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Comments by Ayan Chalki (Top 4 by date)

Ayan Chalki 22-Jul-14 1:33am View
array is not there in sql can declare only table in sql server(like array). so you can't pass something which is not in sql server.
Ayan Chalki 26-May-14 7:26am View
In my example "webGrid" is used not "table tr td". And in that webgrid, "assignChkBx" column is added with value="@item.Id". so replace var idArray = new[] { model.Id }; with var idArray = form.GetValues("assignChkBx");). Do you get it what I said?
Ayan Chalki 23-May-14 5:41am View
Thanks for answer.
Ayan Chalki 23-May-14 5:27am View
Normally a program is stopped after executed. there is no need to stop button. unless he do some timer job in c# with 1 second interval, that needed to stop. That's why I answered that. Otherwise the questions is uncleared.