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srilekhamenon 4-May-20 7:31am View
thanks, i will go through it
srilekhamenon 29-Dec-18 11:41am View
set your width at grid.Loaded event and it will work :)
srilekhamenon 27-Sep-18 9:32am View
srilekhamenon 8-Sep-18 13:34pm View
thankyou sir i solved my problem by using conversion function WideCharToMultiByte
srilekhamenon 7-Sep-18 8:36am View
iam getting this output
Warning C4477 'printf' : format string '%S' requires an argument of type 'unsigned short *', but variadic argument 1 has type 'UCHAR *'
srilekhamenon 7-Sep-18 4:42am View
yes sir these spaces are null character
srilekhamenon 16-Jul-18 2:38am View
problem solved, thanks
srilekhamenon 13-Jul-18 9:39am View
applications target platform is x86 and my system is 64 bit system
srilekhamenon 13-Jul-18 9:00am View
yes sir i had passed SP_CLASSIMAGELIST_DATA as ref but still problem did not solve
srilekhamenon 13-Jul-18 8:28am View
getlasterror() function is giving error code 1784, The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation.
srilekhamenon 4-Jan-18 4:04am View
what is there .net equivalent sir
srilekhamenon 3-Jan-18 8:05am View
i have already checked the path and path is fine my path is
srilekhamenon 29-Nov-17 20:11pm View
Thank you Sir
srilekhamenon 14-Sep-17 5:40am View
srilekhamenon 31-Aug-17 5:16am View
sorry i was sending wrong string in c++ code, now iam getting -1 in both case
srilekhamenon 29-Aug-17 1:02am View
srilekhamenon 9-Aug-17 5:49am View
Thanks helped me :)
srilekhamenon 29-Jun-17 3:41am View
thankyou sir
srilekhamenon 29-Jun-17 3:23am View
yes sir i want the structure which accept duplicate keys :)
srilekhamenon 29-Jun-17 3:19am View
Sir Dictionary do not accept duplicate keys but CMapStringToString accepts duplicate key so how can we use Dictionary ?
srilekhamenon 26-May-17 6:28am View
i have updated my question :)
srilekhamenon 26-May-17 6:10am View
i had tried expression something like this
^(([a-zA-Z]:)|(\\{2}\w+)\$?)(\\(\w[\w].*))$ but this is allowing special characters
srilekhamenon 26-May-17 6:08am View
i want folder path not file path and i also want to exclude the special character from the path which are not allowed in path
srilekhamenon 23-Apr-17 5:10am View
My problem is System.Data.Entity.DbSet is a part of entityframework.dll which i have referenced in data access layer. i do not want to reference this dll in other layers, how can i solve this problem without doing same.
srilekhamenon 23-Apr-17 4:32am View
My problem is System.Data.Entity.DbSet is a part of entityframework.dll which i have referenced in data access layer. i do not want to reference this dll in other layers, how can i solve this problem without doing same.
srilekhamenon 17-Jan-17 5:01am View
What to create shadow according to the argument for line
srilekhamenon 25-Oct-16 8:02am View
best solution :)
srilekhamenon 25-Oct-16 7:57am View
solution is not correct it is showing 'hello/abc' as invalid string
srilekhamenon 30-Sep-16 4:00am View
for clean code
srilekhamenon 15-Sep-16 6:02am View
iam already providing accesskey and SecretKey
srilekhamenon 12-Aug-16 9:21am View
does the sequence of parameter matter ?
srilekhamenon 2-Aug-16 9:34am View
Thanks for your comment, but iam facing problem when n is 0 getting error divide by zero error so i change the function to

public override object GetNthObject(int n)
T p = default(T);
if (n != 0)
p = this.Objects[n % this.Objects.Count];
return p;
catch (Exception ex)
cGlobalSettings.oLogger.WriteLogException("| BackupVirtualDataSource.cs::GetNthObject() |", ex);
p = default(T);
return p;

srilekhamenon 2-Aug-16 7:17am View
ok i miss the generic definition to the class :)
srilekhamenon 29-Jul-16 5:36am View
FileSystemwatcher only show that file has been changed, but can't tell us about the changing application, i mean any virus or suspicious application :)
srilekhamenon 29-Jul-16 2:43am View
Thanks for your reply. Currently iam developing a application antivirus which can monitor the PC and check for the suspicious activity on the PC. Diskmon is a application and i can't integrate it in my application
srilekhamenon 28-Jul-16 1:38am View
yes i want to monitor windows, and all processes which are reading and writing on disk
srilekhamenon 3-May-16 9:32am View
no, not yet but iam planing to create wcf service, but not getting where to start
srilekhamenon 3-May-16 9:20am View
i have placed the connection string in app.config, any person how have access to the app.config and find the username and password of my database
srilekhamenon 29-Apr-16 7:12am View
iam try to move files from one directory to other. if any of the files in the directory is opened by user it will not move properly
so iam checking each files in the directory wheather it is opened or not looping all the files in directory
srilekhamenon 29-Apr-16 7:04am View
this is not working in case of simple text file
srilekhamenon 9-Mar-16 0:03am View
Thanks for the reply, i have found the solution :)
srilekhamenon 25-Feb-16 5:10am View
changeinformation can have multiple information like change,Rename or delete.
it is returning the first row
srilekhamenon 16-Dec-15 7:14am View
thanks for correcting me
srilekhamenon 7-Aug-15 2:01am View
yes this can be solution i will try to execute batch file in custom action of the installer. Let Me try :)
srilekhamenon 7-Aug-15 1:07am View
Thank you for your solution. Actually my problem is i have a windows service exe file
i can not use the code because i have made some changes in the code and i want to release the old service. so iam trying to add the old service in the installer program
srilekhamenon 14-Mar-15 5:00am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good Work
srilekhamenon 21-Nov-14 1:16am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice work
srilekhamenon 12-Nov-14 6:38am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Nice work
srilekhamenon 12-Nov-14 6:31am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Nice work
srilekhamenon 30-Oct-14 4:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good Work
srilekhamenon 30-Oct-14 1:24am View
iam not sure, but iam feeling there is a issue with the user rights, What operating system you are working with ?
srilekhamenon 20-Oct-14 14:04pm View
Thanks :) Nathen, i still believe that you should look my complete code so iam preparing a demo code so that you can analyse my code
srilekhamenon 20-Oct-14 9:24am View
:) thanks, iam doing it manually
srilekhamenon 20-Oct-14 8:53am View
plz write few line of code for illustration purpose :)
srilekhamenon 17-Oct-14 12:41pm View
yes we can inject through properties as well as constructor
srilekhamenon 17-Oct-14 9:50am View
what is the best parctice regarding the dependency injection
srilekhamenon 14-Oct-14 5:10am View
Thanks, i was googling from some time but could not found solution
srilekhamenon 14-Oct-14 5:03am View
Thanks, i was sure iam missing something :)
srilekhamenon 14-Oct-14 4:11am View
my requirement is that i want my user to configure his servername, username and password,
srilekhamenon 14-Oct-14 2:41am View
the code is returning 0 elements, no runtime error, Might be iam missing some syntax
srilekhamenon 15-Mar-14 6:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice work my 5
srilekhamenon 17-Feb-14 3:31am View
but when iam excuting from linq it is returning 0 my code is

int? iRev = 0;
using (DCClientMgtDataContext dc = new DCClientMgtDataContext())
this.ClientID, this.CFName,
this.CMName, this.CLName,
this.CMobile, this.CMobile2,
this.CEMail1, this.CEMail2,
this.SoftwareID, this.CRemarks,
this.CRemarks1, this.CRequirement,
"all", ref iRev);
return iRev ?? 0;
srilekhamenon 17-Feb-14 2:48am View
srilekhamenon 3-Feb-14 0:23am View
Sir iam dynamically accessing the tables so i have query like Select * from table1, select * from table2 so i can not specify the column name to generate Row_number() now how can i generate Row_Number()
srilekhamenon 3-Feb-14 0:22am View
Sir iam dynamically accessing the tables so i have query like Select * from table1, select * from table2 so i can not specify the column name to generate Row_number() now how can i generate Row_Number()
srilekhamenon 1-Feb-14 0:40am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice work
srilekhamenon 29-Jan-14 7:00am View
protected void RadioButton1_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

switch (((RadioButton)sender).ID)
case "rdoAddTbl":
case "rdoAddColumn":
txtSql.Text = "Alter table TEST_TABLENAME Add Firstname varChar(255)\n";
case "rdoDropColumn":
txtSql.Text = "Alter Table TEST_TABLENAME DROP COLUMN Firstname\n\n";

srilekhamenon 8-Jan-14 2:30am View
is it depend upon our system date format my system format dd/mm/yyyy
srilekhamenon 8-Jan-14 2:28am View
it is not returning any result
srilekhamenon 21-Jun-12 4:37am View
srilekhamenon 21-Jun-12 4:37am View
srilekhamenon 17-Apr-12 1:56am View
iam geting error on following line
data = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
srilekhamenon 17-Apr-12 1:54am View
thanks but have already implemented [STAThread] flag and error is still coming my code is

private void tm_Tick(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
try {
dynamic ms = new MemoryStream();
IDataObject data = default(IDataObject);
Image bmap = default(Image);
Sendweb(hHwnd, WM_CAP_EDIT_COPY, 0, 0);
if (this.InvokeRequired) {
this.BeginInvoke(new GetClipBord(GetIDataobject), data);
} else {
data = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
if (data.GetDataPresent(typeof(System.Drawing.Bitmap))) {
bmap = (Image)data.GetData(typeof(System.Drawing.Bitmap));
bmap.Save(ms, ImageFormat.Jpeg);
byteDateLine = ms.ToArray();
m_sock.Send(byteDateLine, byteDateLine.Length, 0);
} catch (Exception ex) {
srilekhamenon 5-Apr-12 8:09am View
my question is toolkitscriptmanager replacement of scriptmanager in old version please explan
srilekhamenon 5-Apr-12 8:07am View
srilekhamenon 5-Apr-12 8:07am View
srilekhamenon 12-Mar-12 3:01am View
Your solution is good but iam using datatable my code is

protected void btnclose0_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

DataTable dt = c1.SelectDT("SELECT row_number() over (order by p_id)Sno,Tbl_ProductsuperCategory.ProductsuperCategory,Tbl_ProductCategory.ProductCategory,product_details.p_id as ProductId,product_details.pr_img as ProductImage,product_details.pr_cat as ProductCategoryId,product_details.pr_name as ProductName,product_details.dealer_price as DealerPrice,product_details.retailer_price as RetailerPrice,product_details.special_price as SpecialPrice,product_details.featured as Featured,product_details.special as Special, as New, as Dte,product_details.p_time as Tme,product_details.pr_item_code as Itemcode,product_details.pr_age_range as AgeRange,product_details.pr_series as Series,product_details.pr_author_name as AuthName,product_details.pr_author_desc as AuthDesc,product_details.pr_book_field as BookField,product_details.pr_related_code as RelatedCode,product_details.pr_searchable_keywords as SearchKey,product_details.pr_ebp as EBP,product_details.pr_gst as GST,product_details.pr_des as ProductDesc FROM product_details left outer JOIN Tbl_ProductCategory ON Tbl_ProductCategory.ProductCategoryId = product_details.pr_cat left outer JOIN Tbl_ProductsuperCategory ON Tbl_ProductsuperCategory.ProductsuperCategoryId = Tbl_ProductCategory.ProductsuperCategoryId", "s");
if (dt.Rows.Count == 0)
Response.Write("<script>alert('There Is No Product Details to be Exported'); window.location='ExportXls.aspx';</script>");
string attachment = "attachment; filename=Sheet1.xls";
Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", attachment);
Response.ContentType = "application/";
string tab = "";
foreach (DataColumn dc in dt.Columns)
Response.Write(tab + dc.ColumnName);
tab = "\t";

int i;
foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
tab = "";
for (i = 0; i < dt.Columns.Count; i++)
Response.Write(tab + dr[i].ToString());
tab = "\t";

catch (Exception er)
{ }

srilekhamenon 2-Mar-12 8:39am View
srilekhamenon 2-Mar-12 1:29am View
srilekhamenon 2-Mar-12 0:59am View
it is working fine, Thanks but now i want this to be work in background or minimise mode my code is
Shell(C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" & " " & """" & "" & """", AppWinStyle.Hide, True, 1)
srilekhamenon 2-Mar-12 0:59am View
it is working fine, Thanks
srilekhamenon 2-Mar-12 0:57am View
yes i have specified full path and now it is working fine, Thanks Sir
srilekhamenon 1-Mar-12 8:51am View
no it is not working
error The system cannot find the file specified
srilekhamenon 1-Mar-12 8:41am View
your code will execute default browser but i want the specified browser argument also
srilekhamenon 18-Feb-12 6:28am View
srilekhamenon 18-Feb-12 4:58am View
got a error:- Arithmatic operation result in an overflow
srilekhamenon 13-Feb-12 4:16am View
i have a datagridview and there are few column the first two column are combo and i want when i select the value in first combo the second combo fill accordingly
srilekhamenon 28-Jan-12 6:23am View
clear the fields after saving data
srilekhamenon 17-Jan-12 7:10am View
Thankx Reiss, You have saved a day of mine, ThankU very much
srilekhamenon 17-Jan-12 6:05am View
Thanks but it is working fine but now i want to add more node
XmlElement XElemRoot = XDoc.CreateElement("ACES");
XmlElement Xsource = XDoc.CreateElement("RETURN");
Xsource.SetAttribute("ReturnType", "DLR");
Xsource.SetAttribute("ToolVer", "1.0");
but iam geting error in line 2 This document already has a 'DocumentElement' node. how to solve this error
srilekhamenon 31-Dec-11 2:40am View
Actually a client asked for a utility which can download firefox page and safari page, as U know the developers implement page according to browser :)
srilekhamenon 26-Dec-11 1:58am View
Thankx anyway
srilekhamenon 26-Dec-11 1:52am View
think if user had installed software and now he want to update it without runing my software then this senerio fall, so it can only be done by setup program
srilekhamenon 26-Dec-11 1:43am View
no i want it by setup program
srilekhamenon 24-Dec-11 1:45am View
srilekhamenon 24-Dec-11 1:45am View
srilekhamenon 12-Dec-11 5:33am View
Thankx Griff ;)
srilekhamenon 12-Dec-11 5:17am View
thankx Abhinav
Actually these enums represent the column of Grid and i do not want all the columns
srilekhamenon 12-Dec-11 4:59am View
because this is my function
public static void ValidateGridFields(string ColumnList, int iRow, DataGridView Grid)
string[] sColumn = ColumnList.Split(',');
for (int i = 0; i < sColumn.Length; i++)
int CNo = Convert.ToInt32(sColumn[i]);
if (Grid[CNo, iRow].Value + "" == "")
Grid.Rows[iRow].Cells[CNo].Style.BackColor = Color.LightBlue;
if (Grid.Rows[iRow].Cells[CNo].Style.BackColor == Color.LightBlue)
Grid.Rows[iRow].Cells[CNo].Style.BackColor = Color.White;

for valadating grid
and i want to send argument like this


first argument is our value
srilekhamenon 8-Dec-11 23:47pm View
The Server is remote
srilekhamenon 8-Dec-11 8:34am View
Please explain strategy ?