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Comments by Chi Ller (Top 66 by date)

Chi Ller 23-Jul-15 5:15am View
it works :D thank you (:
Chi Ller 15-Jul-15 8:54am View
sorry the first version of the question was not clearly :D I hope it's better now
But it works :D
Thanks a lot
Chi Ller 14-Jul-15 5:01am View
Well i will search for another way. How can I delete the question?
Chi Ller 14-Jul-15 4:01am View
There`s no definition for clsCommandButtons on the page and nowhere is a mark how or where or that you have to define the class
Chi Ller 14-Jul-15 2:26am View
Well I'll try to do it without the designer and to create the checkboxes and textboxes in an array. Your solution sounds to be the right way but atm I don`t exactly know how to realize it. Seems to me like I have to do much research :D
Btw: How can I create a CheckBox for the Userform in vba? I don't find someting on google ://
Chi Ller 13-Jul-15 9:38am View
Yes. Well every Checkbox has a unice code:
I need something like:
And every CheckBox has to call this function and not his own. But i have no idea and the solutions i found on google always had an error. Also if i copied the sourcecode
Chi Ller 8-Jun-15 15:30pm View
thanks a lot. Stupid mistake. Shame on me :D
Chi Ller 22-Dec-13 13:34pm View
Thanks a lot and espacially for the link with Reserved Words :D Should have a look to it
Chi Ller 22-Dec-13 12:48pm View
As far as I know SQLite is avaiable at php
Chi Ller 2-Nov-13 9:04am View
now the picture is just at the top of the text and next to the other picture

--------- text text text ---------
picture2| text text text |picture1 |
--------- text text text ---------
text text text text text text text

but i need

text text text text -----------
text text text text | picture 1|
text text text text -----------
text text text text text text
text text text text text text
--------- text text text text
picture 2|text text text text
----------text text text text
Chi Ller 2-Nov-13 8:26am View
That´s not really the problem. The problem is the text read from a mysql database, so I don´t know how to put the second image on the left side at the bottom of the page
Chi Ller 29-Mar-13 16:45pm View
I found the problem. I had to form tags and the first was on the original page (-.-) so i couldn´t work.
i´m gonna shame
Chi Ller 29-Mar-13 9:44am View
pure HTML works and php to. The name attributes has the value it should have. But on the login.php the attribute has no content
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 12:02pm View
it is php and it works. the code was already used for login on the samepage. I just changed the action link
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 11:42am View
so it should work right?
then thanks for your time and I will think over the problem again.
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 10:57am View
sure is just a fake but it doesn´t change the problem. My URL is an other and I really have in development. The side exists and login.php ouput is "test", but I don´t get the value of the transmitted variables from the subdomain
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 10:46am View
is it possible that I lose the variables when I use the part
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 10:38am View
If I understand you, you want to know whether I test ist displayed?
Or do you mean wheter the code under login.php is the code from
Both can I answer with yes :D
Chi Ller 28-Mar-13 10:38am View
If I understand you, you want to know whether I test ist displayed?
Chi Ller 9-Mar-13 4:14am View
No. In my code I use android:background="@drawable/log_in". Somebody edited the code in the question :D
Chi Ller 8-Mar-13 11:29am View
Just for you
Chi Ller 8-Mar-13 11:14am View
-.- maybe somebody has this problem before. I didn´t changed anything. I am coding with Eclipse and I put a textbox on the main.xml. Nothing else. So the code is not important
Chi Ller 21-Jan-13 16:39pm View
Wtf? That´s not cheating. I need help and nowbody could help me. So if I find the solution on my own, I gonna answer my own question and accept the answer. If now somebody else has the same problem he can easy find a working solution.
Chi Ller 21-Jan-13 16:10pm View
sure in this sense the code is wrong. But when I said there´s no mistake I mean mistakes like a forgotten semikolon, a wrong command,...
Chi Ller 21-Jan-13 15:51pm View
I "promised" myself firstly finish all actions by myself before using jquery :D
But I think the code is alright.
Chi Ller 21-Jan-13 15:38pm View
so now you have the code. You can convince youself about mistakes
Chi Ller 21-Jan-13 15:33pm View
But if the code would have some mistakes, it wouldn´t work by open the request in a new tab, right?
Chi Ller 18-Jan-13 9:17am View
ok i`m gonna try it (: if hope it works
Chi Ller 18-Jan-13 9:16am View
iframes making much problems
Chi Ller 10-Jan-13 17:14pm View
ok thank you (:
Chi Ller 10-Jan-13 17:08pm View
ok you´re right. Without $showid it works. But now how can I just show the guy with the id 10 his number of entries?
Chi Ller 10-Jan-13 17:04pm View
But the number is also 0 instead of 2
Chi Ller 10-Jan-13 17:03pm View
But now it shows nothing
Yes I need accid = '$showid' because different people can use it and for everyone I want to show only his entrys
Chi Ller 10-Jan-13 17:01pm View
You mean this should work:
$result = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) AS numbers FROM users WHERE accid = '$showid'") or die (mysql_error());
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
echo $row ['numbers'];
Chi Ller 23-Oct-12 11:40am View
later but thats not the problem. The problem is the output is always 32 instead of for example 9 or 8
Chi Ller 21-Oct-12 16:04pm View
Chi Ller 16-Sep-12 11:49am View
means jQuery or I can´t do this?
Chi Ller 16-Sep-12 9:58am View
Ok I read every post but there are just the same not working solutions I founded before and I don´t want to use something like jQuery
Chi Ller 13-Sep-12 11:48am View
sorry I can´t look at them before Saturday
Chi Ller 12-Sep-12 13:09pm View
yeah sure google is my friend but I am German so I am serching for German results and there are no working results
Chi Ller 12-Sep-12 8:37am View
That´s how I wanted to write it when I read the code
Chi Ller 9-Sep-12 13:32pm View
ouh sorry I forgot that this code checks also @ and .
Chi Ller 9-Sep-12 12:18pm View
sorry but it also doesn´t work :S
Chi Ller 9-Sep-12 11:30am View
Yes but the next problem is preg_match. Cause of it I always get false.
for example:
$enteredEmail is testmailhere (12 letters, just letters from a-z) and preg_match returns false
Chi Ller 9-Sep-12 4:44am View
Now it is a form and i get all entries with a $_POST variable. So how can I get the content of $_POST['email'] for do the function with the variable $email?

Yes you´re right. I want tho check the email to be 8 characters
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 17:20pm View
ok thanks now it works
Great and thank you for your big help (:
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 17:01pm View
the problem is, the whole body is just included so if I write <body onload="writeToField();"> it will be on every page
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:53pm View
so can i write <table onload="writeToField()> ?
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:41pm View
yes it works but can´t I do it without a button:
<script type="text/javascript">
var day = document.getElementById("day");
var holiday = new Date("October 30, 2012 12:55:00");
document.getElementById("day").innerHTML = holiday.toString();
<table border="3px" align="center" style="border-color:black; border-style:solid; border-collapse:collapse; text-align:center;">
<td width="100px";>days</td>
<td id="day" width="100px";>
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:31pm View
it´s the exact error
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:24pm View
ah ok I have the following Error:
TypeError:document.getElementById("day") is zero
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:12pm View
As far as i know your answer should work :D but it doesn´t :/ And if I do it in one step like you write it, it doesn´t work too.
Is it important to write it without brackets?
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 16:04pm View
so I should be able to write
day.innerHTML = (holiday);
if I want to have it in two steps. Am I right?
Chi Ller 5-Sep-12 15:40pm View
No that´s not right. I don´t know how I finally had sucsess but I didn´t change the code like this and it works
Chi Ller 11-Aug-12 15:52pm View
Doesn´t work... the number is now 1 and doesn´t change its value
Chi Ller 11-Aug-12 14:17pm View
it´s part of a calendar. i try to change the month on the display
Chi Ller 11-Aug-12 14:16pm View
but it doesn´t count. so what should i do?
Chi Ller 11-Aug-12 14:09pm View
The first link I already tried before, the second doesn´t help and the code in the last one returns me an Error
Chi Ller 29-Apr-12 16:09pm View
I don´t find something that works and I understand
Chi Ller 28-Apr-12 14:55pm View
Sorry I had a few mistakes in this code here. But in the original document is everything like this now.
This code is in a document which is named index.php
Chi Ller 28-Apr-12 14:54pm View
Sorry i had a few mistakes in this code here. But in the original document is everything like this.
This code is one document which is named index.php
Chi Ller 12-Mar-12 12:33pm View
That was the big problem
Chi Ller 11-Mar-12 17:29pm View
I didn´t know that innerHTML can replace a document.write. So thank you
Chi Ller 25-Dec-11 15:20pm View
i´ve tried it with post but then it won´t create a .txt file
Chi Ller 24-Dec-11 19:57pm View
Maybe you know it´s no 30th february or 31th november.
so how can i do it easier?
Chi Ller 24-Dec-11 19:54pm View
ahahah very very funny
it´s just a part of the code theres already the part where´s the 'reason'
if i knew the answer, i wouldn´t ask...
1.think->you forgot
2.write->you´ve done first