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Comments by MairajAhmed (Top 13 by date)

MairajAhmed 5-Sep-14 8:28am View
File.Copy in System.IO namespace.
MairajAhmed 5-Sep-14 8:27am View
Please see console of browser you will see error.
MairajAhmed 5-Sep-14 8:16am View
You can temp table in sql and return combined data in one query.
MairajAhmed 16-Jan-13 11:51am View
Thanks a lot.It helped.
MairajAhmed 13-Jan-13 4:30am View
I have already seen that but this does not help because i have already set connectionStringName in provider section
MairajAhmed 16-Jul-12 1:48am View
If i do this i am not able to send even 500 mails.
MairajAhmed 7-Jul-12 2:00am View
Oh sorry i missed that actually i want to know if any thing can be returned which can get attention of client if he goes wrong somewhere.
MairajAhmed 14-Jun-12 12:12pm View
How to implement it.
MairajAhmed 11-Jun-12 10:10am View
thanks for your help
MairajAhmed 11-Jun-12 9:10am View
so what should i do now?
MairajAhmed 11-Jun-12 8:50am View
when i type url in address bar it works and goes to that call
MairajAhmed 11-Jun-12 7:59am View
When i open email it's not working and value is not saved in db from this call
MairajAhmed 11-Feb-12 5:23am View
Buffer size is equal on both sides.And sending via TCP file corroupts