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MyOldAccount 26-Jan-21 4:04am View    
Thank you, this is enough for now. 5ed
MyOldAccount 25-Jan-21 13:09pm View    
Thank you for answering.
I have to because main windows gets minimized on startup and does not paint splitter panes properly when restored.
MyOldAccount 8-Dec-20 7:08am View    
Thank you for the advice, I understand my question is vague.
That is why I have made small demo apps that illustrate the problem.

They are really small, mostly generated by the wizard, so I hoped it was not too much to take a look at them.

I am trying to figure out how to improve the question so demo apps are not required...
MyOldAccount 2-Nov-20 11:23am View    
I have managed to solve the problem, but have awarded you 5 stars for the VS link.
Thank you.
MyOldAccount 2-Nov-20 8:46am View    
Thank you so much!

I apologize for answering only now (it was late at night when I saw your answer), here is the GitHub link: