i couldn't find anything that could use for help :(... Still in starting point :(
Jenkybumba11 12-Oct-11 9:23am View    
Thnx for your help :)
Jenkybumba11 12-Oct-11 9:22am View    
I clicked on you link and all i've found was source codes of drivers for linux...

Nothing for windows :(...