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Rajeev Jayaram 14-Dec-18 7:41am View
Have you read the manual?
Rajeev Jayaram 23-Aug-16 8:19am View
What hosting provider you are using?
Rajeev Jayaram 23-Aug-16 5:36am View
Does it work for the first time?
Rajeev Jayaram 29-Feb-16 6:50am View
Do you have an update panel in your code?
Rajeev Jayaram 31-Mar-15 5:07am View
Well said :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 21-Oct-14 6:14am View
I agree with Griff, Improve / Paraphrase your question.
Rajeev Jayaram 21-Oct-14 6:04am View
Use the SelectedValue and SelectedIndex property. See my answer below.
Rajeev Jayaram 4-Dec-13 8:04am View
You're welcome.
Rajeev Jayaram 4-Dec-13 7:16am View
None of the above links refer to any 'LINQ to XML' queries.
I suggest you to refer:
Rajeev Jayaram 29-Oct-13 11:42am View
Not enough detail. Click on 'Improve question' and provide more details like code snippet, etc.
Rajeev Jayaram 16-Oct-13 7:32am View
Rajeev Jayaram 16-Oct-13 7:29am View
Have you ever come across this error "Object reference..." before?
Rajeev Jayaram 16-Oct-13 7:25am View
Can you provide more information? We can't see your code, can we?
Rajeev Jayaram 16-Oct-13 7:22am View
What did you try till now? Did you face any specific issue?
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Jul-13 7:27am View
What do you mean by "Hack the server?"
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Jul-13 7:13am View
You want to tell something about the code?
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Jul-13 7:06am View
Use the "Improve question" option to update your question.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Jul-13 12:02pm View
Good answer!
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Jul-13 11:56am View
PDFsharp and MigraDoc are some alternatives that you can try. See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Jul-13 10:43am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Got a quick overview, thanks.
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Mar-13 5:25am View
That's Awesome :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Mar-13 7:10am View
Use 'Have a Question or Comment?' option for your comments.
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 18:00pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 17:48pm View
See this,
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 17:42pm View
Did you use any profiler to measure the performance?
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 17:33pm View
I've never seen such a reply! :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 17:13pm View
Is it a macro enabled spreadsheet? Who provided it to you? Possibly VBA?
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 17:06pm View
Infragistics doesn't seem to provide this facility, see my answer below.
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-13 16:35pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Feb-13 18:54pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 26-Oct-12 8:33am View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 25-Oct-12 11:56am View
Looks like CP is more popular than Google!
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Oct-12 5:46am View
Just to add to your answer; By default, the ChildrenAsTriggers property is set to "true" for UpdatePanel.
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Oct-12 5:39am View
Are you showing gif image as progress indicator?
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Oct-12 8:32am View
Are you using jQuery?. If not, consider using jQuery. See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Oct-12 7:47am View
You could also try download and link the Jquery library, instead of accessing it directly via url.
Rajeev Jayaram 9-Oct-12 10:13am View
If the referencing is made ok, then you can also check if the table is not empty before sorting.
Rajeev Jayaram 9-Oct-12 7:58am View
Define some of the issues, if any, that you are facing? It looks like a spam to me.
Rajeev Jayaram 24-Sep-12 4:10am View
Are you new to
Rajeev Jayaram 21-Sep-12 4:51am View
For this requirement there are several ways that you can consider doing, see my answer below.
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Sep-12 18:31pm View
Why do you need this? Any specific reason?
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Sep-12 16:27pm View
For posting comments you should use "Have a Question or Comment?' option. (not solution)
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Sep-12 16:22pm View
Your question is not very clear. Posting the code snippet/Further clarification would be useful for anyone to answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Sep-12 16:12pm View
I would suggest you also click on 'Improve question' and update your question with this information.
Rajeev Jayaram 5-Jul-12 16:12pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 5-Jul-12 9:55am View
ok, then... What is the next question?
Rajeev Jayaram 5-Jul-12 6:53am View
Nice link, +5
Rajeev Jayaram 4-Jul-12 9:15am View
While I was too exhausted at work, your question made me laugh. Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 4-Jul-12 4:55am View
Quote: "You may find that it's not that hard."

Motivational, cheers!
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Jul-12 17:30pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Jul-12 17:27pm View
I agree with you. People should pay more respect to their own culture and tradition. They should put that extra effort to help themselves before directly jumping on with simple questions.

Nice to hear about your children. Of course you are always there to guide them :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Jun-12 15:52pm View
You're welcome.

Note: If you mean to add comments to any solution you should use the "Have a Question or Comment?" option.
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Jun-12 11:43am View
What is the error message and where exactly it breaks?
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Jun-12 11:37am View
What is the error message?
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Jun-12 11:28am View
Your quesiton is unclear. Improve the question.
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 11:01am View
Question is not clear and complete. Please elaborate.
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 10:54am View
Huh! "Everything from google is not free!"
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 10:42am View
Not sure if this link relates to your topic,
But, has some insights on arabic formatting.
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 10:09am View
Good answer!
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 9:29am View
Good Answer!
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 8:57am View
Ok, then use DataGridView.CellValidating Event. Refer to the updated solution for a similar post.
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Jun-12 8:18am View
I suggest you to look into,
You don't seem to be having a good idea on what a Comupter Virus is.
Rajeev Jayaram 25-Jun-12 17:27pm View
Thanks SA.
Rajeev Jayaram 25-Jun-12 10:44am View
What? You answer your own questions?
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 20:50pm View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 13:34pm View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 11:14am View
I think it is because all Indian Languages have different alphabet structure compared to Engligh. So it becomes difficult to type in the Keyboard. Also the translation is itself a nightmare. Most people find it difficult to translate English equivalent word in their local language. Indian languages are not scientifially evolved with new terminologies (or) not most Indians bother to learn them.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 10:32am View
The bottomline is, you should tell the compiler what is the return type. It gets confused if both the operands are of different type. Try explicit casting in any one of the operands atleast.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 10:29am View
In that case try this,

dr[columnname] = datavalue.Trim() == "" ? (int?)null : Convert.ToInt32(datavalue);

Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 10:01am View
Keep your second and third operand the same type. Or explicitly cast it. See my answer, if that helps.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 9:41am View
Can you share the error message?
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 8:58am View
Edit: Spelling and Grammar.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 8:50am View
May be the try block didn't meet with an exception as you didn't execute the sqlcommand. See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 8:19am View
Add your query in the "Comments and discussion" section in the article below,

I hope you're referring to this article.
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 5:44am View
Your question is difficult to undestand. Do you need the column to be sorted based on the last alphabet (or) the number following the last alphabet?
Rajeev Jayaram 22-Jun-12 4:38am View
Add your comments using the "Have a Question or Comment?" option. Not as a solution.
Rajeev Jayaram 7-Jun-12 11:47am View
Try to avoid pasting a lot of code. Be precise and that would fetch good results.
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Apr-12 13:58pm View
Well Said.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Apr-12 12:49pm View
Rajeev Jayaram 30-Mar-12 6:51am View
[Edited] - Spelling.
Rajeev Jayaram 30-Mar-12 6:47am View
Did your finger stick to your keyboard when typing '?', 'z', 'e'?
Rajeev Jayaram 30-Mar-12 6:32am View
[Edit] - Added pre tag for better readability.
Rajeev Jayaram 30-Mar-12 6:30am View
[Edit] - Added pre tag for better readability.
Rajeev Jayaram 30-Mar-12 3:22am View
Added pre tag.
Rajeev Jayaram 29-Mar-12 8:17am View
Try [] COALESCE and see if it helps.
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Mar-12 8:39am View
Added pre tag.
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Mar-12 8:23am View
Refer below link for basic idea on multitier architecture, before you start, it would help you get the idea.
Rajeev Jayaram 15-Mar-12 2:29am View
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Mar-12 7:47am View
How would anyone give you comments without reading your book? See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Mar-12 7:31am View
[Edit] - Pre tag added.
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Mar-12 3:02am View
Google it!
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Mar-12 5:09am View
Good suggestion. But, using Clone instead of Copy would be more appropriate. See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Mar-12 2:13am View
Why do you need it?
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 9:06am View
You said you study and implement, then do something extra for Research. See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 8:49am View
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 6:53am View
When are you getting this error? Explain with more details so that someone here will help you out.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 6:40am View
[Edit] Formatted.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 6:29am View

See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Mar-12 6:21am View
Why don't you try google for something that is very obvious? See my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Feb-12 6:57am View
[Edit] - Typo fixed.
Rajeev Jayaram 28-Feb-12 3:32am View
Do you think the information you provided is sufficient for someone to undestand the issue?
Rajeev Jayaram 20-Feb-12 13:01pm View
Thanks for your comment.
Rajeev Jayaram 20-Feb-12 13:00pm View
I'm glad it helped you.
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 13:29pm View
Don't use all CAPS. It's meant as shouting. Use 'Improve question' to edit your question.
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 12:58pm View
Are you a beginner to C# or New to programming itself?
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 10:38am View
From his version 1: "please explain how to do the that attack"

You're late. Yet good answer if it is to prevent.
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 5:48am View
Yeah, just saw it. Good comments from you on that question.
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 5:41am View
Rajeev Jayaram 19-Feb-12 5:36am View
Wow, you didn't ask 'What is C#?'. Google is your friend.
Rajeev Jayaram 15-Feb-12 8:27am View
Good one.
Rajeev Jayaram 15-Feb-12 8:18am View
Do you refer to instance as a seperate screen? Are you using desktop or web application? If web application, what browser in Xp and Win 7?
Use "Improve question" to update your question.
Rajeev Jayaram 15-Feb-12 8:08am View
See this,
Rajeev Jayaram 15-Feb-12 7:41am View
Note: Use the "Have a Question or Comment?" option to post comments and not the solution option.
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Feb-12 2:53am View
Spas-eee-bah :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Feb-12 2:43am View
[Edit] - Code block added.
Rajeev Jayaram 14-Feb-12 2:21am View
You're welcome.

Note: Don't call me sir, I am not old yet :-)
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 8:54am View
Just moved to silver, got privilege now. Reported Myself :)
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 8:48am View
I'm glad it helped.

Note: For posting a comment, use the "Have a Question or Comment?" option and not Solution option.
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 8:03am View
Can someone with proper access help report this question please, I don't have enough privilege yet. Thanks.
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 7:57am View
Everyone here will have their own priorities and tasks to complete. Inspite of that we are willing to help each other as a community.

It is not a good idea to mention "Its urgent" in the question and chase immediately. It may be urgent to you, but not to others. After all you are paid and responsible for the task assigned to you.

Take this in a positive sense. The community is always glad to help.
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 7:33am View
Why are you in such a hurry? Are you paying us for this task?
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 7:09am View
I believe you may not have added the readerQuotas at the right section. Would you post your serviceModel part of your config file, that might give some clue.
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 6:08am View
What do you exactly mean my runtime?
Rajeev Jayaram 13-Feb-12 3:21am View
Can you provide some snapshot (or) tell us when are you getting this error?
Is this error, your application specific?
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Feb-12 12:44pm View
What have you tried until now?
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Feb-12 12:03pm View
Not sure why someone downvoted your answer. To counter, take my 5!
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Feb-12 12:00pm View
Thanks SA for your guidance.
Rajeev Jayaram 12-Feb-12 11:54am View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 11-Feb-12 13:51pm View
What have you tried until now?
Rajeev Jayaram 11-Feb-12 13:43pm View
Remove the irrelevant tags "C#" and "ASP.NET" from your question. Use "Improve Question" option.

"Google is your friend", see my answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 11-Feb-12 13:21pm View
What have you tried until now?
Rajeev Jayaram 11-Feb-12 13:09pm View
Please remove the tag 'C#', it is irrelevant to your question. Use "Improve Question" option.
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Feb-12 13:48pm View
You're welcome, SA.

Quote from your link "One possible point is that you have to learn a tiny bit of something because you need to interface with an existing tool to accomplish a specific task. But then you're not learning how to program; you're learning to accomplish that task."

It's an awesome piece of advice that should definitely help OP and everyone else for that matter.
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Feb-12 5:53am View
Isn't your solution validating numbers and not letters? OP asked for letters. Never mind, atleast she can do that stuff herself.
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Feb-12 4:39am View
Repost, Can someone with access please delete this question.
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Feb-12 3:18am View
Rajeev Jayaram 10-Feb-12 2:11am View
Hint: Quote from your question "Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"
Rajeev Jayaram 7-Feb-12 3:29am View
Rajeev Jayaram 7-Feb-12 3:13am View
Your question is not clear.
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 7:33am View
Are you banned from using Google?
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 5:25am View
Are you by any chance using VS2010 in your machine?
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 5:18am View
Start here,
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 5:15am View
Start here,
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 4:48am View
If you are looking to find out the lastDay of Month and Year look into my answer below. Update the question with more information, as this is what I could infer from your question at the moment.
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 3:04am View
You have to use your ContentPlaceHolder ID and not this "YourContentPlaceHolderNameHere".
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 2:53am View
This is a NullReferenceException. You are trying to use a reference variable who’s value is Nothing/null. Try yourself first to figure out where the value is null and why? Use break points/quick watch.
Rajeev Jayaram 6-Feb-12 2:47am View
Did you put your ContentPlaceHolder ID here, "YourContentPlaceHolderNameHere"?
Rajeev Jayaram 3-Feb-12 6:34am View
Rajeev Jayaram 3-Feb-12 5:21am View
My 5.
Rajeev Jayaram 3-Feb-12 3:57am View
Rajeev Jayaram 3-Feb-12 3:17am View
Rajeev Jayaram 3-Feb-12 1:43am View
Your question is not clear and incomplete.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Feb-12 5:57am View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Feb-12 4:17am View
Rajeev Jayaram 2-Feb-12 2:01am View
Thanks Raja.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 8:24am View
Thanks. Glad it helped.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 8:17am View
My 5, exact answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 8:09am View
Glad it helped, click on 'correct answer/accept solution' to accept the answer.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 8:08am View
padding-left:400px; is not the only thing to fix, you should carefully weedout all the potential margin/padding errors in similar way.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 8:01am View
See my updated answer.

Note: Use the 'reply' link at the right corner of the comment for replying to comments.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 7:38am View
I am afraid, you are wrong here. See my comment below.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 7:37am View
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 7:37am View
I am afraid, you are wrong here. Even if SET NOCOUNT is ON you can return @@ROWCOUNT.

See this blog for more details.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 6:25am View
Refer this link:

When SET NOCOUNT is ON, the count (indicating the number of rows affected by a Transact-SQL statement) is not returned. When SET NOCOUNT is OFF, the count is returned.

The @@ROWCOUNT function is updated even when SET NOCOUNT is ON.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Feb-12 1:44am View
What do you mean? You don't want '/' as the input?
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Jan-12 22:59pm View
My 5!
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Jan-12 22:58pm View
You're right.
Rajeev Jayaram 1-Jan-12 19:55pm View
One of the category of Cloud Computing is SaaS. Is it logical to look for difference between them?
If citrus fruits are one of the categories of fruits, what is the difference between fruits and citrus fruits?
Rajeev Jayaram 29-Dec-11 20:58pm View
My 5!
Rajeev Jayaram 27-Dec-11 16:56pm View
Thanks Varun.

-- FYI: If you use the 'reply' option that is by the side of the message instead of "Have a Question or Comment?" option, the person will get to know about the reply via mail.
Rajeev Jayaram 26-Dec-11 14:35pm View
I'm glad you want to create an application like facebook using ASP.NET. Go ahead, nobody's stopping you.
If you face any specific issues come back to CP with a question.

This is not a question.
Rajeev Jayaram 26-Dec-11 11:44am View
My vote of 1: Amol, why don't you at least search in CP/Google before posting such straight forward questions?
Rajeev Jayaram 26-Dec-11 8:17am View
Thank you.
Rajeev Jayaram 25-Dec-11 16:45pm View
Which xml slide show do you refer to? To be specific, can you provide the link?