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Comments by narayaru (Top 3 by date)

narayaru 23-May-13 22:20pm View
Hello anyone with a hint?? let me know if the question is not clear to you.
narayaru 8-May-13 22:42pm View
Hi Dimitrov, thanks for the reply! Sorry, I don't quite understand how to retrieve the Z coordinate value for a specified (X,Y) value from the code you suggested above. Please take a look at the picture that I attached to see what I meant. Btw, I am using c# wpf, its not important though.
narayaru 5-Apr-13 1:34am View
Thanks Ibrahim! I saw that link before. As I mentioned, this is about taking images from a pre-stored location and creating a video out of it. The challenge I am facing right now is to convert a continuously incoming stream of images from a network into a video. Any idea on how can i achieve that?