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Comments by Nicholas Marty (Top 48 by date)

Nicholas Marty 17-Oct-14 10:39am View    
Well, I don't regularly try to express something with regular expressions (pun intended ;-)). And I my knowledge for writing the simple ones I need is enough for not needing a tool to construct them. I only need a tool to get some basic verification if the expression is actually doing what I need. As soon as I've figured it out I usually write a small sample script in LinqPad to be sure .Net handles the expression as I expect it to, before finally writing the unit tests to it. Sure TDD would suggest to write the Tests first. But I think it's a bit tedious to test a regex using unit tests ;)
Nicholas Marty 17-Oct-14 9:57am View    
I like to test my regex ;)
Nicholas Marty 28-Apr-14 6:55am View    
Open the Project File (.vbp) in Visual Basic 6 and press F5 to start debugging? I don't get what this has to do with visual studio 2010 or any .sln files when the project is developed in VB6...
Nicholas Marty 15-Apr-14 4:55am View    
Shouldn't you only need the "Oracle Data Provider" (ODP.NET) instead of a whole program for that?
Nicholas Marty 10-Apr-14 10:47am View    
Maybe you should replace "</br>" with it's actually correct representation: "<br>", "<br/>" or "<br />"? "</br>" doesn't really exist ;)