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joshd06 29-May-12 9:42am View
There are a lot of Articals on CodeProject on how to OCR. Some of them talk about free methods but provide less features than normal such as these:

On the other hand, there are some commercial toolkits such as leadtools that provides more features. You can find an article on their OCR in the following link:

Even though the article is written for .NET they have also C++ libraries.
joshd06 16-Nov-11 8:51am View
Reason for my vote of 5
I was thinking the same thing Bernhard, well put!
joshd06 15-Nov-11 11:07am View
Does the quantity always correspond to the number of rows in the weight?

Can an order number have multiple quantities?

Is there a specific reason you're using 3 textboxes? Why not just use one textbox or something else like a DataGridView?
joshd06 15-Nov-11 10:56am View
Sorry, perhaps I missed something from your description. I modified my answer with my full test file. Could you do the same and give a more full example showing the issue?