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sasanka sekhar panda 15-Aug-15 23:54pm View
when you are getting errors ?...At the time of hosting ..Or when u run the application
sasanka sekhar panda 7-Aug-15 2:12am View
Thank u for your valuable comment..Please read the question carefully..Not at all agreed with you.
sasanka sekhar panda 6-Aug-15 4:02am View
if (result == "YES" && result1 == "YES" )
lblStatus.Text = "Loan Processing Done";
lblReport.Text = "Loan Processing Done";

sasanka sekhar panda 6-Aug-15 4:01am View
After passing all the parameter to the respective sqlcommand objects...

string result = SqlCmd.Parameters["@RETURN"].Value.ToString();
string result1 = SqlCmd1.Parameters["@RETURN"].Value.ToString();
sasanka sekhar panda 5-Aug-15 3:57am View
if you are selecting 2014 then what is the condition..It will only search for 2014 or not?
sasanka sekhar panda 5-Aug-15 3:49am View
Are you calling this function on onblur function of the password textbox
sasanka sekhar panda 3-Aug-15 0:05am View
windows or web apps?
sasanka sekhar panda 3-Aug-15 0:03am View
There is no need to host the service in the same iis or in the same server for testing.
..First test your web service completely..Then add the reference to your app. If your web service url changes then update your service reference in app simple..
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 3:41am View
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 3:36am View
check the value of gvRow ,fuCOA in run-time are they null?
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 3:33am View
More information required ...
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 3:15am View
No, I tried your code in vs 2013 there was no syntax error...In which line you got the error..
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 3:02am View
what the code you posted i do not find any syntax error.. Please elaborate your question
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Aug-15 2:42am View
please specify the line where you get the error..
sasanka sekhar panda 31-Jul-15 0:55am View
Its a windows or web app
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 10:18am View
please properly read the solution provided by Rechard..use execute scalar instead of datareader .Why you just want use datareader i wo not understand
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 3:17am View
so now what is the exact problem you are facing..and where u r facing the problem in page load or in button click..
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 3:03am View
share the query what u executed..
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 2:55am View
no whats the S_id or Fellow_name u r passing that is not present in db..simple..
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 2:20am View
"select * from table_name where S_ID = 'give the value of S_id' OR Fellow_name = 'give the value Fellow_name ' and check the query in db..
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 1:52am View
check why ur datatable have no rows..
First run that query directly to ur database and see the result..Its matching with ur datatable result or not
sasanka sekhar panda 30-Jun-15 0:20am View
DataTable dtSearch = VMR.MySqlHelper.GetDataTable("select * from table_name where S_ID = '" + txtSearch.Text + "' OR Fellow_name = '" + txtSearch1.Text + "'");

This get datatable method return a empty check this method first..
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 3:31am View
it means your autosuggestion is working button is not working..
So plz share the code inside search button
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 3:06am View
now you are getting the red mark on ConfigurationManager class or not??
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 3:04am View
please explain the exact problem, now u are facing!!! quick..
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:50am View
go to your project..right click on reference..Add reference-->Assembles-->Framework-->
Choose System.confugration-->

Use this in form as Using System.confugration
Namespace: System.Configuration
Assembly: System.Configuration (in System.Configuration.dll)

The above namespace and assembly is required for ConfigurationManager class
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:42am View
did you get any compile time error???
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:40am View
MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand("SELECT Fellow_name FROM table_name");
You are not passing the connection string MySqlCommand what's the reason??
where is your connection string??

Put a break point in ur while loop and check its executing or not ??
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:36am View
Exactly where you are facing the issue in autosuggestion or in search??
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:33am View
agreed... i do not have idea on this before..Thanks
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 1:32am View
AutoCompleteSource CustomSource
AutoCompleteMode SuggestAppend

Did u set all the above properties of txtSearch1.
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 0:29am View
can u please share ur code so that i can find out the mistake..
sasanka sekhar panda 29-Jun-15 0:27am View
Please share some more details as this code work fine for me..
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 7:06am View
I tried ur logic in three dropdown they are working fine...Sorry dear..
You realy dont need to
cn.Close(); cn.Open(); remove them from everywhere where you are fetching or selecting records...But it wo not solve your problem..You create a new page and try the things from beginning..It may help u...
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 6:48am View
its looking fine..In SelectedIndexChanged of dropdown2 , you get all the chapters in dropdown3 according to your query or not ??
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 6:34am View
please share the source code of design..Quick..
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 5:57am View
put a break point in DropDownList2_SelectedIndexChanged event and tell me is it executed
when you are clicking the button..
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 5:55am View
what is your system conflagration.. ???
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 5:51am View
On the Text of lebel4 you are getting ---select-- after button1 click but you need the selected "chapter" from dropdown3..This is what my understanding??

If i m correct then
please send all the code and designer file of that page...But I do not see any problem with your code...
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 4:38am View
page load event is their any more lines of code that u did not post..
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 4:16am View
No, i tried with form2 object only..and i did not modify any thing with the posted code..But the loop is infinite as expected..
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 3:49am View
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 1:27am View
mainly code separation/ neat and clean coding not to put huge amount of code in one file ..You can take the example of windows form application..
All the designing or Ui related auto generated code we put in one partial class(designer.cs file).
And Our own declared events we are putting in the code behind..But they executed as one
sasanka sekhar panda 25-Jun-15 0:39am View
Please post the code inside the button click event...
sasanka sekhar panda 17-Jun-15 7:28am View
Agreed.... we can use table valued parameter in the sp for the above type of scenario..
Its bad to open and close db connection for a single record..
sasanka sekhar panda 16-Jun-15 6:50am View
DropDownList1.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("---select---"));
DropDownList1.Items.Insert(1, new ListItem("2015-2016"));
DropDownList1.Items.Insert(2, new ListItem("2016-2017"));
see solution 2 if you want to generate the years dynamically...
sasanka sekhar panda 16-Jun-15 6:26am View
In which gridview you want to show the result..??
sasanka sekhar panda 16-Jun-15 6:10am View
okk you want dropdown items from 2014-2015 to which year?
sasanka sekhar panda 16-Jun-15 5:09am View
sasanka sekhar panda 15-Jun-15 6:06am View
Contains().returns a bool value how to compare bool>0 or not
sasanka sekhar panda 9-Jun-15 8:09am View
use ctrl instead of drp and see the value in ctrl.SelectedValue
sasanka sekhar panda 8-Jun-15 2:25am View
Please install Ms office 2013 in your server it will work fine..It is working fine in your local machine becoz you have ms office in your local..If you need more help let me know..
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Jun-15 7:42am View
objSqlData.SetSQLCommandParameterAddWithValue("@Photo", SqlDbType.Image);

here you are passing the sp parameter name and me the code where you are assigning value to this @Photo parameter.. @Photo parameter you have to assign a byte[]...
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Jun-15 6:54am View
which database u r using??
sasanka sekhar panda 1-Jun-15 6:26am View
please share your full code so that i can help you
sasanka sekhar panda 22-Dec-14 4:34am View
There is no requiredfield validator for windows application . This is not gridview ,this is dataGridView
sasanka sekhar panda 22-Dec-14 3:05am View more suggestion you do not need to open and close the db connections when u r using SqlDataAdapter ..