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Nandakishore G N 14-Oct-14 1:26am View
Nidhi, Try to change web.config in
system.web -> httpruntime executiontimeout="900000" (give maximum in seconds) maxrequestlength="1048576" (in kb)
because, allows only 4MB max by default.
Nandakishore G N 13-Oct-14 10:37am View
It is not the problem of your code. You contact your admin to allow/give access for you to send mail or host your application in server and check, it'll work.
Nandakishore G N 22-Sep-14 1:36am View
Paste, what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 22-Sep-14 1:35am View
No need of concatenation in server side . Its better you can use ajax calls and receive your list to design side.
Refer this link, It may help you
Nandakishore G N 11-Sep-14 10:20am View
Paste , what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 11-Sep-14 10:18am View
Paste, What have you done till now? and come back if needed with some guidance.
Nandakishore G N 11-Sep-14 10:16am View
why do you need Button Click on pageload? Instead , Write a method and call it on Page load.
Nandakishore G N 10-Sep-14 8:24am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good tip.My 5!
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 3:39am View
Sure. You are welcome . Change the status to Solved. It'll be helpful for others.
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 3:38am View
Place a breakpoint and check during postback are you getting the textbox value. From listviewitem findcontrol the textbox and create an instance check it.
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 3:15am View
Good answer. My 5!
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 3:10am View
Button3 is also inside listview right?. Then you have get the instance of the button inside list view. Check this link
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 2:41am View
You cannot get TextBox1 Instance, Since it is inside listview. View this link

and change or write the update inside the listview_itemcommand event.
(Note:- Don't prefer Inline queries, Instead use Stored Procedures)
Nandakishore G N 4-Sep-14 2:32am View
Paste, What have you done till now
Nandakishore G N 3-Sep-14 5:30am View
Paste , What have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 6-Aug-14 9:47am View
Where is your question ? Please add some details about the it.
Improve the question by pasting what you have done till now?.
Nandakishore G N 22-Jul-14 9:58am View
What have you done till now? paste it
Nandakishore G N 2-Jul-14 5:31am View
good suggestion. anudeep. My 5..
Nandakishore G N 25-Jun-14 9:46am View
Paste, what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 25-Jun-14 9:45am View
My 5.
Nandakishore G N 23-Jun-14 9:08am View
are you validating for sessions in accuiel.aspx page. If yes, that is the reason for redirecting back to login page. check once.
Nandakishore G N 20-Jun-14 8:02am View
What did you try? Paste it. It can be done search in google there are many examples.
Nandakishore G N 20-Jun-14 0:57am View
this format is UNIXTimestamp or epoch format. check this article and link
Nandakishore G N 20-Jun-14 0:53am View
What have you done till now paste it. First, search in google you will get many examples, try it if there is any problem then request for suggestion here.
Nandakishore G N 18-Jun-14 5:58am View
Paste what have you done till now
Nandakishore G N 18-Jun-14 4:33am View
Check in your sp whether the parameter datatype is Varchar or DateTime. if it is varchar change it to column datatype (datetime or date). But, before that paste what you have done.
Nandakishore G N 18-Jun-14 1:35am View
Try this article
Nandakishore G N 17-Jun-14 4:59am View
paste what you have done till now , both codebehind and design
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 10:42am View
What you have you done paste it. so that anyone can help you to sort the problem. Don't just ask I need solution? try and show what you have done and I'm sure everyone will try to help you to sort the problem.

try these snippet in your code

DataView dv = dt.DefaultView;
dv.Sort = "columnname desc";
DataTable dts = dv.ToTable();
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 10:32am View
To avoid cross side scripting there are many other ways. follow this link and I don't think count of querystring helps you ..
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 10:29am View
What have you done till now paste it.. both design and codebehind
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 10:15am View
did you check this link
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 6:51am View
Have you configured session time out in application if not, do it and try.
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 6:30am View
This community does not spoonfeed the developers. What Das said is right. Search in google you will find a lot of support , then try with your knowledge and atlast, If you find problem come back here and post your problem. We will help you out.
Nandakishore G N 16-Jun-14 2:20am View
Don't just post questions without enough descriptions and Now, Where is the question?
Nandakishore G N 13-Jun-14 7:22am View
Paste the codebehind what you have done?
Nandakishore G N 13-Jun-14 3:18am View
Obviously.SA. My 5
Nandakishore G N 11-Jun-14 8:43am View
Good suggestion..My 5.
Nandakishore G N 11-Jun-14 8:40am View
Did you check this link ?
Nandakishore G N 2-Jun-14 5:52am View
What have you done till now paste it...
Nandakishore G N 20-May-14 5:35am View
What have you done in your code behind? ..paste it
Nandakishore G N 19-May-14 1:03am View
Use record addeddate or CreatedDate as Abhinav said and include in fetching query 'order by yourdatecolumn desc'...Better paste your table structure...
Nandakishore G N 15-May-14 7:08am View
Check if the AutoPostback = true.if yes make it false. Paste the design part of the page.
Nandakishore G N 15-May-14 2:30am View
Good point...My 5
Nandakishore G N 15-May-14 2:27am View
safihur .. try placing this method BindGridViewPageLoad(); within If(!IsPostBack) in pageload..
Nandakishore G N 12-May-14 9:04am View
First check the columns specified are same in the Grid and in the DataTable..
View the link
Nandakishore G N 12-May-14 2:35am View
Safihur. Where are you updating? .. are you trying to update database or DataTable...Because, the update query doesn't do anything...
Nandakishore G N 12-May-14 2:02am View
Sriram. Can you explain the reason behind converting rows to columns?
Nandakishore G N 11-Mar-14 7:37am View
you are right.My 5..
Nandakishore G N 11-Mar-14 7:35am View
what are you doing here? fetching all records again ,validating the records, and then updating... inline queries.No ,create stored procedure to update password . because you already have PrimaryKey CompanyId in session. just pass the PK and update the password. Search in google you'll get many examples of using SP to update record.
Nandakishore G N 24-Feb-14 5:27am View
what have you done? ..paste it.
Nandakishore G N 24-Feb-14 5:26am View
good answer...My 5..
Nandakishore G N 6-Jan-14 1:53am View
Paste the code and design part. what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 6-Jan-14 0:56am View
is it server side control or html tag? If it is server side add this and try--
$("#<%=lblIP.ClientID%>").text() // using jquery
document.getElementById("<%=lblIP.ClientID %>").innerHTML//using javascript

and paste the design side of the html page.
Nandakishore G N 24-Dec-13 2:07am View
are you sure the error is in web.config file?
Nandakishore G N 24-Dec-13 0:24am View
Super answer..Graus..My 5..
Nandakishore G N 13-Dec-13 7:35am View
what is your question? from login to master? what are you trying to say, no-one will understand. Briefly explain about it.
Nandakishore G N 8-Dec-13 23:33pm View
sandip.. add the in codebehind and try..
Nandakishore G N 8-Dec-13 23:31pm View
paste the code what you have done till now..
Nandakishore G N 6-Dec-13 7:21am View
generally jquery causes problem inside updatepanel.. instead of document.ready(); use
function pageload(object,sender){} and try.
Nandakishore G N 6-Dec-13 5:50am View
correct answer...My 5...
Nandakishore G N 27-Nov-13 1:36am View
to stop postback for button add onclientclick="return false;" and for dropdown remove autopostback=true property or set it to false
Nandakishore G N 11-Nov-13 8:17am View
use gridview rowdatabound event and it works. search in google there are many examples
Nandakishore G N 7-Nov-13 6:39am View
paste your design part of page
Nandakishore G N 28-Oct-13 9:04am View
please enter complete question. i.e., complete scenario
Nandakishore G N 28-Oct-13 9:03am View
good answer... ProgramFox..My 5
Nandakishore G N 25-Oct-13 9:26am View
System.Drawing.Image useruploadedimage = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(FileUpload.PostedFile.InputStream);
will get you the image pass as parameter and try
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 9:42am View
if there are records in database and records in datatable then check whether attribute of gridview autogeneratecolumns is set to false if yes make it true and try again
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 9:02am View
good suggestion.My 5...Original Griff
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 8:12am View

refer this link
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 7:59am View
if it is concluded.Please , close the question by changing status solved.
So that others can get help from this question.
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 6:56am View
check pincode and date are in format are not.But please, paste the code completely what you have done till now and explain some more.
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 6:51am View
if you are using single table use entity object and if multiple tables use complex object
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 6:48am View
paste the con.close(); out side using and try.
whenever passing values to the query if it is string(varchar,nvarchar) pass it with single quotes
ex: Select price from createproduct where name='" + SelectedItem+"'";
as harshil mentioned don't use inline query.
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 5:00am View
if the problem is solved change the status to solved. So that this will help others.

-- Nanda Kishor
Nandakishore G N 22-Oct-13 1:01am View
Can you paste the code written in web.config. Are you trying to say, that session is not abandoned even after Session.Abandon() is executed and even after session is initialized you are not able to get logged in right?
then paste the code what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 21-Oct-13 8:04am View
good answer. My 5..
Nandakishore G N 21-Oct-13 3:19am View
inside system.web of web.config add this,

sessionstate cookieless="false" mode="InProc" timeout="15"

and try it.
Nandakishore G N 21-Oct-13 2:56am View
have you handled session and timeout in web.config. If not add it and try
Nandakishore G N 18-Oct-13 6:18am View
what have you done till now paste it?.
because it can be achieved by both jquery and code behind.
Nandakishore G N 18-Oct-13 5:18am View
paste the code what you have done till now?
Nandakishore G N 18-Oct-13 5:14am View
good answer...My 5
Nandakishore G N 1-Oct-13 9:45am View
sometimes textchanged and selectedindexchanged wont work in ie. add p3p header in iis and try.
Nandakishore G N 1-Oct-13 8:46am View
<asp:TextBox ID="txtSize"
MaxLength="2" ClientIDMode="Static" runat="server" onblur="OnTextBoxBlur();">

pass the object
<asp:TextBox ID="txtSize"
MaxLength="2" ClientIDMode="Static" runat="server" onblur="OnTextBoxBlur(this);">

try this
Nandakishore G N 26-Sep-13 5:06am View
good 5
Nandakishore G N 25-Sep-13 7:10am View
paste the code what you have done till now.
Nandakishore G N 11-Sep-13 6:36am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good article easy to understand.
Nandakishore G N 26-Aug-13 1:37am View
use join to accomplish this task.
Nandakishore G N 22-Aug-13 8:36am View
please paste the code what have you done so far?
Nandakishore G N 22-Aug-13 8:12am View
no you cant get the rowindex of the gridview based on the index of your viewstate or datatable.
According to your question, You want to fetch the value of dropdownlist selecteditem/value right?
use gridview rowcommand or rowdatabound to fetch its values.
Nandakishore G N 14-Aug-13 5:10am View
Good answer. +5..
Nandakishore G N 6-Aug-13 6:29am View
Good Answer.+5..
Nandakishore G N 5-Aug-13 8:42am View
did you debug the code? are you sure you got all the parameters required by the stored procedure?Just debug it once and verify again.
Nandakishore G N 2-Aug-13 3:30am View
since you are using the class selector it opens all the panels with same classname. Paste the html part we can understand the structure of the html and can give suggestions.
Nandakishore G N 30-Jul-13 8:20am View
good answer..+5 Tadit..
Nandakishore G N 30-Jul-13 8:15am View
you cannot write LinkButton control in css. Because css supports only tag not the control.
Instead of .Content1 LinkButton2 replace it with
.lnkbtn2 and call the css class in linkbutton.
Nandakishore G N 29-Jul-13 8:28am View
check whether the login uid and pwd of the sql server is it correct?
Nandakishore G N 12-Jul-13 8:13am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good Article and Easy To Understand.
Nandakishore G N 12-Jul-13 6:08am View
did you check whether during postback is it going to selectedindex_change.Place break point and debug
Nandakishore G N 12-Jul-13 5:32am View
paste what have done till now?
Nandakishore G N 12-Jul-13 5:31am View
you cant add the updatepanel for particular <tr> if you are using <table> structure.Use Divs or place updatepanel to whole table then it works.
Nandakishore G N 8-Jul-13 3:35am View
if you want to maintain each day login and logout info better insert new values according to their respective date instead of update
Nandakishore G N 2-Jul-13 1:19am View
are you inserting data during page load? paste the code what have you done?
Nandakishore G N 24-Jun-13 1:23am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n simple and easy to understand.
Nandakishore G N 20-Jun-13 0:55am View
paste the code what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 12-Jun-13 4:20am View
refer this
load the data to datatable and refer above link use select() of datatable and filter or get the values
Nandakishore G N 12-Jun-13 2:08am View
paste the code, what have you done till now? We Can help you in fixing it.
Nandakishore G N 12-Jun-13 1:50am View
no you cant access controls in webmethod. So, Create a class and load the values to its members.and create class instance and access the members.
Nandakishore G N 11-Jun-13 3:12am View
paste what you have done till now?
Nandakishore G N 10-Jun-13 7:57am View
exact answer. My 5.
Nandakishore G N 10-Jun-13 7:54am View
what have you done till now paste it? it can be done join two tables and call it in the datatable even the path comes and then bind it to the gridview.
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 5:31am View
replace this line if (cmd.ExecuteScalar > 0) by if ((Int32)cmd.ExecuteScalar() > 0) because It is a method
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 5:27am View
right click on your project in solution explorer >> add new item >> class.cs you'll get the class file. write your code there and call the method by creating an instance of the class.
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 5:23am View
write Manfred. My 5
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 1:17am View
post it in English. This is bad way of representing the question.
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 0:43am View
first change the if condition you are not comparing you are assigning values.i.e., replace "=" with "==" and check
Nandakishore G N 7-Jun-13 0:41am View
paste the complete code. with this information it cannot be judged.
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 9:37am View
create a join with id and other table and get the country name on id inserted.
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 8:57am View
what have done till now paste it?
if you are not requested to save the image path its ok you can dump the image in some folder and take the path during runtime and show in the grid. After the process end delete the image since the path is with you.
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 8:41am View
how are you binding data and image to grid? paste it the code behind
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 8:37am View
paste what have you done till now.
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 4:58am View
how are you populating to gridview?
Nandakishore G N 27-Apr-13 1:45am View
refer this link
Nandakishore G N 13-Apr-13 4:58am View
what have you done till now paste it.
Nandakishore G N 13-Apr-13 4:56am View
good 5!
Nandakishore G N 13-Apr-13 4:54am View
what have you done paste it
Nandakishore G N 10-Apr-13 5:10am View
what have you done..paste it?..generally insert to the database will not go into a same column if id is autogenerated..
Nandakishore G N 10-Apr-13 5:08am View
dont perform it in codebehind..use stored procedure output parameter.and read it after execution..
Nandakishore G N 10-Apr-13 5:04am View
is dt i.e., datatable or anything is it declared already?
Nandakishore G N 9-Apr-13 2:09am View
make autopostback=true
Nandakishore G N 29-Mar-13 6:21am View are you loading data to radiobuttonlist..because it makes easy for me and the other developers to help to sort.out..paste it in your question using improve question.
Nandakishore G N 20-Mar-13 5:17am View
use gridview rowdatabound..event
Nandakishore G N 16-Mar-13 7:58am View
what have you written in your function ChkCCM() ?
Nandakishore G N 16-Mar-13 2:42am View
what have you done till now? paste it.
Nandakishore G N 14-Mar-13 7:10am View
use gridview rowcommand event..
Nandakishore G N 13-Mar-13 2:22am View
refer this tip
Nandakishore G N 12-Mar-13 9:18am View
use regex, match it and remove that characters.
Nandakishore G N 12-Mar-13 7:14am View
check the places where you are binding data to the dropdownlist.because this error occurs when you are trying to bind to the same dropdownlist multiple times.
Nandakishore G N 11-Mar-13 0:23am View
how are you popualting combobox? the problem lies there while populating..paste the code..
Nandakishore G N 11-Mar-13 0:21am View
splendid 5..
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 4:29am View
use gridview_rowcommand..
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 3:26am View
check whether the dataset is populating or not after passing values from codebehind.using line by line debugging..
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 2:31am View
are you speaking about the hints or tips which is shown in the right?
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 1:50am View
see here..
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 1:46am View
what is the error did you got?
Nandakishore G N 9-Mar-13 1:42am View
good point OriginalGriff
Nandakishore G N 8-Mar-13 8:27am View
good answer.My 5..
Nandakishore G N 8-Mar-13 4:44am View
since you are binding from the database you have to delete in the database which will be shown in the,right deletion query.
Nandakishore G N 8-Mar-13 4:37am View
you are maintaining the modelno, then in the itemcommand receive the model no from the label and match the condition of which model and then redirect it to the respective pages.
Nandakishore G N 8-Mar-13 1:17am View
are you maintaining page list in your database..because you want to redirect it to respective details is better if you paste the code what you have done till now.
Nandakishore G N 8-Mar-13 0:47am View
what have you done till now paste it?
Nandakishore G N 7-Mar-13 6:13am View
what have you done till now paste it?
Nandakishore G N 5-Mar-13 2:23am View
the error is showing the reason..i.e, literal control to linkbutton.probably in your rowdatabound or any grid related events of codebehind you have written (Literal) instead of (LinkButton)..check it..
Nandakishore G N 5-Mar-13 2:19am View
what is the reason to save physical path in the database.Instead copy the file into a temp folder of your application.and save that path to the database.
Nandakishore G N 4-Mar-13 7:33am View
mobile no needs 10 digits but int does not allows so mush bytes (+-)2^31...Therefore You can use Bigint or Numeric(10,0)
Nandakishore G N 4-Mar-13 7:30am View
you can use groupby clause
Nandakishore G N 2-Mar-13 6:32am View
instead of alert use confirm.You'll get another option for staying in the same page or redirect to next page
Nandakishore G N 1-Mar-13 5:36am View
you are passing parameters in not a correct in google for insert to sql .you'll get many number of examples.
Nandakishore G N 1-Mar-13 1:53am View
this is not the pattern to do insertion for multiple tables.Use Transactions
Nandakishore G N 27-Feb-13 1:44am View
there is solution....but there are some third party lib which can be used..but use the javascript as mentioned in solution 3...or
add this in textbox and try
onfocus="if(this.value=='Enter Your Name'){this.value='';}"
onblur="if(this.value==''){this.value='Enter Your Name';}"
Nandakishore G N 26-Feb-13 9:06am View
what have you done in codebehind paste it?
Nandakishore G N 26-Feb-13 7:37am View
oh..then it will not work in IE since it is html5 attribute..check with other browsers it works.
Nandakishore G N 26-Feb-13 6:13am View
which is the browser you are using?
Nandakishore G N 26-Feb-13 3:36am View
how did you add...paste it
Nandakishore G N 26-Feb-13 1:42am View
verify whether the label contains integer or any string values?
Nandakishore G N 25-Feb-13 8:07am View
use'll refresh only required place..
Nandakishore G N 25-Feb-13 8:04am View
paste what you have done till now?
Are you thinking about using array implies json datatype?search it you'll get many examples.
Nandakishore G N 24-Feb-13 23:13pm View
try using login panel.
Nandakishore G N 24-Feb-13 7:33am View
paste what you have done till now??
Nandakishore G N 22-Feb-13 2:03am View
what have you done till now? paste it..
Nandakishore G N 19-Feb-13 3:57am View
you would have used gridview_rowcommand..
Nandakishore G N 19-Feb-13 1:34am View
are you storing image path or path with the url..i.e, virtual path during development
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 6:53am View
place your linkbutton outside multiview inside gridview
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 5:04am View
are you maintaining extra column for the role..if s use stored procedure to popout the role after successful login. and then redirect to respective pages
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 4:55am View
what have you done till now?paste it
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 3:44am View
use radiobutton list.
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 1:47am View
have checked in class file if the getcon() doesnt work then this error occures.if the connection string is not right then connection will not open.verify it again..
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 1:42am View
probably the traffic was more...So it was not it is working fine..check again
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 1:39am View translation..api.....
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 1:35am View
since you are developing using is no its better to use javascript or in google you'll get examples related to keypress..
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 1:11am View
error in the datareader right..then check the datareader has the value or not.generally this error comes when it doesnt have rows.i.e datareader.hasrows()...
Nandakishore G N 15-Feb-13 0:31am View
if you are getting error mention it..because probably when you stated as connection i think there is problem in the exception handling.have you used finally block in code..if not add it and close the connection.
Nandakishore G N 14-Feb-13 23:56pm View just write the required code.
Nandakishore G N 14-Feb-13 23:11pm View
the sql executes need to get worry it wont cause conflicts.
Nandakishore G N 14-Feb-13 7:47am View
no problem..the autogenerated ids wont get conflict
Nandakishore G N 14-Feb-13 7:45am View
this error general occurs the data you are passing is more than the assigned value in the problem with nvarchar..because even after base64encoding the pwd length will be 22 chars..
Nandakishore G N 14-Feb-13 0:51am View
have you handled exception in stored procedure?
Nandakishore G N 13-Feb-13 2:17am View
how did you bind to the grid?
Nandakishore G N 13-Feb-13 2:15am View
what have done till now? paste it
Nandakishore G N 13-Feb-13 2:14am View
use rowdatabound..split the values for ',' and append break ('<br/>') after every comma...and reappend it to the same label
Nandakishore G N 12-Feb-13 1:56am View can method...for reference...

Nandakishore G N 12-Feb-13 1:22am View
block using Stored procedure
Nandakishore G N 11-Feb-13 23:48pm View
what have done till now? paste it
Nandakishore G N 9-Feb-13 6:52am View
on what click are you expecting..on label or button click?..can you be little more specific
Nandakishore G N 9-Feb-13 6:20am View
check is it inside the user control !ispostback ..condition..if yes remove it and place outside the condition
Nandakishore G N 9-Feb-13 6:01am View
did you check using debugging line whether there is some value in the label11..?
Nandakishore G N 9-Feb-13 5:52am View have placed in design page..but check it inside the usercontrol code..
Nandakishore G N 9-Feb-13 5:25am View
check is it inside the !ispostback ..condition..if yes remove it and place outside the condition
Nandakishore G N 8-Feb-13 3:31am View
if the above code is not wrong..then it is the problem of the gateway...try it using the datacard or any personal works