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Comments by Tadit Dash (ତଡିତ୍ କୁମାର ଦାଶ) (Top 200 by date)

What is the exact issue? Do you see any console error?
What exactly is not clear?
I agree. Why don't you add a comment saying the alternate way to this answer. People coming to this post would know both. :)
Glad to hear that. Most welcome. :)
What have you tried?
Please post the snippets and try to explain.
You need to handle the keyup event and check spacebar key code in that to restrict.
Oh got your point Richard. Thanks :)
Completely unclear.
Yes it might block. You have to allow that port.
Make sure jqGrid is there. You can check that in the developer console if it is getting included with the page or not.
What is the problem?
Then you have to learn C.
Did you search in Google?
Seriously!!! You think someone should go and read all your codes. Hire a developer. We are here only to help if you have a specific issue.
Great. So, what is the issue?
Have you referred the css file correctly? If yes, check the browser console, if there is any error or not. You can also check if the file is rendered or not inside the "Resources" tab in Chrome Developers tab.
Have you referred the css files in html?
I am glad that helped. Most welcome. :)
Try with...

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("", "alert('LinkButton Clicked')");
Most welcome :)
What you want to fetch?
Do you see any error in browser console?
What is the question?
That means you are using DevExpress Grid not Asp.Net Grid. So, find out what is the similar thing in DevExpress.
Thanks bro :)
What is code you tried and failed?
So, use the code which can fetch the session variable for you. Where is the issue?
Is there any exception?
Where is the issue?
Winform is in which framework?
Nice lines. Most welcome buddy. :) Stay connected, check my profile for details.
You should try yourself. Google "Asp.NET UpdatePanel".
Any exception? What exactly is not working?
Did you try binding the Grid on textbox selection?
Hey thanks Karthik.
Great. Please add a solution.
Where is the problem?
Did you try anything on your own?
That's good news. :)
Any more exception or error in console?
Interesting. Can you paste some code?
Not clear. What is "TOP"? Do you see any error in developer tool console?
Use ADO.NET and connect to database. Get the result using a query and show in the textboxes.
So what is the issue? What did you try?
Which fonts? Have you checked if they are supported in mobile chrome?
So, which block of code is not working? Can you point out?
Please add this as a comment on the answer. If you add as an answer, user won't be notified. Hence, can't help you further.
You are not getting the whole text from text box in button submit event?
You are just setting some text on click of the item selected. I don't see any other code to redirect and show some other page.

What is the exact issue?
Can you check the rendered html? There is a small mistake int he syntax, I guess.
Not sure. Did you try handling the exceptions? Are you getting any?
Why you need to pass in string?
So where is the issue?
Did you check the article?
Where is that code?
Where is the code to show popup on textbox click?
jQuery included?

Few issues

1. tr not closed.
2. Started th but ended with td.
3. table not closed.
What is the url you are trying? Is it something like
What have you tried? What popup you are using? jQuery or bootstrap?
Where is the issue?
So, where is the problem?
Try returning false from the click outside else.
Why you need username and password in url. These are sensitive info.
How are you debugging? Just try in developer tools in chrome/firefox.
Interesting!!! Table exists in db?
Then learn how to make project documents after learning Asp.Net MVC.
Check the network tab in developer tool. You can find the request and response details. If there is any error, it will show there.
Where is the error, which line? And what is the error?
Any exception?
If you are not able to change the colour from client side, then debug that code. The code which gives you the row is incorrect may be. No I won't be able to run your code now as I don't have my machine now and will be like that for one more week.
Where is the exact issue? This cod just shows up the modal pop up right?
I want to know your issue. Where are you stuck now?
What's happening here?
Why? Can you show that code?
That event is not called explicitly. Whenever you do a data bind to update the grid, it is automatically fired for each row.
Then check your code not to post back.
Are you sure this is the view targeted?
Why not ajax?
Did you try url encoding and sending it to gmail?
Did you try url encoding and sending it to the gmail?
Did you try url encoding the url and sending it to gmail then?
Mark the answer, I added on behalf of you. Let's close the thread.
I just shared what I got from official doc. If you need an array, then declare like that.
Any issues on developer console?
We need a specific issue to answer. Please get yourself started on this and come back if you see any roadblock.
The modals are by design hidden. You are doing something which makes that visible. Find that out.
What is the exact issue in calling an external API?
Show us the code you tried.
Isn't that hidden by default?
Check my answer.
Please debug and check in developer console.
It should be...

tr = $('tr');

If it does not work, try debugging.
I told you to return those database values after you save. So, inside save method, the call to save method should return you all the necessary details you need for the grid row. Then inside success method, you can get those values. Now for a table row using those values and append that to the table.
No sorry. You have to do that. I have helped with codes as well. At least you can try. You are not even trying.
So, just correct them. It's perfectly clear.
Did you debug? Does it hit the method with debugger?
As I said, everything on browser is rendered as plain html. So, the grid is rendered as a table. I have already told you how to append a row to a table. Check that on my answer.
Not clear. Explain more.
No. This is the best way.
No that is the property of the object you returned from the Save method. As you said you wanted those values, so I told you like that.

So, currently the method "mobjModel.SaveMRDtl" is returning true/false. As you need all the values, so try returning those values which you need in the client side to append to the table.
There is no point of mvc here. You can do like below.

success: function (data) {
var someValue = data.PropertyName;
You have already returned the result. Just read it in success method.
Then just return those values from the save method itself and append inside success method using those values.
Check my updated answer.
Something like this.

$('#myTable > tbody:last-child').append('Data 1Data 2...');
What is the error?
Show us some code.
Can't you send the textbox value to ShowData?
You want to post back on save?
Debug and check the issue.
Where is the problem?
Disappear why and how? Did you debug?
Why don't you write a program for this? Else hire someone. Let me know.
Not clear. Can you explain the problem?
Did you debug?
Why you think so? Can you please explain so that I clearly understand your problem?
Then something else is not in the required place. Check that out. You can directly search for those tags in Google and learn about the placement.
Not clear. Please explain the issue.
I would suggest to tweet to Scott Hanselman (@shanselman)
Which type of application? What event box?
You need to write the code. Just write it where you Are deciding to fetch from FACEBOOK. Else you have to hire me. ;)
You need to check that flag. If flag is true, then don't copy again because you have already copied.
Are you sure this code uploads multiple files?
I think you rejected the answer by mistake. In that case, please accept that again.
Why don't you use any plugin and customise that as per your need?
You should debug and find out where exactly is the problem.
Which messages?
According to your query, "Samples" table is needed. Create that, if not present.
Then how are you notifying the clients?
Please debug and see the line exactly, where the page hangs.
Have you opened any socket connection?
Where is the issue? Did you debug?
That's why I told you to check for the value first. Your decision should be taken on the value and nothing else.
Add it as a comment, not answer.
What did not work and what you have tried?
Where is the code to send mail?
Message is perfectly clear. ;)
Check - this. I think you can easily port your chrome extension to edge.
How is that even possible? It should go either inside if or else. Debug and see.
Did you debug?
Click F12 and check.
Did you debug?
You can do all task in one method and call that in a thread.
Please post the connection string and check if you are getting any exception while connecting?
Looks like, you can't play a video without any user interaction.
I thought btnSave_Data_Click is called on LinkButton click. Anyway, why can't you do this? So, after you finish with the validation and it returns true, the server click would be fired automatically.
Are you sure that the client side event is returning true?
Glad to hear that. Most welcome. Keep coding. :)
Your query is different here inside the search method. Can you debug and see in the code if the data is coming and binding to the datatable?
Tell us the exact issue. Debug your ajax code and server side call. Also check if you have any errors listed in developer tool console.
Post the PageLoad event code.
What is the issue with GetProperty?
What you have tried and where is the issue?
Where is the problem exactly?
What is the problem?
Have you tried with the below...

<authentication mode="None" />
So, just append one icon.

var drugValue = item.Name + " " + item.PackSize + "(s)" + "<i class='icon-something'></i>";
I think this is the place where you bind data to autocomplete?

var drugValue = item.Name + " " + item.PackSize + "(s)";
Then please contact their support.
There are ways to enable CORS. Have you tried?
No one is going to download. If you want us to answer, then explain the problem.
Thanks man. :)
Can't you access data from those iFrames?
Where exactly you failed? Show come code.
Good question. 5*. Let's wait for answers.
Why you want to abort?
Ds2 is a new dataset so the table inside that will be null. Have you initialized it?
Not much information. With ASP.NET, just publish from visual studio and to connect to database use connection string.
Cool, we are connected. :)
Did you request me on facebook? If yes, then tell me your username.
Of course, you can. All details on my blog - You can add me everywhere. :)

Awesome. Cheers!!! 5+
Thanks bro :)
What have you tried so far?
Thanks. :)

When we started the discussion, I told you to check the server things first because this type of issue comes when server blocks the emails.

Glad that I helped you. You can show some love by giving some stars. :P ;)

What is the error you see on console?
So, the concept is that if you have any code which binds your drodown, that should go inside !IsPostBack. Otherwise, it will keep binding on every postback and you will be always getting the first value as SelectedValue.
Yes, of course you need jQuery.
It's confusing. It's just a string, you can put a variable and add that to the It should not create any issue.
Is it sending a normal mail?

This should work if recepientEmail is a string.
"When i am getting my domain email address by calling a method then it does not send email to that address"

That means the problem is here. Please review that method and put a debugger and see why it is not returning the correct address.
Tell us the exact issue or exception.
What is the issue?

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