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honar.cs 22-Mar-15 6:24am View
my friend here is not an english forum ok, if you don't know the answer, please do not answer, i know my english is not good, but in any case what is important is to give the idea, thank you again
honar.cs 22-Mar-15 6:07am View
dear i tried this solution before but it does not do the thing that i need, thank you
honar.cs 3-Apr-14 10:48am View
i don't understand anything of your code ... hope it help me but i don't understand it?
honar.cs 3-Apr-14 10:38am View
sorry but i don't understand you code
honar.cs 3-Apr-14 10:34am View
on my main form i have some buttons for opening other forms and in other forms i make insert, delete and update?
honar.cs 3-Apr-14 10:12am View
thank you OriginalGriff , i know 10000 is ten seconds in milliseconds this is for test only.. know how i do set waitForDisable back to 10 * 60 every time the user "does something", when i do this in any method? can you explain it more?
honar.cs 22-Mar-14 2:33am View
thank you dear Marcin Kozub i found the problem and know it work
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 15:00pm View
thank you marcin kozub , know i download it and see i hpoe it helps me
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 14:38pm View
@Marcin Kozub i do this same thing don't work? see this link image
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 13:44pm View
my bro the same thing it does not work ... i have two dates borrow_date = 2014/03/15 and return_date = 2014/03/18, it must make the background for the 2014/03/18 date red ... but it does not do this?
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 13:12pm View
in if (return_date < DateTime.Now), what is return_date do you mean returnDate? or not?
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 10:38am View
i try this code ... but it does not work?
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 4:13am View
ow you right thank you ... i have one more question please ... my project is for library and the borrow_date is the date that book is borrowed and the return_date is that borrower must return the book ... if the borrower does not return the book in the return_date at that time i want to make the return_date cell for that borrower red.. is your code do these or not?
honar.cs 21-Mar-14 3:35am View
thank you Marcin Kozub for your answer ... what do you mean by columnindex == 5, i have two columns for date this mean two columnindex?