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Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:21pm View
MMO is a type of game. Alright, I understand. Thanks for the help.
Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:14pm View
By saying simple I do not mean I am a professional at it. It's my first time wandering into the zone of networking for bigger purposes than to just sent a few messages.
Deviant Sapphire 18-Apr-14 15:13pm View
Well, it's pretty simple really I'm creating an MMO game, both applications(Servers) need to be able to have the same file to keep the entire game updated and on track.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm View
Also in game, and forth.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm View
It's a personal project, I'd like to change my letters to a specific symbol.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 15:36pm View
I'm pretty sure that only works on a specific control/form, not the entire computer.
Deviant Sapphire 17-Mar-14 12:18pm View
Woops! I meant this one:
Deviant Sapphire 17-Mar-14 12:18pm View
It's not an assigment, it's a project I've been working on for quite some years now. I finally found the example I wanted to show you guys.

It's a 2D version of this:
Deviant Sapphire 17-Mar-14 8:08am View
I appreciate your answer and from reading my question this would have been the answer, but I didn't ask it properly. Thanks a lot for your input though!
Deviant Sapphire 17-Mar-14 7:47am View
Okay, I've just woken up and have been to school. I just realised how unclear my question really was. I'll edit it now, and hope it will be more clear.

- Dimitri
Deviant Sapphire 16-Mar-14 15:22pm View
I really need your email by the way, you happen to help me every time. :)
Deviant Sapphire 16-Mar-14 15:22pm View
I'm sorry for not be clearing enough, I happened to have just fallen into my coding weeks again(Been up for 36 hours now coding minute after minute.)
Yes that's exactly the one I am using, and with attaching I mean being able to make it look like it's one whole model/sprite/texture, without affecting any of the actual objects/textures.
Deviant Sapphire 15-Mar-14 7:40am View
Yes, this worked perfectly!
Deviant Sapphire 28-Feb-14 20:11pm View

Thanks for your reply. I was looking at a few articles before skipping back here, and I finally understand what a proxy is, and the server.

I must ask though, you have answered quite a few of my questions a while back, and you seem to be incredibly helpful. Could I add you on for instance Skype, or Email? By the way, thanks for the Wikipedia!

- Deviant
Deviant Sapphire 28-Feb-14 19:40pm View
Also if you think* I'm sorry for sounding rude, this was not my intention -- just poor writing skills. :p
Deviant Sapphire 26-Dec-13 21:14pm View
Cheers mate, never heard of that TCP Delay. :)
Deviant Sapphire 24-Dec-13 15:57pm View
Also be sure not to forget that they are metaphors for real objects in a two dimensional array, from which one is null and the other one is a real object.
Deviant Sapphire 24-Dec-13 15:50pm View
You wouldn't be able to find those by using only two for loops, and I have no idea how to do it otherwise.
Deviant Sapphire 24-Dec-13 15:50pm View
The black lines are edges basic on pixels(x,y)
Deviant Sapphire 24-Dec-13 15:50pm View
Here is what I mean.
The black lines are the "edges" in x,y cooardinates based on pixels.
Deviant Sapphire 24-Dec-13 15:46pm View
Well, it's simple really. The hashtags that are filled in just like filled square have edges. Basically the goal is to find the locations of the edges(Array[ x, y]) and put those into another array. It's easy to do this with rectangles, spheres, and every shapre for that matter, however a shape that has for instance a cut-in edge also has indirect edges as shown in the last example. I have no idea how to get those.
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 13:57pm View
The code in the beginning is attraction.

public void Attraction(Entity Entity)
VecForce = new Vector2();
Distance = Vector2.Distance(Position, Entity.Position);

xx = Entity.Position.X;
yy = Entity.Position.Y;

Angle = Math.Atan2(yy - Position.Y, xx - Position.X);

Multitude = (Constants.Gravity * (Mass * Entity.Mass) / (Distance * Distance));

VecForce = new Vector2((float)Math.Cos(Angle), (float)Math.Sin(Angle));

VelocityForce = Vector2.Add(VelocityForce, VecForce * Multitude) / Mass;
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 11:43am View
And with that there is nothing else I could add on here. :c
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 11:43am View
I've given you all the code that affects the position, and the problem.
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 10:57am View
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 10:57am View
I'm using XNA 4.0. :)
Deviant Sapphire 3-Dec-13 10:48am View
I'm using XNA 4.0. :)
Deviant Sapphire 31-Jul-13 6:44am View
Yes, thanks a lot for your informative answer. I do use XML Serialization, I then convert the string of that into a byte array and with the same method back. :)
Deviant Sapphire 30-Jul-13 17:24pm View
You just made me think about something interesting, thanks a lot, I think this just solved it.
Deviant Sapphire 30-Jul-13 17:08pm View
So, assuming I will send one array of 64 bytes. I will have to send another 63 packets of the same size in order to be able to read it? What is up with this protocol?
Deviant Sapphire 30-Jul-13 15:28pm View
The packets can differentiate from sizes, while a TCP buffer can only hold a specific amount of data.
Deviant Sapphire 9-Jul-13 21:04pm View
No this is exactly what I meant, I just followed your logic and it's easier for me to figure out next problems. Thanks a lot! :)
Deviant Sapphire 8-Jul-13 16:21pm View
Thank you I really appreciate the help and this did solve it!
Deviant Sapphire 8-Jul-13 16:00pm View
Not really homework, this is for a project of mine but I do not have an idea. I thought about multiplying the number by three, but that didn't work out well.
Deviant Sapphire 16-Jun-13 7:21am View
Yes, true. I have just commented the if statement and it appeared to have added boxes at 608. Well, I'll look further into the if statement, thanks a lot for the help! :)
Deviant Sapphire 16-Jun-13 7:16am View
But after thinking about it, it can't stop at 18. Since 0 is in the for loop and 19 too. I'm so confused.
Deviant Sapphire 16-Jun-13 7:06am View

If the block is not air,
we can collide with it(for instance dirt, grass).
Deviant Sapphire 14-Jun-13 6:27am View
Well one of the causes is that I did not write:

for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++)
if (!Colliding(0, -i))
this.PositionPixelY -= i;
Deviant Sapphire 8-Jun-13 12:27pm View
Yeah, I was thinking that I had to do this. Thanks a lot. :)
Deviant Sapphire 5-Jun-13 5:56am View ?
Deviant Sapphire 23-May-13 15:35pm View
Silly me for forgetting that. Thank you very much.
Deviant Sapphire 7-May-13 6:42am View
I got it fixed.
Deviant Sapphire 7-May-13 6:35am View
Okay, so I fixed the first line. It was because I forgot to do the Y.
But still the head is turning the wrong way?

this.Player.EntityHeadAngle = (float)(Math.PI / 4 - (Math.Atan2(e.State.X - Cradle.GraphicsManager.PreferredBackBufferWidth / 2, e.State.Y - Cradle.GraphicsManager.PreferredBackBufferHeight)));
Deviant Sapphire 7-May-13 6:26am View
No you do not? :L



X -> Y = ~135.
Deviant Sapphire 7-May-13 5:54am View
"Uneccsarily editing my posts" Well grammar failed quite hard there. Oh, and that was pointed at the guy, not you, sorry. :L
Deviant Sapphire 7-May-13 5:50am View
First of all, please stop unneccsarily editing my post. Next, I am trying to accomplish getting the angles by points. For now, the angle should be calculated from the middle of the form, to a point on the screen. Unfortunatly, whenever I do this I seem to be getting odd results.