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keerth516 4-Jul-14 3:47am View
wix is a windows installer.for that first you need install wix3.8.exe(which am using).Then you need create you set up as version1.0 .when ever you want modified only those two files update only those files in applicationdata folder(which contains all the necessary file required to run your application eg:Release folder data) and make it as another version 1.1.when you want to install 2nd version.It like same as running a patch file to update.Its preety tricky to create a patch in wix because in very short period cannot learn it.
keerth516 4-Jul-14 3:00am View
If you know wix you can create a msi, with the above requirement you mentioned.
keerth516 4-Jul-14 2:58am View
i didnt get your question.can you please explain it what you are trying to achieve.
keerth516 4-Jul-14 2:57am View
I have done the same process in you require any help please let me know.
keerth516 2-Jul-14 3:46am View
hey you want to bind data to datagrid based on combox selection and textbox data right?
or else you have other scenario to implement.
keerth516 11-Apr-14 1:00am View
Alex,Thanks a lot.I struggled two days to know what was the solution then i found the above solution.Hope it may help others who had same problem.:)
keerth516 25-Dec-13 9:52am View
Access is denied means.comport that your trying to access is closed or device is not connected..please check
keerth516 7-Dec-13 22:51pm View
your welcome ...keep smiling
keerth516 5-Dec-13 12:14pm View
what do you mean by with out openig showdialog ..can you explain what your are trying to do??
keerth516 4-Dec-13 21:52pm View
your welcome ,instead of posting your question here you could have search in could get many ways to do it.
keerth516 22-Nov-13 3:09am View
Can you explain what you are trying to achieve it??
keerth516 20-Nov-13 23:56pm View
your welcome
keerth516 20-Nov-13 12:21pm View
updated my answer to you question and remember this is very simple way of doing it.hope it fetch you basic knowledge and can do what ever you want.
keerth516 19-Nov-13 8:39am View
I have created a user control for this instead of custom control...thanks
keerth516 19-Nov-13 0:18am View
your are welcome.
keerth516 18-Nov-13 12:51pm View
you want to show Gridview and Textboxes of form1 in form2 on form2's buttonclick event right?
keerth516 8-Nov-13 5:32am View
Thanks for the help , i figured out my problem and implmented ausercontrol
keerth516 7-Nov-13 12:25pm View
Thanks Alexander !!! unfortunately am not using MVVM structure in WPF at this moment.Any other idea or process to achieve this?
keerth516 6-Nov-13 6:23am View
ha ha ha...okay normally WPF app running in task manager will appear as appName.vshot.exe

and am not sure what is your purpose of doing it.
keerth516 6-Nov-13 6:19am View
use the select query and set sqlDataadapter Fill method to add the dataset as below

internal IEnumerable GetDataFromDataBase(string tblName, string szQuery)
dt = new DataTable(tblName);
using(con=new SqlConnection(connection))
using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(szQuery, con))
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);

catch (Exception ex)

if (con != null)
return dt.DefaultView;
It will give you all the required data as datatable or you can use Dataset as return type and bind it.
keerth516 6-Nov-13 0:57am View

this link is good example of doing can change your select query
keerth516 6-Nov-13 0:49am View
I have worked on.rpt not .rdlc,if you are generating report using crystal report i can help you.How ever the above query logic is same.
keerth516 6-Nov-13 0:12am View
kamlihere,check the below solution.if you have any doubts please ask me
keerth516 5-Nov-13 12:03pm View
you mean to say,want to bind three separate tables data which has relation between them in one crystal report right ? or else you want to show three different tables in on ereport?
keerth516 5-Nov-13 0:58am View
@Clifford Nelson: Hi Sir,Could you please let me know what is IDirectoryInventoryDataCollector ?

I tried to run the above mentioned code in winforms but i get error as "Error 1 The type or namespace name 'IDirectoryInventoryDataCollector' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) " I could not solve it.
keerth516 7-Oct-13 2:03am View
it keeps inserting data even Curret start and end date is with in the already existed date range..
keerth516 7-Oct-13 1:16am View
i tried this way also...but it will insert if it in the range but it will not insert either if it not with in the range
keerth516 7-Oct-13 1:15am View
IF((SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblPlan WHERE StartDate>=@StartDate AND EndDate <=@EndDate)<0)
keerth516 2-Sep-13 0:53am View
Thank you
keerth516 29-Aug-13 8:59am View
I get this exception nothing else..

keerth516 19-Aug-13 6:00am View
Once i stop test run,if i run it againg or tries to start debug ,it gives "Cannot start more than one local run" error.To run the test again, i have to close the application and then start it again.any solution for this?
keerth516 19-Aug-13 5:37am View
Thanks for the reply when i start debugging with out running the test,it does not show any error,all break points in ParseCalculatorArgsTest's status message saying" the break point will not be currently hit,No Symbols have been loaded for this document".
keerth516 10-Aug-13 9:02am View
I couldn't find MailMessage.Load() in System.Net.Mail.I will try with System.Web.Mail and let you know.
keerth516 10-Aug-13 3:01am View
hi ridoy, thanks for the of the link you provided says it is possible to convert whole document as email body.but am implementing this logic in windows application where as they have used MailMesssage from system.web.Mail. Is it correct way of applying in windows application?
keerth516 2-Aug-13 6:06am View
Hi Benz1 Thanks for the reply, how can i send email mailmerge word document to particular parson.Let us say i have merge document as NewDocumnet.doc, then how can i send a email this NewDocument.doc as a attachment or Html body..?
keerth516 2-Aug-13 5:51am View
Thanks for the reply..parveen.I want to send mailmerge document to particular emailid in excel (as DataSource) as explained in above post.I am stuck at OpenDataSource method itself..Can u please suggest me any idea to achieve this
keerth516 1-Aug-13 13:56pm View
myWordApp.ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Destination = Word.WdMailMergeDestination.wdSendToEmail; ///I get error at this line
keerth516 27-Jul-13 14:44pm View
I couldn't access the above mentioned properties only.
keerth516 27-Jul-13 14:43pm View
hi sampath,could you please let me know how can i access the "Notes" from a particular Outlook Contact which is same as Notes's value generated in .CSV file by Outlook.Any suggestion and idea to achieve...? and for other properties like Keywords,Private,Location,Directory server also
keerth516 26-Jul-13 0:51am View
hi ryanb31 ..thanks again...i did this way item="keerth516,24,b'lore" while writting to csv file "\""+item+"\"" ,then its working fine even for carriage return,newline
keerth516 25-Jul-13 7:47am View
Thanks for the reply .I had gone through this link also and understood this way.When i use "BusinessAddress" it returns Fulladdress,if i use "BusinessAddressStreet" property it returns only Street details. Can you please suggest me how should i get this Business Street 2 and Business Street 3 property as it shows in actual .csv file generated by Outlook 2007
keerth516 25-Jul-13 1:05am View
no it didnt work...any other idea!!?
keerth516 24-Jul-13 22:13pm View
hi ryanb31 i have commas in list item this has to be taken as one string instead its splitting and assigning to next cell one more question even the '\r\n" in list item going to can i avoid not to go mext and remains as single string with commas. any idea
keerth516 24-Jul-13 9:59am View
thanks for the reply ali but i solved that issue by myself...your answer is also correct way of doing it in .cs
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:56am View
sorry i was having some other issue which i could n't see it..yes your suggestion helped me..thanks
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:32am View
yes here when i create a .csv file looks similar as excel sheet.
I could bind all the list items in one cell itself, not each item in different cell...can u pls suggest me any idea how can i write item1 to cell1 then item2 to adjacent cell.
keerth516 24-Jul-13 8:19am View
you didnt get what i was trying to say, I have list1 contains 5items,want to write these 5items to different cells of .csv file instead it writing 5items to one cell itself. I want write each list items in one cell and then shift to adjacent cell and write second item. can u please suggest any other idea to achieve this.
keerth516 18-Jul-13 3:44am View
yes , i had seen this link ...but in that " DSO Framer control." link is not a valid one..
keerth516 17-Jul-13 14:37pm View
am not able to write any thing in textbox soon as i clikc the text box to enter text it invoking this event and throws exception....any solution!!
keerth516 16-Jul-13 23:16pm View
OnMouseDoubleClick event is there for Textbox...not Click event...On MousedoubleClick is working can i achieve for single click?
keerth516 16-Jul-13 22:01pm View
I want textbox text as a hyperlink,when click on the textbox text ,it should open in the browser.
keerth516 15-Jul-13 23:05pm View
I am developing WPF application,in this am implementing one module especially new contact window in Outlook.I gotta create database for this,would like to know how the contacts details are dumping into database and what and all feilds are their in the tables and what feilds should be there.So that it work same as in MSoffice outloook new contact page...any suggestion lease...
keerth516 8-Jun-13 6:45am View
sorry for the late reply..your answer was very helpful.

my issuse was in a tabItem1 had two dataGrid with column header checkbox. I can set first datagrid to default value but for second datagrid column header checkbox not unchecking even if i make empty or set default values. how can i uncheck on tabselection. Any suggestion