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Comments by V Mohan (Top 40 by date)

V Mohan 16-Oct-14 7:13am View    
Manually also i cannot delete. But the same code is in local machine it is working fine.
V Mohan 15-Sep-14 6:33am View    

Thanks for your help. But i am using 2008. Its not wotking for me. Please help me.

V Mohan 28-Jul-14 6:36am View    
Thank you so much. Its working fine
V Mohan 28-Jul-14 6:19am View    
Can you please help with this
V Mohan 28-Jul-14 5:53am View    
Thanks. I want Each maximum value in each category.
Flow is
1.first need to take distinct value of Refno
2.Check the Prefix for those rows and take maximum value of Prefix
3 Then in that i need to get max as seq
For above example
1.55, 56,59 is the output of first step

2 in these A is max of 55 and 56,59
3 for a 55 Seq 3 is the maximum, for 56 a 3 seq is maximum
4 for 59 a is the max value
so the output is
ID RefNo Prefix Seq
183 55 A 3
188 56 A 3
190 59 A 1

Thanks in advance