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Comments by Prafulla Sahu (Top 47 by date)

Prafulla Sahu 14-Mar-17 12:53pm View    
Thanks for your replies but security team suggesting check for validations if it is failing then show some generic message instead of 500 error. Banging my head how to implement this.
Prafulla Sahu 12-Dec-14 4:22am View    
Thanks I will definitely try this one
Prafulla Sahu 21-Aug-13 2:48am View    
Thanks a lot for your reply ridoy but I did it
Prafulla Sahu 15-Jul-13 3:06am View     CRLF
I did my home work effectively with some issues after that I am here for asking some suggestions how to overcome those issues, trust me I did a sample application and implement the same thing, don't get me wrong could you tell me your mail id so that I will send you the sample and also convince you that I am not lying. Thanks
Prafulla Sahu 15-Jul-13 2:36am View    
hey Rohan I am not here to kill your and my time as well I think you haven't read my post clearly just read it once again there I have clearly mentioned that I am able to give security access to all the pages inside my private folder although you are accessing those pages from URL without authenticated but the same thing is not working when I am browsing a file from the same location. Thanks for your reply