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Comments by Arasu Rajendran (Top 6 by date)

Arasu Rajendran 29-Feb-12 9:31am View
i tried the suggestion from devexpress by setting the field summarytype to min or max but it din worked for me.
Arasu Rajendran 29-Feb-12 9:30am View
yes i just want to display the 'date' which i retrieved from db into my data source.
Arasu Rajendran 12-Jan-12 7:01am View
No....I do want exactly the same function in the above code which i posted...i am using "encrypted" in web.config not using user want to edit their password like any other field thats wat i am trying to there any solution for that.....?
Arasu Rajendran 4-Nov-11 10:01am View
How to import xml file from local machine to Sharepoint 2010 using designer .Reason is right now i am having the rawsearchresult.xml i need to do custom search like First Name ,Last Name , Technologies.... in a tabular Format in Sharepoint 2010, it's working good in 2007 but i want it in 2010
Arasu Rajendran 4-Nov-11 1:58am View
thanks for the info..
Arasu Rajendran 4-Nov-11 1:58am View
Thanks for info..