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Unareshraju 24-Jul-14 0:59am View
Hi Maciej thanks for your replay, i did comparison. i need matched word from both. please read the question.
Unareshraju 16-Jul-14 8:13am View
Hi Arun, thanks for responding, yeah i am also did the same way, but it does n't showing any thing console as well as alert, actually we closely for solution
Unareshraju 8-May-14 0:08am View
yes exactly getting same error on UserName as undefined
Unareshraju 8-May-14 0:06am View
function returns the json data correctly
Unareshraju 9-Jan-13 9:07am View
hello sandeep,
thank for u r reply,
i got it.
this is crossdomain issue i.e browser compatability issue
Unareshraju 15-Oct-12 8:38am View
can u provide your source code? we will see where the function being called .
Unareshraju 1-Oct-12 5:51am View
instead of numeric(18, 0) change into Decimal(18,2) and
instead of varchar (50) change into nvarchar(50) after that
give like this

values ('@month_no',@s_year,@emp_code,@basic,@da,@hra ,@ca,@bp,@outfit,@bonus,@overseas,@gross,@tot_ded,@netsal,'@remark')

Note: nvarchar should in singlecote
Unareshraju 27-Sep-12 1:23am View
hi there,
here the problem is not your application, pls check the firewall/iis
see here:
Unareshraju 25-Sep-12 9:35am View
right now we have not such kind of requirement, if u want u can put half of page to print.
Unareshraju 25-Sep-12 5:32am View
are you doing this in Mobile app?
Unareshraju 25-Sep-12 4:44am View
ok thank you,
here is my working code :

$.support.cors = true;
var pval="passing value to webmethod";
type: "POST",
url: "http://localhost:portno/Service1.asmx/webmethod",
data: JSON.stringify({ pval: pval}),
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "JSON",
error: function (request, status, error) {
alert( 'Error : ' + error); },
success: function (msg) {
var theRealData = msg.d;
document.getElementById("welcomeMsg").innerHTML += theRealData;
Unareshraju 25-Sep-12 3:35am View
before going that i have few questions.
1)are you using phonegap with BlackBerry?
2)if u r developing in phonegap, which version u r using?
3)is calling any webservice method in u r application?
4)which response type u r using either JSON or XML?
previously i was faced same issue ,i gave particular Response and content type after that my problem solved.
Unareshraju 25-Sep-12 1:45am View
hi prantick ,
u can remove timeout:600000,async: true, then try again. because application it will take time from when we start the app. so that your getting this error.
so that remove and try again.
Unareshraju 14-Sep-12 8:32am View
we don't get built in answer for every question , we need to change and develop the code .........
Unareshraju 14-Sep-12 7:25am View
Unareshraju 14-Sep-12 7:20am View
use the explicit type conversion
Unareshraju 13-Sep-12 7:13am View
in webservice i declared 10MB,
While consuming the service getting the error at client side!
is there any option/feature to increasing the file size in client side scripting(i recommended javascript). please see the below link :!topic/phonegap/bEMTDWeYRao
Unareshraju 12-Sep-12 5:30am View
from emulator says error.
Unareshraju 10-Sep-12 5:44am View
hi mani,
i am using vs2010 but no issues in the test client .but i am guessing may need to set some properties .
Unareshraju 7-Sep-12 5:01am View
i solved
Unareshraju 6-Sep-12 0:45am View
hi Kuthuparakkal,
Thank you so much ...
super solution!!!!!!!.
Unareshraju 31-Aug-12 7:04am View
Unareshraju 31-Aug-12 6:05am View
before going that i need some information from you?
here are we have two approaches
1)Ajax with json
2)normal consuming through the AddServiceReference in our project/

which one r u following?

What database r u using?

Thanks &Regards
Unareshraju 31-Aug-12 2:13am View
i am not sure . u can try through the webshare. may this is the way.
Unareshraju 29-Aug-12 1:52am View
hi deepak we need seeting in iis.
1)go to iis :
2)select your website or service goto binding instead of port select your ip address.
3)then you can run your application.
now your app running with your ip.
Unareshraju 23-Aug-12 1:52am View
hi amit thanks a lot, i am passing a file through the web service into external server . So for that reason i am using HttpContext.
Unareshraju 20-Aug-12 23:37pm View
hi amit, is there any way by using HttpContext ?
Unareshraju 20-Aug-12 8:58am View
could you look here :
Unareshraju 20-Aug-12 8:53am View
thanks a lot for your reply,
i am using only using HttpContext, please look at over .....
Unareshraju 20-Aug-12 8:29am View
this data passing into third party server, so i avoid sessions....
Unareshraju 9-Aug-12 1:29am View
see here :
Unareshraju 7-Aug-12 7:38am View
observe the google translate,i hope that same like that it will work
Unareshraju 7-Aug-12 0:33am View
No need ,because of dropdown list items did not come from database right?
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 8:39am View
first u have to add some items.
after that in delete button write like this
private void BtnDelete_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 7:56am View
s i also faced this issus in silvetlight 4.o but not resolved yet now.
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:59am View
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:58am View
please see her for more details where u did wrong.
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:57am View
if possible can u show you r code?
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:32am View
compilation debug="true"/

in the tags
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:31am View


<compilation debug="true">

Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:31am View
<compilation debug="true">

Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:30am View


<compilation debug="true">

Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:29am View
he source code that generated this unhandled exception can only be shown when compiled in debug mode. To enable this, please follow one of the below steps, then request the URL:

1. Add a "Debug=true" directive at the top of the file that generated the error. Example:

<%@ Page Language="C#" Debug="true" %>


2) Add the following section to the configuration file of your application:



<compilation debug="true">

Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:06am View
please elaborate your question
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 5:01am View
pradeep you can write a code click on the image map control fto navigate another page.
Response.Redirect("Target.aspx?pageName " );
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 4:56am View
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 4:47am View
hi ajith why don't you sorting rows in storeprocedure also. through the code some more complex. just use a Desc function in storeprocedure that's all.
Unareshraju 6-Aug-12 4:44am View
you are right abhiram.
Unareshraju 3-Aug-12 2:11am View
for what?
through the design or coding ?
r u connecting to any database?
Unareshraju 2-Aug-12 6:00am View
good vvsnmurthy, keep it up
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 8:51am View
hi Khali,

try like this

private void checkBox1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
//u r displayed values
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 8:25am View
r u asking at designing time right!.
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 8:14am View
only dataprovider is different for accessDb .. remains all are same
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 8:11am View
based on your requirement,
simply think your way......... that's all
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 6:39am View
i also same thing
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 3:33am View
i also learned new one .thank u santhosh
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 2:34am View
hi kulasekaran,
i believe what ever you did right. pls check below thinks may be we will get
1).ics file will support or not?
2)with filestream we can pass the attach file file,generally we will get lot of traffic using filestream.
Unareshraju 1-Aug-12 2:16am View
hi bhaskar,

to create an object for a checkboxes (create in global.cs)
we can possible to pass the object between pages in a project.
Unareshraju 22-Jul-12 9:52am View
hi Sebastian Thanks a lot for u r reply,

Everywhere discussed ajax. but this is applicable only windowsphone7 right!
but i am looking for all device phone for that i am prefer only jAVASCRIPT.
Unareshraju 20-Jul-12 7:08am View
may i know your creating custom control of datepicker?
Unareshraju 20-Jul-12 4:32am View
sandeep actually here didn't connect to the database.any suggestion?
Unareshraju 20-Jul-12 2:41am View
hi christian, please see the Phonegap Url you will get the idea on phoneGap
Unareshraju 19-Jul-12 2:26am View
Thank u sandeep
Unareshraju 19-Jul-12 2:24am View
Unareshraju 18-Jul-12 8:36am View
Thank u Somuch Allu,
Actually i am using phonegap template for that using HTML and Javascript only.
here iam trying with only javascript and html. please any suggestion .
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 8:21am View
r u doing on HTML5?
if Yes Please refer the Support browser.Because of HTML% will n't support all browsers
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 8:17am View
hi kkakadiya,
Actually i didn't used any type of control.please let me know which type of control can i use.
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 8:14am View
Actually i am developing corodova application for that i need to use only HTML% and javaScript.This same Functionality i did in windows phone7.but now i am developing same in Cordova sothat i required this type of navigation.
thanks for u r reply
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 8:08am View
i am using Sql server 2008.
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 2:42am View
Same Enitymodel..charan
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 2:41am View
i didn't reach your expectation could to explain when you want to close the form. we can possible to create more form at dynamically.....please explain u r question.
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 2:38am View
see this url
Unareshraju 17-Jul-12 2:07am View
please see the url:
Unareshraju 16-Jul-12 8:27am View
let me did you connect to database through the LINQ?
please tell me............
Unareshraju 8-Jun-12 8:42am View
Unareshraju 1-Jun-12 5:26am View
what this?
Unareshraju 1-Jun-12 0:35am View
Unareshraju 22-May-12 3:15am View
hi shawnas thanks to u r reply,
i was connected to database through the LINQ for that no need to declare data contract,
i am inserting the values through the my application(wpf in that text boxes) .please any help how write insert command when i am inserting values through the my application
Unareshraju 22-May-12 1:34am View
yes prakash good url
Unareshraju 22-May-12 0:57am View
hi JF2015,
here also he used codeplex toolkit dll right!
Unareshraju 21-May-12 9:06am View
hi john,
i think can we able to do increase/decrease the time in the properties .
i am not sure but i am comaring with addrotator control in that we can able to set the time. please u can observe in this way.........
Unareshraju 21-May-12 7:15am View
is it possible ?
is there any associated keys either forenkey or primary key.
Unareshraju 21-May-12 4:37am View
thank u somuch vnaveen............
here i gave LINQ connection(already gave connection)no need to write that code, and for inserting data i think here have a query......but i am not sure. so-that i am trying for that.........
Unareshraju 21-May-12 4:28am View
yes Dylan .........
Unareshraju 21-May-12 0:27am View
Unareshraju 18-May-12 8:41am View
hi preet**,
thanks for reply.........actually here
dataGrid1.(not displaying DATAMEMBER") ..only teble values are not displayed in datagrid....not showing any error.
Unareshraju 15-May-12 7:03am View
thank u so-much to reply,
please could you suggest to me through the example url,s.
Unareshraju 11-May-12 1:21am View
hji prathap thanku u so-much .i am consuming wcf service throw the client client application is possible to insert the data in to database through the textboxes.but in this link we gives. and also back-end as sql server-2008.
Unareshraju 10-May-12 7:14am View
here we should create a TableA which consist of five column after that you can use above command
Unareshraju 10-May-12 6:56am View
hi ganesan thank u so-much to reply. i already created progress-bar, now how can i assign(use) that progress bar between two pages in my application.
Unareshraju 1-May-12 23:53pm View
thank u somuch reddy
by using this i solved my problem
"SP_RENAME 'Student.StudentID','SID'
Unareshraju 25-Apr-12 0:28am View
hi Nilesh thanks u r reply..........i need to update all empname's in my table
Unareshraju 24-Apr-12 3:28am View
thankyou so-much Patel to reply. please let me know another URL's.
Unareshraju 23-Apr-12 4:03am View
very thank u so-much Prasad my problem has solved by your suggestions.
Unareshraju 19-Apr-12 12:23pm View
thank u very much wes-aday.........
please can help to me that service have two operation contract
1)to get the data from sql serve
2)possible to insert the values into sql server.
Unareshraju 19-Apr-12 7:12am View
thanks deepak.....
Unareshraju 16-Apr-12 2:45am View
thank u very much CRDave . this url's i already read. thaanks to u quick response..............
Unareshraju 16-Apr-12 2:44am View
thank u very much Deepak_Sharma to u r quick response.......
these url's are helps to me to develop the mobile app