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manognya kota 25-Aug-15 6:26am View    

did you check the value in allFeedbcks variable by debugging?
manognya kota 25-Aug-15 6:24am View    
What is that you need ? please brief up
manognya kota 25-Aug-15 6:24am View    
Can we know what have you tried so far and where are you stuck? and what all needs to be shown in a label if i select some 50 items in list box?
manognya kota 25-Aug-15 6:08am View    
Did you try debugging and checking what is the valuein cmd for command text?
Try executing the command text as such in sql and see whether the parameters are replaced with proper '' marks.
Hope this helps.
manognya kota 25-Aug-15 6:01am View    
As per my understanding ,there is a line " ds1 = new SqlClass().GetDS(result); " , and there is a method defination for ds1() which returns a result object. but where are you passing the variable to that function?