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Comments by Amal anjula (Top 43 by date)

Amal anjula 3-Jan-17 20:36pm View    
Sir. How to load images and other stuff using int main(Argv.....

string fn_haar = string(argv[1]);
string fn_csv = string(argv[2]);
int deviceId = atoi(argv[3]);

I alway stuck i print the all item of arc.there is only one item names /path/facedetect.exe
How load other stuffs to void main. What should be name of thease files.
Thank you
Amal anjula 3-Jan-17 20:27pm View    
Ok sir. Where i create cvs file and ref images folder. What is the cvs file name. /Faces.txt is this correct
Amal anjula 3-Jan-17 10:04am View    
can you make exapmle for that sir
Amal anjula 29-Dec-16 20:54pm View    
Can you make smple code for that pls
Amal anjula 25-Dec-16 7:47am View    
Above code work i want read serial data from the arduino. Im used readfile method. On this way programe wait untill serial data do that.
Thank you.