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Comments by Rai Pawan (Top 49 by date)

Rai Pawan 15-Jul-13 3:54am View    
You should be using stored procedures and calling them in your code and pass them the required parameters. In this query you are using a dynamic sql.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Apr-13 4:58am View    
Rai Pawan 13-Mar-13 3:38am View    
5 for clearly identifying a process - Pawan
Rai Pawan 27-Feb-13 7:19am View    
It pretty much seems to be the case where your method titled DropDownFill is being called twice. Probably at page_load event and on some other event. Try to debug the method, check whether it is getting called twice.
Rai Pawan 21-Feb-13 23:19pm View    
please also share the bindings used, for configuring the endpoint on the service itself.
- Pawan