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Member 8428760 27-Oct-22 15:31pm View    
Someone needs to use their brain when considering what is spam or not.
Member 8428760 26-Oct-22 11:35am View    
Thank you Mike. I had the click function inside the method again. lol
Member 8428760 26-Oct-22 10:57am View    
I looked up extension and found one that said free trial. So at some point they have the right to sell it. Maybe they can tell you more.
Member 8428760 12-Oct-22 23:59pm View    
Have you followed what it says for ASP here?
Member 8428760 12-Oct-22 14:41pm View    
Thank you Richard. I have never used Grid Layout. I want my site to be mobile responsive, but not sure if I can do that with fixed width height on the boxes.