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Rai Pawan 15-Jul-13 3:54am View
You should be using stored procedures and calling them in your code and pass them the required parameters. In this query you are using a dynamic sql.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Apr-13 4:58am View
Rai Pawan 13-Mar-13 3:38am View
5 for clearly identifying a process - Pawan
Rai Pawan 27-Feb-13 7:19am View
It pretty much seems to be the case where your method titled DropDownFill is being called twice. Probably at page_load event and on some other event. Try to debug the method, check whether it is getting called twice.
Rai Pawan 21-Feb-13 23:19pm View
please also share the bindings used, for configuring the endpoint on the service itself.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 20-Feb-13 23:28pm View
Why are you re-posting the same question, that you posted here - I'd recomment that if your ealier post did not fetch you a good solution, then you might wanna share the problems in that post itself. My apologies to forum administrators as I added the solution without ascertaining that it is a re-post. - Pawan
Rai Pawan 20-Feb-13 22:53pm View
Thanks Marcus
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 20-Feb-13 6:05am View
how are you using WCF service in your client application? Did you use svcutil to create proxy class along with a config file?
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 20-Feb-13 0:05am View
Thanks _Amy. Appreciate your input solution also.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 18-Feb-13 2:17am View
just put a debugger; statement before the statement that you want to start the debugging, then you can debug in IE developer tools - Pawan
Rai Pawan 14-Feb-13 23:43pm View
Please check whether group_concat fulfills your requirement. have a look at and
- pawan
Rai Pawan 14-Feb-13 23:22pm View
oh by the way will a developer charging 50USD per hour be okay with you :)

I don't mean to offend you, but please understand no body works for someone without benefit, the forums are a platform to ask for help when you are stuck somewhere, so in a way you share where you are struck and then someone who has already done that kind of work will voluntarily share their knowledge. Hope you take it in a good way and post your actual problem on where you are struck so that someone can help you
Rai Pawan 12-Feb-13 6:50am View
do you want to show all the books that have been not been returned as on date or only books not returned by a particular user as on date?
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 18-Jan-13 3:14am View
Can you check whether you are getting this exception on the code behind of the aspx page? If so at what line?
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 17-Jan-13 2:22am View
are your textboxes disabled, if so then even if you change their properties on client side, they will remain same when you access them on your code behind after a post back.
- pawan
Rai Pawan 11-Jan-13 7:05am View
Also check whether the original div that you've been creating in a loop have some content or not? if they don't have any content, how are you supposed to click on it?
- pawan
Rai Pawan 11-Jan-13 5:57am View
you can cross check the following:
1. your jquery code is withing $(document).ready()
2. if your js code is place in a separate .js file, check that you have referenced the corresponding .js file.
- pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Jan-13 6:09am View
your query seems to have wrong username parameter value i.e., instead of txtUserName.TemplateControl you should be using txtUserName.Text
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Jan-13 5:15am View
It seems that you already had the files on the server before publishing the existing code and did not delete the existing dll files. I'd recommend that prior to publishing/deploying the latest code you remove the existing files form the server location. This is because each time you publish the code of a web site it will randomly name the dll files.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Jan-13 4:35am View
My 5 for your answer.
Rakesh my earlier answer was wrong, as I did not properly take in to care in which
table did the balance and EmpCode existed.
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 10-Jan-13 2:31am View
Please use proper grammar to mention your question in English. - Pawan
Rai Pawan 8-Jan-13 3:51am View
Thanks for checking.. I'll post it as a solution, please accept it if it proved useful. Thanks - Pawan
Rai Pawan 8-Jan-13 2:49am View
Please check the steps:
1. Right clicking on your UI project
2. going to Properties->Application,
3. Then selecting the icon in the Icon drop down.
though I've never tried it, please create setup after performing above sequence of events and see if you are able to change the setup icon.

Rai Pawan 3-Jan-13 7:01am View
Please use proper formatting to state you question. Your question seems to be enclosed in the code tags and part of your code seems to be out of the code tags. - Pawan
Rai Pawan 2-Jan-13 2:47am View
Thanks Rajesh for augmenting the list :)
- Pawan
Rai Pawan 26-Dec-12 22:55pm View
It seems that an exception is raised while trying to insert data to database. It could be because the same value is provided for primary key column(s) that already exists in the database (just a guess thought). I'd recommend that you first of all try to debug the database insert code. You may want to post the part of your code that is producing the exception.
Rai Pawan 20-Dec-12 3:48am View
finally I was able to drill down to the root cause. Very surprisingly we noticed that though we published the entire application, still due to certain unknown reasons the old web.dll was being published. We had to manually copy the dll from the bin folder to the published site after the entire publish process.

Thanks for your reply.
Rai Pawan 19-Dec-12 23:30pm View
Thanks Kartik for your reply! However I've already tried it by adding the authorization section and denying the verbs OPTIONS, PROPFIND, HEAD, but It didn't work and keeps giving me same exception.

quite strange ;(
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 11:46am View
Thank you ProgramFox!
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 8:10am View
thanks ryanb31 I've posted the solution..
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 7:03am View
thanks Anuja
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 5:21am View
Please try to debug the code and find out the line where the exception is raised. however there are two other lines where i think the problem may be. You are directly putting the label into description and total variables without proper type conversion.
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 4:48am View
There's lot more to SEO than just adding the meta tags, the google algorithm is quite complex. Also even if your SEO implementation is perfect from google algorithm's viewpoint, it takes time to show up in searches.
Rai Pawan 18-Dec-12 4:41am View
you can use foreign key references with cascading delete.
Rai Pawan 17-Dec-12 7:49am View
Thanks! ravuravu just to guide you further please see tutorials on how to use sql command parameters since directly concatenating the values in sql command is not a good option.
Rai Pawan 17-Dec-12 7:35am View
how are you retrieving from database and what data type are you using i.e., data table/data reader/object structure?
Rai Pawan 17-Dec-12 6:08am View
You haven't even declared the message variable anywhere.
Rai Pawan 14-Dec-12 2:34am View
Please be specific in your question. Have you tried to debug your code? There might be infinite loops in your code... So I'd recommend that you first all try to debug your code, if the problem persists then you may post the code block.
Rai Pawan 13-Dec-12 4:35am View
Are you using ajax features i.e., ajax toolkit?
Rai Pawan 12-Dec-12 4:02am View
for directly executing a page from command like you can check this link however I'd again emphasis that you should use console application instead of default.aspx page that is to be executed in a schedule.
Rai Pawan 12-Dec-12 1:57am View
Hi Sergy
Ah yes my mistake, it is the same containing type the members of which can access it. As per the hierarchy I think the same assembly is the reason here. what do you say.
Rai Pawan 12-Dec-12 0:08am View
Okay, so in case the functionality apart from being executed once every month is to be manually executed from a request from the admin panel (windows form/web form), then I think the structured approach would be to expose the functionality as web services which you have already done, now you may consume those services in your windows application i.e., the admin panel and simultaneously in the console application which will be referenced by the windows scheduler. Why I am recommending these two is because from the schedule there will be implications to run the windows forms application directly since there might be certain GUI interface that will require certain manual input and there might be other constraints too. here is a forum post on msdn about it wherein the developer had problem doing so

Rai Pawan 11-Dec-12 8:29am View
Hi dear, from your code it seems that the button2_Click is a button click event then you should not be getting cb1 in the sender parameter. Please check and clarify.
Rai Pawan 11-Dec-12 8:14am View
then you should not be showing java script alert, instead use a window popup and display the link there.
Rai Pawan 3-Dec-12 4:31am View
Thanks chris

your suggestion is appreciated. On mutex vs. semaphores here a good link to read Furthermore as part of some testing that I did it seems that since the same IIS worker process is shared so the semaphore remains global and there are no practical chances to get exception.
Thanks again.
Rai Pawan 22-Nov-12 2:14am View
Thank you Sergey for your comments and ranking. Indeed, underlying concepts of how web works and how the interaction between client and server happens should be understood.
--regards Pawan
Rai Pawan 21-Nov-12 7:20am View
Even then you will have to set the encoding at the time of displaying the string, so get the string in s variable Encoding.UTF8 while displaying.
Rai Pawan 5-Nov-12 2:38am View
I would not be able to give you a detailed working process of .Net loader. For some general details on dotnet loader read this:
Rai Pawan 15-Aug-12 5:26am View
you can check this tutorial at codeproject
I am assuming that since you've included in your question tag, you are well versed with the basics of I'd have liked to give an example myself "had I not been so bussy :( ". Though i think the example will guide you and you will pick up with how to use ajax