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Comments by Amey K Bhatkar (Top 21 by date)

Amey K Bhatkar 22-Aug-14 13:46pm View    
I do not get what exactly you are doing. But this might help you.
Amey K Bhatkar 21-Jul-14 3:37am View    
let me know if you want description.
Amey K Bhatkar 16-Jan-14 10:58am View    
you the man!!! Thanks!! Have you read that is it good for c# prospective?
Amey K Bhatkar 16-Jan-14 4:26am View    
Thanks appreciated for you help. Completely agree with you. can you provide me some books name that contain GOF pattern and practices.
Amey K Bhatkar 30-Dec-13 13:57pm View    
Create hidden field and store the value of dropdownlist selection inside that and use that hidden filed value as the drop down selected item.