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Comments by IviKAZAZI (Top 38 by date)

IviKAZAZI 13-Jan-14 9:34am View
Everything works fine on HTTP,also GET method on HTTPS. The only problem is POST on HTTPS (Method not allowed)
IviKAZAZI 5-Dec-13 6:01am View
Creating the whole solution its not what i intended,but thats an option :)
IviKAZAZI 9-Sep-13 6:01am View
U are right about the NULL, it returned no rows. But i resolved it just by executing the command with ExecuteNonQuery before i executeReader and it worked. Maby the problem is with some decalred sql variables on top of the query.
IviKAZAZI 4-Sep-13 11:05am View
I solved it,the code was ok,i just addad a line of code cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); before this line rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); and it worked. I dont know why this happend but its ok now. Hope this helps anyone else...
IviKAZAZI 26-Mar-13 7:19am View
i cant really say where the error shows,cuz i cant debug the code at this moment. Maby i should flush the request and close it but there is no such propertie in mobile device project.
IviKAZAZI 6-Mar-13 4:58am View
the problem was the max side of data allowed :( thnx for the solution
IviKAZAZI 25-Feb-13 5:56am View
yes,its a solution but i culdent set the format xml i wanted.
IviKAZAZI 16-Feb-13 6:17am View
Fred Its right !
IviKAZAZI 8-Feb-13 8:34am View
The service method returns the xml as a List < T >,how can i then insert this to the sql table?
Or if there is any other way,to get the service output just from the request/response,and then insert this to the sql table?
IviKAZAZI 12-Dec-12 7:52am View
but how can i read the argument from the task scheduler to the application?
IviKAZAZI 12-Dec-12 7:52am View
no it will be always the same argument.
IviKAZAZI 18-Nov-12 14:08pm View
The idea is that it will be used only by specific people,inside the company. Anyway i need smth unique,like a serial nr or smth else.
IviKAZAZI 20-Sep-12 4:07am View
i have tried that too,but the CurrentCulture method doesnt exist in mobile developement.
IviKAZAZI 20-Sep-12 3:55am View
Yes i have read about it,but then i have to set the variables for each textbox,label etc,and there are a lot of it. I use the visualstudio language properties to create the resource files.
IviKAZAZI 2-Aug-12 3:40am View
what part of code would help,bacause it doesnt happen at a specific point,but after a number of actions with the forms.
IviKAZAZI 23-Jul-12 10:37am View
No,i dont think so. Could it be the form load event the cause? Because i have some piece of code there,where i do some checking,some if else etc. The function i recall in the code is the datagrid_fill to update it,after adding some rows in db.
IviKAZAZI 27-Jun-12 9:08am View
i saw what you posted,but its not what i need. What i want is,when user tries to change the row,a check should occur.if there is any empty cell on the row he currently is,he cannot do that.I just dont know hot to prevent the rowchange. Anyway thnx for the help
IviKAZAZI 27-Jun-12 8:52am View
I dont want to disable it,i just want the user to be able to change the row only when all cells are filled.
IviKAZAZI 10-May-12 7:00am View
The problem shows when i select one row at first grid,and one colum at second grid.
IviKAZAZI 10-May-12 6:59am View
The problem shows when i select one row at first grid,and one colum at second grid.
IviKAZAZI 9-May-12 6:23am View
i = dataGridEksp.SelectedRows[0].Index; here its says the index is out of range.
IviKAZAZI 30-Apr-12 6:25am View
thnx,thats what i needed!
IviKAZAZI 30-Apr-12 6:07am View
yes,i use this,but the user can also write text thats not in the list.This is what it shouldnt do.
IviKAZAZI 18-Apr-12 9:30am View
But the connection string must be an user input,it might change!
IviKAZAZI 18-Apr-12 6:36am View
This is what i have done already,but i wanna know if,when i close the application and reopen it,the user input that i stored at the global variables are the same as last input,or they are refreshed? sorry for the bad english ;)
IviKAZAZI 16-Apr-12 9:41am View
I can access it from the explorer,but the connection string to catch the database throws an error.
IviKAZAZI 10-Apr-12 6:20am View
Does the hide() close the form???
IviKAZAZI 26-Mar-12 5:29am View
i have just started,and i havent tried anything!i am just trying to find the best solution where to start first.i think sync framework is the best solution,what u think?
IviKAZAZI 19-Mar-12 7:51am View
hahah ok thnx,im trying that ;)
IviKAZAZI 12-Mar-12 11:34am View
i have tried this,but it doesnt show nothing,maby because my select statement select all colums of the table,because i need to read them all,and show them as text in the textboxes.
IviKAZAZI 12-Mar-12 11:29am View
i want to get multiple values,and set them in different textboxes
IviKAZAZI 9-Mar-12 9:54am View
Ok thank man,but im not english,i will edit it ;)
IviKAZAZI 1-Mar-12 5:24am View
i want to set that sync button at the windows mobile device,not at the when i click sync,and afer i have set the server,db,user id and pass,the sync starts.
IviKAZAZI 18-Feb-12 5:20am View
i used the bool but it happened again.can you send any code pls??
IviKAZAZI 13-Feb-12 10:12am View
i am not using
IviKAZAZI 13-Feb-12 10:11am View
i am not using
IviKAZAZI 11-Feb-12 5:41am View
the problem is that after checking the user and pass,the user might have different permissions,how can i add it?or i can just use different menu forms depending from the user & pass?
IviKAZAZI 9-Feb-12 7:13am View
No it doesn't work.Still the same.but thanx