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Comments by Adittya Gupta (Top 7 by date)

Adittya Gupta 14-Sep-12 9:33am View
paste your connection strings.
Adittya Gupta 14-Sep-12 9:22am View
Do you have DataValueField and DataTextField same or different.
Adittya Gupta 14-Sep-12 8:38am View
no negative vote from my side brother. All of your solution is helpful and encouraging me in making confident of choosing right path.
Adittya Gupta 14-Sep-12 2:40am View
Data is in string format and too very small but needed in all the pages for specific user as many of tasks are done using them. As data is used in all the pages then using query-string requires lots of effort so I dropped that point.
However I thought of using Application variables but I am not clear that will they be specific to user or will be same for all users.
Adittya Gupta 14-Sep-12 2:27am View
Don't you think if user delete cookies while using the solution can lead to loss of data that I have saved.
Adittya Gupta 7-Sep-12 7:20am View
Can you provide your code snoippet or provide some more details in order to understand your question clearly.
Adittya Gupta 5-Sep-12 5:22am View
Can you post your code or error stack trace this will help us in understanding problem more clearly.