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Comments by Deviant Sapphire (Top 46 by date)

Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:21pm View    
MMO is a type of game. Alright, I understand. Thanks for the help.
Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:14pm View    
By saying simple I do not mean I am a professional at it. It's my first time wandering into the zone of networking for bigger purposes than to just sent a few messages.
Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:13pm View    
Well, it's pretty simple really I'm creating an MMO game, both applications(Servers) need to be able to have the same file to keep the entire game updated and on track.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm View    
Also in game, and forth.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm View    
It's a personal project, I'd like to change my letters to a specific symbol.