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Comments by pasupulety (Top 17 by date)

pasupulety 26-May-12 3:41am View
hai can u please code one example. i dint got resolution to my problem.

pasupulety 23-May-12 0:14am View
sa i am very new to concept can u give some brief description with a sample example .
pasupulety 16-May-12 1:15am View
when i use c:\> cd "Program Files" after pressing enter it is becoming c:\Program Files> once again facing the problem while compiling from this path... can u please explain briefly....
pasupulety 9-May-12 6:18am View
thank you so much . this link may help us a lot.
pasupulety 28-Mar-12 13:55pm View
difference between xsl and xsd?
pasupulety 28-Mar-12 9:51am View
Thank U.
pasupulety 22-Mar-12 6:13am View
thank U so much.
pasupulety 22-Mar-12 2:49am View
instead of using "cmd" "/c" i have to change my current command prompt directory to the location where i specify.
how can i change the currect directory instead of my application path or c:/> . even if we give "cmd" "/c" it is taking our application path as default . i am unable to understand "cmd" "/c" means.
actually i need to change my currect directory to the path which i specify instead of application path or command path . please suggest me with sample code to change my currect path to path which i specify.

ex:- c:\workingdir\build>command
i need to get c:\workingdir\build> instead of c:\> orC:\c# applcation path........ etc.
pasupulety 23-Feb-12 9:13am View
hi sir,

i am able to get dockable windows by using above DLL but when i try to dock panel in the main form i am unable to see dockable windows as they are going back to the docked panel . how can i bring dockable windows to front.
pasupulety 13-Feb-12 5:08am View
when we click on button that next procedure should run in seperate thread. and we should be able to stop that thread at any moment based on condition.

so in my problem i am trying to compile 10 files when we click on button.
when we click on button it should check for compiler options , building up command is another function and for running that command from c# another function. these are all functions in build.cs.

this build.cs object is created on clicking on a button and trying to compile the files . so now i need to stop that build.cs functions flow when there is an error in compilation.

1) Running a new thread when we click on button, i,e running creating build object and calling build.cs functions.
2) when there is an error in that flow that entire build.cs object should be destroyed and that compilation process should be aborted.
pasupulety 7-Feb-12 22:25pm View
Thank you so much . these links helped us a lot in solving dockability problem. Thank you.
pasupulety 1-Feb-12 1:47am View
I can able to use the functionalities of DLL . but how can we modify the funtionalities in DLL to our project specific needs.
pasupulety 31-Jan-12 9:16am View
when i followed this link i have one DLL file how can we use the classes defined in this DLL. how can we use Docking properties in my project.
pasupulety 12-Jan-12 23:07pm View
Its not the problem of data transfer . i want both the forms to run in parallel and the process going on in form should display parallely in another form.

in sencond form i am trying to compile set of cpp(may be thousands of files) files and i need to display error or success status of each file compilation to first form WHILE COMPILATION IS GOING ON IN SECOND FORM .
pasupulety 12-Jan-12 1:30am View
1) how can run command prompt without using "cmd" with "/c". i dont know exactly what "cmd","/c" is? but still using for command execution.

2) HomeForm or homepage :- In my project in the begining it will display one form with menu items and all. after that i am trying to click on one menu item there i starts the process of "environment creation".

in home form we have menu item file in that file->c and cpp enviroment-> ENTER

this displays another form where we select compiler options and source files to be compiled in step by step process. at the last step of this current window i have build button. clicking on this button starts compiling selected source files based on compiler options selected. so now my problem starts ... this compilation status(successfull compiled files should be displayed on home page in some panel) while compilation is going on. and if any error comes in compilation the build process should abort by displaying error message to user.
pasupulety 10-Jan-12 5:13am View
i am new to c# . so please let me know some briefly about solution.
pasupulety 10-Jan-12 5:10am View
foreach (string file in UUT_list)

String filenamewithoutextn=Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(file);
String dest=BuildFolder_path_str+"\\"+filenamewithoutextn+".o";
String command1 = "c:\\DDC-I\\GCC\\powerpc_spe\\bin\\powerpc-eabispe-gcc.exe -c -g";
command1 +=" " + file+" ";
command1 += "-o " +"\""+dest+"\"";
//command1 += " " + IncludeFile_str;

building the command using above code and passing it to
public void ExecuteCommandSync(string command) this funtion. then i am able to compile and generating "file.o" file but . i am unable to handle exceptional cases like errors in cpp file. Actually i am building an UI using c# to compile a bulk of cpp files