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Pro Idiot 12-Apr-13 7:30am View
Paste you code !!
Pro Idiot 25-Jan-13 11:42am View
Any suggestions ??
Pro Idiot 11-Dec-12 6:19am View
Here the "wait for it" is in a while loop w/o condition ;)
Pro Idiot 11-Dec-12 6:13am View
Now answer to this ;)
Pro Idiot 28-Nov-12 23:05pm View
You can do this by some browser plugin, else as TRK said.. no 1 wants you to do that ;)
Pro Idiot 28-Nov-12 23:03pm View
And Add validation group [ValidationGroup="abc"] to the button
Pro Idiot 28-Nov-12 22:54pm View
Vote of 5 .
Pro Idiot 25-Nov-12 2:03am View
To extract text from a doc file
Pro Idiot 19-Nov-12 23:42pm View
awesome ;)
Pro Idiot 19-Nov-12 23:35pm View
May be you have not initialized the BindDDL object
Pro Idiot 19-Nov-12 23:34pm View
On which line , you are getting the null exception ?
Pro Idiot 19-Nov-12 11:24am View
If it helped, please mark as answer :)
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 22:43pm View
If I am not wrong , he is trying to redirect to other page in JavaScript
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 5:35am View
If the solution helped, Mark as Answer.

U can reach via CP profile .
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 5:20am View
The above code is in C# , Call the function and it will return you the user's Client IP
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:57am View
It may be due to any error occurred in sending the email , may be if email contains any special character , and 1000 more possibilities,

Use try catch , Log error
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:26am View
Or you can use Jquery

xmlDoc = data;
var empid= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("emp");
var total = placeMarks.length;
var names = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Name");
var designation= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("designation");
var phone= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("phone");
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:25am View
Does this help ?"GET", "employee.XML", false);
if (xmlhttp.status==200) {

xmlDoc = xmlhttp.responseXML;
var empid= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("emp");
var total = placeMarks.length;
var names = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Name");
var designation= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("designation");
var phone= xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("phone");
..... ;

else if (xmlhttp.status==404) {
alert("XML could not be found");
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:23am View
If this helped ,Please Mark as answer
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:06am View
Just check for session null
if(Session["mydataset"] != null)
DataSet dataSet = (DataSet)Session["mydataset"];
if(dataSet != null)
GridView1.DataSource = (DataSet)Session["mydataset"];
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 4:03am View
"after coming back from ViewEmployeeDetail.aspx" , the page , to which you are coming back , that is the 1st page.
Write the above code, in it's Pageload event , and hence the grid will be autopopulated
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 2:01am View
Same qs :) , Why not use an existing function
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 1:59am View
Posted a solution , Do check
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 1:56am View
Waiting for good Suggestions/Replies
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 1:49am View
Posted my answer , Have a look
Pro Idiot 18-Nov-12 1:39am View
You want to convert the .aspx or the html page after it renders to the browser ?
Pro Idiot 17-Nov-12 13:56pm View
What actually you want to do with it?
Pro Idiot 16-Nov-12 3:21am View
This is the whole code ;)

even taken care of spacing as well ..
Pro Idiot 16-Nov-12 2:01am View
Good explanation , this should work
Pro Idiot 14-Nov-12 3:26am View
Try with " toppos=toppos+30"

It is working fine, even on bottom right.
Pro Idiot 14-Nov-12 3:12am View
or you can change the value

10 to 20/30 as per your requirement , so the new window will never overlap on the mouse
Pro Idiot 14-Nov-12 3:07am View
yes, got it , Now it is working fine for me on Chrome and IE-8
the new window is closing on mouseout , perfectly fine !
Pro Idiot 14-Nov-12 2:49am View
"here is my code to open a new window on mouse over and close the windows when mouse out. it working fine at google chrome, but have 1 small problem with IE with windows 7.

In chrome , the window keeps opened, does not close on mouse out !
Pro Idiot 13-Nov-12 9:31am View
Can you clarify your question ?What do you mean by embed image in dll ?
Pro Idiot 30-Sep-12 3:34am View
Appears to be this problem:
Pro Idiot 28-Sep-12 14:20pm View
Pro Idiot 28-Sep-12 13:54pm View
Or try using Session, cookie,profile

ASP.Net has everything for you , if you don't want to use DB
Pro Idiot 28-Sep-12 13:52pm View
As you have mentioned "below code running fine on one form but same is not running on another form" ,
Try debugging and trace exceptions , if any !!
Pro Idiot 28-Sep-12 13:43pm View
You have a bitmap byte array or a bmp image ?

And mention the code, you used to convert , then only any 1 can find out what the issue is
Pro Idiot 28-Sep-12 13:41pm View
Tried with single quotes ?
you didn't mention that !
Pro Idiot 26-Sep-12 6:23am View
In the btn1_Click function

protected void btn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Button b1 = (Button)sender;
string test = b1.ID;

here you get your button id , do appropriate task
Pro Idiot 26-Sep-12 3:34am View
There should be a relation between the 2 table , Foreign Key is the most suitable 1,
and then you can put a condition on both tables, fetch your required record , then you can string concatenate both and insert to your final table.
Pro Idiot 7-Sep-12 16:03pm View
Thanks for the Links .
I was just looking into the codeplex project !!,
And still get it all working fine for HTTP , cant get it though to work on https,
I appreciate your help and time
Pro Idiot 7-Sep-12 15:25pm View
I know that , we should not create our own certificate ,
I have already researched on how Https works , I got all the solutions for how to create a https server for a web service/website .
Did not get enough material to make a "web server application using C#" an secured https one.
and yes , I should have asked the question on the article it self, not so familiar with Code project although.
Pro Idiot 6-Aug-12 7:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice Article,
Explained very briefly
Pro Idiot 2-Feb-12 5:30am View
Which control are you using to display the image?
Pro Idiot 20-Jan-12 8:47am View
Clear your question .. It confusing!
Pro Idiot 20-Jan-12 8:24am View
"print the particular c# function in, "

What do you mean by print ??