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deepa5 3-May-12 8:54am View
i have already use this.but i want to this on page load when any of control is click not a particular a button click
deepa5 28-Apr-12 7:48am View
UPDATE BookMaster SET AuthorName=@Author,Pages=@Pages,Title=@Title,Publisher=@Publisher,Year=@Date WHERE ISBN=@ISBN"
this is my query for update the data.But this is updating the data only first time.
deepa5 28-Apr-12 7:47am View
I have made a batch file for my service then it give to task scheduler.It runs and also update the data at first time but I am given the settings in task scheduler to run every 5 service is running on every 5 min but second time data is not updated.
deepa5 11-Apr-12 8:07am View
suppose i have date into database is 11-04-2012 then week start from this date and show the data of last 7 days from this date.then how to do this???
deepa5 4-Apr-12 2:57am View
problem is that when we select first row then its color changed but when select another row then how to first row color change??
deepa5 26-Mar-12 8:09am View
yes karthik i want to same
deepa5 26-Mar-12 8:02am View
because i didnt want to hit the server again and again.I have multiple rows in gridview thats why i want to using Client side code
deepa5 15-Mar-12 8:53am View
ya i have used this,but its not working
deepa5 15-Mar-12 8:39am View
i used this,but u can tell me on cs page where i used this?

my cs page code is:
if (!IsPostBack)
ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "flag", "SetFlag(10);", true);
if (TVMenu.Nodes.Count <= 0)
if (inpHide.Value != "true" && Session["Month"] != null && Request.QueryString != null)
TVMenu.SelectedNodeStyle.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.SkyBlue;

//BtnPrint.Attributes["onclick"] = "javascript:return printSpecial();";
deepa5 27-Feb-12 2:09am View
nothing is wotking.Can anyone explain me this error comes because of Update Panel??
deepa5 27-Feb-12 1:39am View
<asp:ImageButton ID="ImgExportPdf" Height="20px" ImageUrl="~/images/pdf-icon.png"
runat="server" ToolTip="Export To Pdf" OnClientClick="javascript:return open_win();" />

and the javascript is this:

<script type="text/javascript">
function open_win() {

new window ="ReadPdf.aspx", _blank);

return false;

deepa5 27-Feb-12 1:36am View
directly on clientclick and my imagebuttion is used in updatepanel
deepa5 11-Feb-12 5:16am View
yes i did this but its not working,please tell me another solution.
deepa5 21-Jan-12 2:51am View
its working...
deepa5 21-Jan-12 2:51am View