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Comments by ckulasekaran (Top 28 by date)

ckulasekaran 30-Mar-13 7:11am View
Thank u mac. I got word styles in below coding.
For Each para_style In doc.Paragraphs
Dim obj As Object
obj =
ckulasekaran 30-Mar-13 0:23am View
Thank U for response. But it display "system.__comobject" not para style.
ckulasekaran 12-Jul-12 7:42am View
Check datetimepicker's date format
ckulasekaran 6-Mar-12 6:41am View
Post your sample code
ckulasekaran 28-Feb-12 4:28am View
Using datetimepicker and use nodays = System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(iyear, imonth)
ckulasekaran 28-Feb-12 1:04am View
use stream reader to read .txt file and find ur want text.
ckulasekaran 28-Feb-12 0:56am View
Your question is same as this

Any relation-between two off them?
ckulasekaran 9-Feb-12 6:03am View
My database is client server based
ckulasekaran 8-Feb-12 1:39am View
Error in insert command or any where?
ckulasekaran 7-Feb-12 7:35am View
Its means to close ur application?
use application.exit
ckulasekaran 31-Jan-12 2:02am View
Its working....
Thanks raj
ckulasekaran 31-Jan-12 1:25am View
Thanks raj.
My CR in client system occur logon failed in crystal report viewer.
ckulasekaran 30-Jan-12 23:50pm View
I already install crystal report runtime to client machines.
ckulasekaran 12-Jan-12 0:21am View
Ur commands helped me lot,u gave code for list item with digit(<P_list-bull(1)>)its working properly. If there is no digit in the list item tag, based on which attribute i ve to close the tag insight of level.
ckulasekaran 11-Jan-12 23:09pm View
Thank U Andreas.....
ckulasekaran 10-Jan-12 4:10am View
To check username and password as case sensitive means how to select a single column ?
ckulasekaran 7-Jan-12 2:19am View
plz help how to write the list item into output file
ckulasekaran 7-Jan-12 2:12am View
ya its working partially,but ur answer is correct for my question,now my problem is,there is a opening and closing <list-bull>tag around the list item,i want to take the content based on <list-bull|num|alpha>,plz...give some suggestion again....thank u
ckulasekaran 6-Jan-12 21:58pm View
Its helpful for me, thank U.....
ckulasekaran 6-Jan-12 0:28am View
Give clear explanation about your problem
ckulasekaran 24-Dec-11 3:10am View
In the specific field assign 0 value and every 1st of the month it may increase +1. (e.g) In jan month it contain 1 and feb month to increase 1+1 = 2.
ckulasekaran 16-Dec-11 5:13am View
Thank U....
ckulasekaran 16-Dec-11 5:03am View
Its windows application
ckulasekaran 12-Dec-11 1:52am View
using & in update query also arise same error
ckulasekaran 9-Dec-11 23:33pm View
Thank U palraj for clarification
ckulasekaran 3-Dec-11 3:11am View
This table contain only one column
ckulasekaran 28-Nov-11 7:51am View
how to retrieve data from other database table to datagridview
ckulasekaran 25-Nov-11 6:34am View
"pre" tag is not working